2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year Shared in Tie

4 June 2010 21:14

Personal2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year Shared in TieSeattle, WA – Capturing this thing of ours on screen has become a personal passion that began on the set of Daddy Zeus’ Soldiers of Misfortune three years ago; was refined through my involvement with the Folsom series of fetish films produced by TitanMen in conjunction with Folsom Street Fair and benefiting HIV/AIDS charities; and is currently being realized by performing in and co-directing the Rough line with Paul Wilde. I have been truly blessed by opportunities to work with some of the best players in the world and most talented individuals in the industry. Our collaborative efforts together have culminated in scenes with brutal realism and exceptional quality. My heart has been filled by the appreciation expressed by those who have found truth, beauty and inspiration in the films we made. I am humbled to be recognized as the 2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year and to share this distinction in a tie with Adam Killian. For the other ‘big’ wins of the evening, as well as a video of the Grabbys Best Actor and Performer of the Year presentations posted to YouTube by Jim Liu and the transcript of my acceptance speech… Read the rest of this entry »

Grabbys’ Red Carpet

29 May 2010 15:42

CagedGrabbys' Red CarpetChicago, IL – First and foremost, I want to thank Tonya Winter and Winter Fetish for designing and fabricating our homage to the institution that was so instrumental to the development of my perversions in the formative years. I’m actually quite thrilled to be here at the Grabbys. When I went down to Palm Springs to do my first video for Daddy Zeus in 2007, I never envisioned I would develop such a passion for the work we do or the degree of acceptance I’ve received. I also want to thank the Grabbys for recognizing our efforts to capture contemporary BDSM play in the men’s community through the Rough line with the nomination of Shock Treatment in the Best Extreme Fetish category. I truly believe we are accomplishing a service to my community of family and friends by realistically documenting this thing of ours. I am forever in debt to Bruce Cam for providing the opportunity for me to share my passion and the chance to collaborate with the best in the industry at Titan; Brian, Paul, I love you both. No matter what the future might hold, I will always be grateful for my experiences with Titan. For my take on the other categories and a photo gallery of my outfit for the GrabbysRead the rest of this entry »

2010 Grabby Nominations

17 March 2010 16:10

Caged2010 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA – A couple days ago, the 19th annual Grabby Award Nominations were announced. Apparently the Grabbys have honored me with three individual nominations and two scene nods. The scene nominations include Best Rimming with Adam Knox in Folsom Maneuvers and Best Duo with Will Parker in Folsom Flesh. The individual nominations include Hottest Cock (LOL), Best Supporting Actor for my role in Battle Creek Breakdown directed by Joe Gage and Performer of the Year.

Folsom Flesh also earned nominations for Best Leather Movie, Best Box Cover and Best Fetish Movie. In the Best Extreme Fetish category, both Rough. Shock Treatment and Triage earned nominations. While I’m always pleased to see projects I was involved in receiving recognition, I am particularly happy to see Shock Treatment‘s nomination for Best Extreme Fetish because it represents the first time a video I directed (co-credited with Paul Wilde) has received a Grabby nod. Read the rest of this entry »


7 June 2009 14:52

PSASafewordsSeattle, WA – A couple weeks ago, an incident happened at the Grabbys. Chi Chi LaRue called me out on stage stating she was ready for her “blood scene.” Upon my arriving on stage she asked me for a safeword. I replied, on the mic, in front of the press and an audience of hundreds, “Safewords are for retarded tops.” This was immediately picked up by theSword.com, twittered and posted to thousands. By the time I got back to our table, I could clearly hear the voice of my late Daddy, Dave Lewis in my head. As I’ve mentioned before, Daddy Dave was a teacher and he was instructing me to write a five-paragraph essay explaining what I meant by that. Well, this is it…

A safeword is a communication tool generally employed in the execution of a BDSM scene. Simply put, a safeword can be used by a participant in a scene to indicate a ‘Hard Stop’ to the play. Safewords come in a variety of forms including vocalizations, gradient scaled indications and physical signals. Safewords are also employed in a variety of ways within a scene ranging from novice explorers using it as a means to avoid going too far, to more experienced players that use it as a means for the submissive to indicate that they have been pushed past their limit. There are several excellent articles and posts available about safewords that provide far more detailed information regarding the application of safewords than I can offer here in this blog. I recommend the Safeword article on Wikipedia and What is a Safeword from the Bondage FAQ, by Rob Jellinghaus for more information.

In actuality, I don’t generally play with safewords. Most of the truly heavy scenes I engage in are with partners with whom I have already developed a deep connection. We know each other and have experience together. I can use subtle visual, auditory and kinesthetic clues to understand their physical and psychological state. I read their body language, listen to what they say in addition to how they say it and carefully watch how they react to my stimulus. By using these observations to adjust my approach, I can create a pattern of positive experiences that build trust and propel a scene to a level of extreme intensity. I can take these partners to the edge of their limits, throw them over the cliff, catch them at the bottom and bring them back again all while using plain English to communicate. The key here is to remain present in the moment and actually engage with your partners. When I teach, I often use the line “Safewords are for retarded tops” to emphasize this concept with a bit of hyperbole.

In truth, I highly recommend the use of safewords and even use them myself in many situations and forms of play. For novice players and those who are unfamiliar with their own limits or their partners, safewords provide a proverbial safety-net. When I play with someone new and unfamiliar, I’ll employ a safeword if we intend to take the scene to the edge as I did with Will Parker for our scene together in Folsom Flesh. In these situations I tend to prefer the signal application of green, yellow and red. I can request a ‘signal’ or simply receive a clear communication of their status if I’m not able to read it myself. I will also, on occasion, participate in a scene where the intention is to drive the submissive to safeword out.

I’m just as likely, however, to meet someone, maybe like sexy Jean-Philippe (pictured right), and never use a safeword for our play, preferring to simply talk our way through each scene and slowly build the intensity as our trust and experience together grows. This is an approach I have developed over twenty years as a bondage player. In practice, ‘yellow’ doesn’t tell a rigger what’s at issue, but if the submissive says, “I’m losing feeling in my right hand,” immediate action can be taken. This plain speak approach to play works in even the most intense and edgy scenes. Not too long ago, for example, I was introducing a friend to an advanced piercing scene. After running several rows of needles in strategic places on his body then using them a anchor points to bind him to the table with heavy string, his breathing changed and I heard, “Um, can we stop a minute?” “Sure,” I said and asked, “What’s up?” “I just realized that I’m truly fucked,” he panted referring to the fact he couldn’t get away if he wanted. After taking a few minutes to let him process the situation, our scene continued to a bloody and satisfying end.

Safewords are useful communication tools. They have an important role in many scenes for both novice and experienced players alike. Not everyone plays with safewords all the time, however. This, among several other riskier activities, is characterized as edgeplay by many in the fetish/Sm scene. Responsible players can, in many situations, use their experience, ability to read their partner and practical skills to safely negotiate a scene without the use of safewords. I’m certain, should Chi Chi and I ever engage in a blood scene together, there would be no need for a safeword. I doubt she would have any problem communicating her status and I am confident we could simply talk our way through the scene.

Folsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 Grabbys

24 May 2009 10:28

ReflectiveFolsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 GrabbysChicago, IL – Yesterday evening I attended the 18th Annual Grabby Awards with my boys, Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element (pictured right). We joined director Brian Mills and my fellow Titan exclusives Dean Flynn and Will Parker at the studio table and helped collect three Grabby honors. The first was Folsom Prison‘s Grabby for Best Fetish Video. This was a particular honor because I helped co-write Folsom Prison with Brian Mills and Diesel Washington and it was my first opportunity to help direct the scenes in which I performed. Titan Media also earned a Grabby for Best Art Direction with Funhouse and Dean Flynn took home Lucite as the Grabby’s Best Versatile Performer of 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Grabby Nominations

17 March 2009 10:36

Reflective2009 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA –- On Sunday, the 18th Annual Grabby Nominations were announced. Apparently, I have been given three individual nominations including: Best Newcomer, Best Actor for my role in Home Invasion, and Best Solo Sex Scene again in Home Invasion. Titan Media’s Home Invasion also earned a Best Movie nomination, Joe Gage nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay, and Tyler Saint a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Titan’s Folsom Prison and Folsom Undercover both earned Best Fetish Video nominations with Folsom Undercover also getting a nod for Best Box Cover. In the Best Fetish Extreme Video category, Sounding #1, which I did with Derek for Raging Stallion before signing with Titan, and Derek’s feature with Steel Mill Media, The Mechanic, both received nominations. Guess which one I’m rooting for…

Another of the features that I contributed to, Titan Media’s Funhouse also earned a nomination for Best Art Direction. And two of my favorite photographers, Brian Mills and Joe Oppedisano both received nominations for Best Still Photography.

You can check out all the nominations and nominees here.