Titles, Sashes, Bashes and Crashes

3 March 2010 0:26

MonsignoreTitles, Sashes, Bashes and CrashesPalm Springs, CA – A very interesting thread hit my inbox a couple weeks ago from the GLPW mailing list. What apparently began as a question regarding Sashes became a discussion about titleholders, and I was called out by my brother Gene Romaine (pictured right on the left at the most recent Gear Night at the Cuff courtesy of Graves). Yes, it’s true, I am a Leather titleholder. I served my local community as Washington State Mr Leather in 2002. And yes, I wore the Sash that came with that title on exactly three occasions; the night of the contest when I stepped up, the day I marched in the Seattle Pride parade with the Leather contingent, and, finally at the contest a year later when I stepped down. Truth is I don’t really like sashes; I find them so pretentious. My title vest, however, I have worn with pride on countless occasions. Even now, eight years later, around this time in March, my title vest comes off the heavy plastic hanger in the closet and put back on my back. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s About the Play

13 October 2008 10:41

MonsignoreIt's About the PlaySan Francisco, CA –- Enough with all the serious stuff. The weekend hasn’t been all work and no play. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Derek was in from Chicago and we had a lot of fun together. We didn’t have any major scenes but the kind of sustained play throughout the weekend that events like this and the city of San Francisco allows for.

While we were out Saturday night, we met an adorable Puerto Rican boy named Rico. Rico was a blast to play with. I did a little rope work then Derek and I took turns choking the boy out at the bar. Rico had never had it done to him before and totally loved it. When he came to after the first time, he was a giddy as a little boy with a new toy… so cute. Turns out, Rico is quite an experienced player, too. He’s even done work for Kink.com for the Men in Pain series.

It's About the PlayYou can imagine my pleasant surprise when I ran into Rico again last night after Derek flew back to Chicago. I had no problem picking up with Rico where we left of the night before (pictures above and left).

Yes, those are bite marks on and an anal hook shoved up his ass. We played well into the morning and I enjoyed every minute. I’m hoping to reconnect with Rico sometime soon in the future. Perhaps I’ll be able to talk him into being a scene partner in an upcoming ‘art film’.

What Point, Titles?

12 October 2008 11:26

FlagWhat Point, TitlesSan Francisco, CA –- Sometimes I question why we do the things we do. In relation to the leather/Sm community I most often question why we do title contests. You’d think I’d question why we engage in the type of play we do, but no. I’m intellectually satisfied by my understanding of those motivations. What I question is the return on the investment we make in titles and title contests. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s Something Special about the Relationship between a boy and his Sir

11 October 2008 17:27

MineThere's Something Special about the Relationship between a boy and his SirSan Francisco, CA –- There is something special about the Sir/boy relationship. I am specifically reminded of this fact this weekend because I am in San Francisco to judge the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Bootblack contest. And, of course it doesn’t hurt that my boy Derek (photo right courtesy of Rich Trove) has joined me from Chicago for the weekend.

There are many archetypical Dom/sub relationships in the leather/Sm scene. In the men’s community the most common I witness are Sir/boy, Daddy/boy and Master/slave relationships. In truth the nature of these relationships are as varied as the individuals involved in them, but I have come to recognize some generalizations common to those who self identify as being part of these relationships and my experience in two of the three. Read the rest of this entry »

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

7 October 2007 17:34

MineGoodbyes Are Never EasyDallas, TX — The candid photo taken at the Eagle last Fri proves my boy Derek and I do share the occasional tender moment. We’ve also had the time to visit with old friends (like Joey & Rob from Chi town; “Mama” Reinhardt of San Francisco; and, Mister Marcus) and make new friends (like Mark Frazier the owner of the Dallas Eagle; and, Gloria from Canada).

Coming off our working weekend at Folsom, however, our play has been pretty intense; I’ve been beating him almost non-stop since we arrived and he’s been glowing like the happy, little pain slut he is. The play has been heavy enough, apparently, to raise at least one pair of eyebrows. One of the attendees was overheard talking about how offended they were by the “abusive” nature of our relationship. I’m not surprised by the fact some people don’t get it; this thing of ours isn’t for everyone. I guess it’s a good thing that guy didn’t see our touching goodbyes.

Leaving each other to return to our respective hometowns is always one of the most difficult things Derek and I have to get through. Sometimes I’ll mark the moment by carving my initials in his chest. This time Derek had another idea. He put his mouth guard in and I face punched him dizzy. It was a good headspace for both of us as we left for the airport.

Speaking of which, I need to catch a plane.

Leather Sir/boy

6 October 2007 16:31

CagedLeather Sir/boyDallas, TX – Arrived yesterday and was joined by my boy Derek for the 2008 International Leather Sir/boy and Community Bootblack Contests weekend, primarily to support one of my Brothers, Odie, as he competes for the Leather Sir title.

This particular weekend is a celebration of two things close to my heart: the special nature of Sir/boy relationship; and, the importance of preserving and promoting the bootblacking art. It also gives Derek and I an opportunity to reconnect in an environment that includes many of our friends from around the country. Since we don’t have any official obligations, it’s already been a good chance for us to do our own thing and spend some quality time.