2009 Grabby Nominations

17 March 2009 10:36

Reflective2009 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA –- On Sunday, the 18th Annual Grabby Nominations were announced. Apparently, I have been given three individual nominations including: Best Newcomer, Best Actor for my role in Home Invasion, and Best Solo Sex Scene again in Home Invasion. Titan Media’s Home Invasion also earned a Best Movie nomination, Joe Gage nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay, and Tyler Saint a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Titan’s Folsom Prison and Folsom Undercover both earned Best Fetish Video nominations with Folsom Undercover also getting a nod for Best Box Cover. In the Best Fetish Extreme Video category, Sounding #1, which I did with Derek for Raging Stallion before signing with Titan, and Derek’s feature with Steel Mill Media, The Mechanic, both received nominations. Guess which one I’m rooting for…

Another of the features that I contributed to, Titan Media’s Funhouse also earned a nomination for Best Art Direction. And two of my favorite photographers, Brian Mills and Joe Oppedisano both received nominations for Best Still Photography.

You can check out all the nominations and nominees here.

2009 GayVN Award Nominations

19 February 2009 12:06

Reflective2009 GayVN Award NominationsSeattle, WA –- Given the amount of focus and energy I have been spending on ‘what’s next’ I haven’t had much time to reflect on the past year and the body of work created. Truth is I was on set at the Titan studios filming the first in our upcoming line of hardcore fetish/Sm line of features on Tuesday last week when the slurry of messages began coming in regarding the GayVN Awards nominations. I must admit, I am honored to be among the many, many talented individuals recognized for their contributions to the industry and just as pleased to have played a role in helping to create many of the nominated features released by Titan Media.

The previously un-reported addition of a category for Best Fetish Performer was the most pleasant surprise for me personally. The inclusion of this category represents the growing trend toward more BDSM/fetish content within the industry and a validation of the efforts many of us have been making to bring responsible portrayals of our play to the screen. I am honored to be among the first nominees to this new category and doubly proud that my boy Derek da Silva shares this distinction with a nomination of his own. Considering the fact that four of the features nominated for Best Fetish Film (Folsom Prison, Sounding #1, Folsom Undercover & the Mechanic) feature performances from either one or both of us, I think it is safe to claim the efforts we’ve made to bring this thing of ours to a broader audience of new and potential players.

2009 GayVN Award NominationsMy second individual nod came in the form of a Best Actor nomination for my role in Home Invasion. From my experience on stage I know that any actor’s performance is only as good as the script they’re working off and the director they are working under (no pun intended), so it came as no surprise that Joe Gage received both Best Director and Best Screenplay nominations for Home Invasion, that Tyler Saint would get a Best Supporting Actor nom or Tommy Ruckus and Jackson Wild would get a joint Best Solo Performance nod for their roles in the film. Home Invasion is also the source of the first of two Best Group Scene nominations that include me, this one shared with Jackson Wild, Sean Preston, Ty Roberts and Tommy Ruckus (although I’m pretty sure that scene also included Geoffrey Paine).

2009 GayVN Award NominationsI did two features directed by Brian Mills from the co-branded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore/fetish films that garnered a total of five nominations. As mentioned, Folsom Prison was nominated for Best Fetish Film. The other Best Group Scene nomination came for my performance in Folsom Undercover with Tyler Peter, Dirk Jager and Frank Philipp. Folsom Undercover received three other nominations including Best Leather Film, Best Marketing and Best Fetish Film.

2009 GayVN Award NominationsThose of us at the studio were truly happy to learn Breakers received so many nominations since it was director Bruce Cam’s farewell opus and the first gay adult film released on Blu-ray. The film earned Bruce a Best Director nomination in addition to nods for Best Picture, Best All-Sex Film, Best HD Feature, Best Packaging, Best Marketing, Best DVD Extras and Best DVD Special Edition. My co-director on the new fetish/Sm line for Titan, Paul Wilde and cameraman Jeff Slurry received Best Cinematography nominations for their work on Breakers. James Sheridan and Kawai, who will be editing the new line, also received nods for Best Editing on the film. And the performances delivered by Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant and myself earned a Best Threesome nomination for our contributions.

Of final note here is Titan’s third fantasy trip to the carnival, Funhouse. This visually stunning feature earned Brian Mills a Best Director nomination in addition to a Best Art Direction nom for both him and Paul Wilde. The film also garnered a nomination for Best All-Sex Film and Dean Flynn and Eric Moreau a Best Sex Scene – Duo nom.

The GAYVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding movies and talented individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the gay adult entertainment industry. Its broad-based, nation-wide panel of judges, predominantly gay-press-affiliated, has been awarding trophies for 21 years, making the GAYVN Awards the most respected and recognized awards in gay adult entertainment history. You can view a complete list of all the 2009 GayVN Award Nominations or Titan Media’s Press Release at your leisure. The 2009 GayVN Awards Show will be held at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on Saturday, March 28th, 2009. You can buy tickets for all the weekend events here. You can bet Derek and I will be there.

Released: Home Invasion

25 November 2008 23:36

CagedReleased: Home InvasionSeattle, WA –- Earlier today Titan Media released Home Invasion. Touted as a tale of unlawful entry and the ties that bind, Home Invasion was my second project with famed director Joe Gage. As I wrote in original posts about the shoot, I play Rudge the leader of a pack of criminals that target a businessman and invade his secluded home and then its occupants. The entire movie was shot at night with distinctly film-noir effect adding to the sultry and suspenseful feel of this feature.

I know a lot of people just want to see what they need to get off but I love when a feature can provide enough back story and character development to set a tone and build the sexual tension. It’s the difference between just watching two people fuck and actually becoming immersed in the fantasy. Creating that balance isn’t easy, so I really appreciate it when a director can paint themes, create a storyline or develop the plot for a movie. Joe Gage is definitely one of the few directors masterfully bringing those skills to adult films. Having had the opportunity to work with this legendary director has truly been one of the distinct privileges and pleasures of my ‘art film’ experience. It’s an real honor to be on the cover of yet another of Joe’s movies.

Released: Home InvasionSide Bar: As I reviewed my posts about the Home Invasion shoot, I was reminded of the bonds that I have developed with so many at Titan. It’s been an extraordinary experience. Brian Mills and Paul Wilde have become friends in addition to being colleagues. And, I can’t even begin to describe my appreciation for the support Titan has given both to me and to our community as a studio and corporate citizen.

I’ve watched the trailer and am looking forward to screening my copy of Home Invasion. You can learn more about the feature here, check out stills in the gallery I’ve posted or purchase your own copy from TitanMen.com.

How to Deal with a Prima Donna on Set

14 December 2007 13:15

RiggingHow to Deal with a Prima Donna on SetSeattle, WA — While shooting with Titan, I simply tie them down and put a gag in their mouth. If you don’t have a ball gag handy, a twelve-foot length of rope with a double frapping knot does the trick nicely. The rope may not butch them up, but at least it immobilizes them and the gage keeps them from talking about themselves or Cher long enough to build some sexual energy on set.

That’s Jackson Wild (photographed above and below) on the set of Home Invasion. Honestly, I don’t mean to imply he was a diva in any way. In actuality, he was one of the few true pleasures I experienced making this feature. Jackson is an adorable boy and eating his ass is like going to a banquet in heaven. Our fuck scene, shot on my last night at the ranch, was incredibly hot as will be evidenced by the spontaneous eruption of money shots made by our scene partners while watching the action. You know the energy is good on set when the crew is challenged to keep up with the action. If Jackson didn’t live in the opposite corner of the country I’d be tempted to do it again without the cameras.

How to Deal with a Prima Donna on Set (Bonus)Jackson, you’re a beautiful kid, good sport and great piece of ass. Thanks.

I’m back home now after a week on the road. It’s been fun but I’m a little fatiqued and fighting a cold. After I got back, I was catching up on correspondence and various industry sites when I ran across the best review/mention I could imagine. From Joe Gage‘s blog on 11 Dec 2007:

“Tony Buff joined the cast yesterday. It’s the second time I’ve worked with him, and I can’t wait to see the public reaction when the stuff he’s done for me begins to appear. The guy’s a total movie star – endowed in both senses of the word – the second big organ being the one beating inside his beautiful chest. Sexy and soulful is always a killer combination.”

Thanks, Joe, working with you makes it easy.

I guess I’ll need to get used to the press. While on the road I learned I’d been mentioned in Mister Marcus‘ column for the Bay Area Reporter and that pictures from the CHC bar night at the Hole made it into Gay Chicago Magazine. Derek and I are being interviewed for GayWired.com this weekend and I just finished an interview for the Up and Coming feature in Unzipped Magazine. That interview should appear in the March issue.

Derek is flying in tonight for a weekend visit and tomorrow night we’re going to a Dragon family play party. I’m really looking forward to stringing him up like a sling and fucking him like a mad animal. Maybe I’ll capture a few photos of the rigging and get them posted.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

12 December 2007 14:57

CagedMeanwhile, Back at the Ranch[Undisclosed Location], CA — Monday morning, I flew into SFO and immediately headed down to the Titan ranch to begin shooting Home Invasion, a new feature directed by Joe Gage. This is my forth movie with Titan and second with GayVN Hall of Fame Director, Joe Gage. The Titan ranch is starting to feel like a vacation home. Now don’t get the wrong idea; shooting ‘art films’ is definitely work, but the weather has been beautiful (especially after rainy Seattle and a very cold Chicago) and the crew takes very good care of me.

I’ve become very fond of Brian Mills and Paul Wild . Brian directed Fear and served as Production Manager and Director of Photography for Chainsaw, Breakers and now Home Invasion. Paul has been the principle cameraman and production coordinator on all four of my Titan films. They seem like extended family to me now and I always look forward to seeing them. We share a common work ethic and focus while maintaining an enjoyable environment even in the face of adversity. I also know that when I’m working with them, all I have to worry about is my performance and can trust they’ll do everything they can to make it look good.

Meanwhile, Bak at the Ranch (Bonus)The shoot itself has been fast and furious. Monday night we shot my half scene, a voyuer J/O while watching Tyler Saint and Enrique Currera get it on, in addition to various non-action and dialog scenes. I play Rudge, boss of the crew ‘invading’ the house and it’s occupants. The entire movie is being shot at night with a distinctly film-noir feel. This makes for a very different production schedule than I have been a part of in the past and we didn’t finish up until around midnight. Tuesday, we shoot stills and the first half of my full scene with Geoffrey Paine, Ty Roberts and Sean Preston. Tonight we add Jackson Wild and Tommy Ruckus to the mix.

I did pick up an interesting piece of scuttlebutt while on set for those of you wondering what might be next. It seems Tony Buff might be going to Prison after this little Home Invasion, but more on that later.