Folsom Prison: Number One on the Rental Charts

30 July 2008 11:07

CagedNumber One on the ChartsSeattle, WA –- When director Brian Mills told me Titan had plans to produce a prison themed movie for the Folsom series of leather/fetish films on the set of Home Invasion back in December, my mind immediately began racing with ideas. We discussed the project on the trip back to San Francisco from the ranch. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that trip because it was my first opportunity to really connect with Brian on a deeper level. It was also the beginning of what was to become the strongest and most rewarding collaboration of my ‘art film’ career to date. Read the rest of this entry »

Making History & Award Nominations

14 March 2008 10:46

CagedMaking History & Award NominationsSeattle, WA –- After returning home from San Francisco, I learned Titan Media and the cast & crew of Breakers had made history. On Wednesday, Titan released Breakers on Blu-ray making it the first gay adult feature released in the new high-definition format. You can read the official Press Release from Titan here.

In other news: I was involved with two of the eight features from Titan to receive Graddy nominations. Breakers has received three nominations including: Best All-Sex Video, Best Director- Bruce Cam, and Best Videography-Brian Mills/Paul Wilde. Fear was nominated for Best Fetish Extreme Video. You can read about all the Grabby nominations received by Titan in the Press Release here.

An excellent review of Breakers on was also pointed out to me after I got home. The “Highly, Highly Recommended” review reads, in part:

In the finale, horny and unstoppable Tony Buff takes on two bottoms again, this time François and Darius. The back of a battered old pick-up truck is the setting, and with François and Darius on all-fours, Tony has all the hot ass anyone could possibly need to get off. Cocksucking gets things rolling, and Darius in particular has a great time downing Tony’s thick meat. That juicy slab of cock meat also looks amazing when it’s sliding in and out of François, his pucker opening up wide to take it all in. Not that he has anything else to prove, but Tony’s stud status is further affirmed when he lines up François and Darius side by side to fuck them missionary-style. The dude certainly has the credentials to be a power top. He even kisses the two men he’s just fucked while their cum is still dripping. There’s a man who can have any ass he wants, more or less.

The review in it’s entirety can be found here.