A Tweet-by-Tweet Review

11 June 2009 1:18

Caged'A Tweet-by-Tweet ReviewSeattle, WA – Last Sunday, I volunteered to help out with the Toasted Buns event hosted by Generic Leather Productions of Washington to benefit our titleholders’ travel fund and CLAW Nation charities. One of my boys Our current Northwest Leather Sir, Rich Bryan hosted the event. And the Dragons were there in force. We offered spanking demos and swats for a dollar while staffing the barbeque on the patio at the Cuff, our home bar here in Seattle. I’m generally the guy on the mic for these types of GLPW events, although our family tends to create spectacle and work the room which helps minimize the amount of time needed on the microphone.

Twitter helped, too. I used the social-networking/micro-blogging tool to help generate some support and excitement for the event. We held a little contest, awarding a copy of Titan Media’s latest release, Folsom Flesh to the person with the most Twitter followers that came up to me during the event. The winner was @JCTricks (pictured right) with 213 followers. To my surprise and entertainment the next day, I read JC was about to screen my scene with Will ‘the Pig’ Parker from the video.

Here’s an extended clip of the scene, courtesy of TitanMen.com and a highlight of the tweet-by-tweet review that followed… Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a Contact Sport

23 April 2009 19:44

PersonalIt's a Contact SportChicago, IL –- This past weekend I had a double pleasure; both the Pup (Element) from Portland and my boy Chris from Vancouver were in Seattle to visit. The Pup came in on Thursday and stayed through Monday and Chris came in late Sunday and stayed through Tuesday. This overlap allowed us a night with all three of us together.

Having the Pup in town was a treat. It’s easy to be playful with him. He just exudes that kind of energy and is eager for the interaction. He’s also quite open to a little exhibitionism as my Pup. I think one of the highlights of his visit, for both of us, came Saturday night. Read the rest of this entry »