It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2012

20 September 2014 14:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2012Seattle, WA – Winter 2012 brought the release of Sounding 7: RAMROD which I co-directed with Chris Ward being released later in the winter. It is also around this time that our crew began shooting content for Raging Stallion’s Fisting Central line and I began honing my camera skills. In the spring of 2012 FetishForce released what I would consider my most creative endeavor, Pony Up! which was shot here in Seattle on location at the Pony bar during the harshest snow storms of the previous winter. Even with all the challenges it still stands as one of my favorite production runs of all time, thanks to the cast of players and crew. It truly was a labor of love and the final feature reflects all that fact. Later that spring I attended the Grabby Awards in Chicago, IL and returned home with the Grabby for Best Duo for my scene with Adam Killian in the Other Side of Aspen VI.