Mr San Diego Eagle 2010

11 February 2010 22:22

FlagMr San Diego Eagle 201030,000 ft – This past weekend I was down in San Diego, California to serve as the head judge for the Mr San Diego Eagle contest. As you can gather from the title, this is neither a big regional event nor a huge audience draw. Rather, it is a local bar title that draws a dedicated mix of individuals from the local community. Nevertheless, I came away from the experience with some very strong impressions regarding what community means and just how powerful an impact effective leadership can have on a community. David, the new Mr San Diego Eagle, and his first runner-up, Stephen (pictured above on my right and left, respectively) are both excellent representatives of a vibrant community, and here’s why I think so… Read the rest of this entry »

Mr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend

4 February 2010 18:46

TrainerMr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend Seattle, WA – With just over twenty-four hours in Seattle I’m already about to head back to the airport. This evening’s destination is San Diego, California where I’ll be staying the weekend while serving as head judge for the Mr San Diego Eagle contest. I’m quite excited about returning to San Diego and the opportunity to build new connections within the community of fetish/Sm players in the region. Even better, I get to share the weekend with my boy Derek Da Silva, who will be flying in from Chicago to be with me for the weekend. Tomorrow evening we’re slated to present an impact play demonstration during the Mr San Diego Eagle Meet & Greet and I’m planning a very special post to the blog tomorrow that relates directly to our demo. So, if you live or are going to be in San Diego this weekend… Read the rest of this entry »

Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)

18 November 2009 12:54

FocusSex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)Seattle, WA – Yesterday I sat down with Dr Dick for a podcast interview as part of his Sex Advice with an Edge series. You’ll recall my boy Chris Yosef did an interview with the Doc a few months ago and I was called out to add my take on this thing of ours. In this first part of our interview we discuss: the need for a body double, or at least a cock double; the Pacific Northwest as a hotbed of perversion; my on-screen persona being the same as my off-screen persona; how I got my start in the ‘art film’ industry; workshops Derek da Silva and I present together; my mentors; my collaboration with Titan Media and the new Rough line; the challenges, opportunities and future of porn; the bareback phenomenon; and my essay A More Nuanced Position. As the summary of the podcast from Dr Dick states… Read the rest of this entry »

Judging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010

14 November 2009 12:30

MonsignoreJudging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010Chicago, IL – In just a few weeks, I’ll be in Vancouver BC to judge the 2010 Mr Leatherman Vancouver contest. This year’s contest marks the official return of Leather to Vancouver, and I feel especially honored to have been asked by Stéphane Donaldson to be a part of the event and thrilled to help select the next leather titleholder for Vancouver. The other members of the judging panel include: Head Judge, Nikitas Chondroyannos from Vancouver BC; Western Canadian Leather boy 2009, David from Calgary AB; Western Canadian Leather Sir 2009, Jonathan from Calgary AB; Rubbout Vancouver’s Mitch Kenyon from Vancouver BC; Mr. Rubber Vancouver 2010, Paul Wood from Vancouver BC; and Mike Zuhl from Pittsburgh PA. My boy Chris Yosef and Priape’s Michael Schelt from Vancouver BC will serve as Tally Masters for the contest. While in town, I’ll also be presenting a Shibari Bondage Workshop Saturday afternoon and a Fisting Demo with my boy Chris Yosef later that night. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a fun-filled weekend of events and community building. Now, for all the details… Read the rest of this entry »

A More Nuanced Position

8 November 2009 12:12

PSAA More Nuanced PositionSeattle, WA – A few months ago, International Mr. Leather founder and current president, Chuck Renslow, sent a message to IML Leather Market vendors and the members of our leather community. The letter announced a policy adopted by the Executive Committee of IML regarding the promotion or advocacy of barebacking – the practice of unprotected anal sex among men who have sex with men. This new policy specifically disallows entities that distribute and sell merchandise tending to promote or advocate barebacking from participation in the IML vendor market. Personally, I have myself questioned the level of acceptance bareback studios enjoy at leather community events. I have been troubled by the growing perception that barebacking (especially the marketing of unsafe sex with multiple, anonymous partners) is somehow an acceptable practice among responsible fetish/Sm players. Given our tribe’s long tradition of taking care of each other and teaching each other how to play more safely, I am amazed our response has not been stronger or come more quickly. But, I get ahead of myself… Read the rest of this entry »

BDSM: Safer Kinky Sex

19 August 2009 22:39

PSABDSM: Safer Kinky Sex[Undisclosed Location], CA – While in Toronto last weekend, I met many wonderful people, but there are two in particular that stand out in my mind because of their efforts to educate BDSM players. After the Mr Rubber Toronto contest at the Black Eagle on Saturday night, I was introduced to and had long conversations with Duncan MacLachlan and Trevor Jacques. While I had heard of these gentlemen before that evening, I had not had a chance to speak with them before nor was I aware how their efforts, among several others with the BDSM Education Project, had taken form under the banner of the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Read the rest of this entry »