WA St Leather Pride Week 2015

20 March 2015 21:44

CagedWA St Leather Pride Week 2015Seattle, WA – The time has come once again. This week is Washington State Leather Pride Week (photo from 2014 courtesy of Malixe Photography). Typically the last full week at the end of March, this WSMLO produced event attracts participation from a broad spectrum of individuals, organizations and businesses from across the Pacific Northwest region in a week-long celebration of leather pride culminating with the Leather Emerald Awards Brunch. Since my own title run years ago, Leather Pride in Washington has always been an important event but this year’s is particularly significant to me personally … Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Northwest Leather Weekend

8 September 2010 15:34

Monsignore2010 Northwest Leather WeekendSeattle, WA – Each year over the Labor Day weekend, Generic Leather Productions of Washington (GLPW), in conjunction with our sponsors and many volunteers, produces the Northwest Leather Weekend in Seattle. The highlight of this weekend is the Northwest Leather Sir/boy and Community Boot Black (NWLSb/CBB) competition, a feeder contest to the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Boot Black (ILSb/ICBB) titles. Known as the “Players Titles” among BDSM practitioners, these contests, along with the other regional competitions, bring members of our community together from throughout those regions and across the continent. And with so many Dragons based in the Pacific Northwest, it should come as no surprise to learn that our local event is a major attraction to many of the brothers and sisters who comprise my leather family (photographed right courtesy of Malixe). Helping to host this event has always been a source of joy for me personally, but this year I was overwhelmed by a sense of pride inspired by my pup Element as he ran for Northwest Leather boy. Read the rest of this entry »

Washington State Leather Pride 2010

29 March 2010 20:04

FlagWashington State Leather Pride 2010Seattle, WA – Today is a day of rest and recovery from Washington State Leather Pride Week for me. It was a busy, fatiguing week culminating with the Washington State Mr & Ms Leather Contest Saturday night and our Annual Victory Brunch, Memorial & Awards Ceremony yesterday. But it was also highly enjoyable and rewarding. As Doug and Angie stepped down from their title years as Washington State Mr and Ms Leather, we had two contestants for each of the 2010 titles. Jim and Herrmeister D competed for the Mr title and Boi Di and Panda Girl (pictured left to right in the image right, courtesy of Malixe) competed for the Ms. Our congratulations go out to all four contestants, and we welcome our new Washington State Ms Leather, Boi Di, and Washington State Mr Leather 2010, Herrmeister D to the Washington State Leather title family. Each of the four contestants is a fine representative of the richness of Washington’s leather community and an excellent example of the Washington State Mr|Ms Leather Organization (WSMLO)‘s efforts to identify, recruit and mentor our next class of community leaders.

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Titles, Sashes, Bashes and Crashes

3 March 2010 0:26

MonsignoreTitles, Sashes, Bashes and CrashesPalm Springs, CA – A very interesting thread hit my inbox a couple weeks ago from the GLPW mailing list. What apparently began as a question regarding Sashes became a discussion about titleholders, and I was called out by my brother Gene Romaine (pictured right on the left at the most recent Gear Night at the Cuff courtesy of Graves). Yes, it’s true, I am a Leather titleholder. I served my local community as Washington State Mr Leather in 2002. And yes, I wore the Sash that came with that title on exactly three occasions; the night of the contest when I stepped up, the day I marched in the Seattle Pride parade with the Leather contingent, and, finally at the contest a year later when I stepped down. Truth is I don’t really like sashes; I find them so pretentious. My title vest, however, I have worn with pride on countless occasions. Even now, eight years later, around this time in March, my title vest comes off the heavy plastic hanger in the closet and put back on my back. Read the rest of this entry »

A Tweet-by-Tweet Review

11 June 2009 1:18

Caged'A Tweet-by-Tweet ReviewSeattle, WA – Last Sunday, I volunteered to help out with the Toasted Buns event hosted by Generic Leather Productions of Washington to benefit our titleholders’ travel fund and CLAW Nation charities. One of my boys Our current Northwest Leather Sir, Rich Bryan hosted the event. And the Dragons were there in force. We offered spanking demos and swats for a dollar while staffing the barbeque on the patio at the Cuff, our home bar here in Seattle. I’m generally the guy on the mic for these types of GLPW events, although our family tends to create spectacle and work the room which helps minimize the amount of time needed on the microphone.

Twitter helped, too. I used the social-networking/micro-blogging tool to help generate some support and excitement for the event. We held a little contest, awarding a copy of Titan Media’s latest release, Folsom Flesh to the person with the most Twitter followers that came up to me during the event. The winner was @JCTricks (pictured right) with 213 followers. To my surprise and entertainment the next day, I read JC was about to screen my scene with Will ‘the Pig’ Parker from the video.

Here’s an extended clip of the scene, courtesy of TitanMen.com and a highlight of the tweet-by-tweet review that followed… Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Washington State Leather Pride Week

24 March 2009 19:08

Monsignore2009 Washington State Leather Pride WeekSeattle, WA –- What a fucking week! I am completely spent but it was all well worth the effort and rewarding on so many levels. For me, Washington State Leather Pride week is about Clan, Family, Service and Play. Each year since 2002, this week in my local community has been marked by transforming experiences.

In 2002, I began my title year as Washington State Mr Leather and then stepped down in 2003 as my brother Mark Nunley stepped up. In 2004 I watched my brother Gene step up as Washington State Mr Leather and received a Leather Emblem Award for my service to the community. In 2005 I was asked to join WSMLO’s Board of Directors. In 2006 I began producing the contest that serves as the anchor event of the week’s festivities. In 2007, I got to share my family and local community with Derek for the first time. In 2008, Derek was with me again, only this time as my collared boy, and I was sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Or was that in 2007? I digress.

This year was no exception. Over the course of the past year, the Dragon Clan has grown to ten Brothers and Sisters. Eight of them were on-hand in Seattle this week including Brothers Gene Romaine, Odie Heaston, Mark Nunley, Hugh, myself and Sisters Panther, Mercea and Lynnda Hale. The only two missing, and missed, were Brothers Tristan Steel and Mark Bozif.

My own family has grown to four with three collared boys (photo above). Granted one is a collar of consideration, but I’m already beginning to consider Blueeyes part of the family. This was the first opportunity the three boys have had to meet each other in person. While the pace of events through the week and the sheer demand on everyone’s efforts prevented the kind of bonding I would have hoped for, I realize that will come over time. Three things are totally clear however; these are great boys, they already care for one another deeply and a sense of family has developed.

2009 Washington State Leather Pride WeekOf course, I ended up throwing yet another variable into the mix. Last week I invited Element (photo left), a boy I meet in Portland over Sash Bash, to come up and visit me. We had planned for him to stay Tuesday and Wednesday but something special happened so I asked him to stay through the weekend. Element is a beautiful and kinky 22 year old boy who has never really experienced what I had introduced him to during our short time together and he was acting very much like an orphan that had finally found a home. I couldn’t send him home without offering him a glimpse at the community that feeds my soul. He stayed and, much like Derek two years ago, witnessed why I call Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and our leather/Sm community home. He and Derek definitely bonded over the weekend… kindred spirits I think.

I had all four boys in tow for the contest on Saturday and a cast of volunteers that help the event go off without a hitch. And part of that going off without a hitch was the presentation of a National Leather Emblem Award to my boy Derek for his service to our community in Washington State, without him knowing about it before hand. For the record, I had nothing to do with the nomination, recused myself from the debate and abstained from the vote. You earned it all on your own, boy, and join the ranks of some pretty impressive past recipients. Congratulations.

I want to thank our judges for the 2009 Washington State Mr|Ms Leather competition: Linda Coomas, our Head Judge; International Bootblack 1996 Todd; Washington State Mr & Ms Leather 2007 Gylan and Candy; and Seattle’s own Bootblack Boris. I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the many volunteers including: our emcees, Ronda & Lynnda; volunteer ASL Interpreters Joel & David; Judges’ Runner Paka; Judges’ Tallies Dawn & Jeremy; Contestant Coordinator Panther; Doormen Tom & Percy; Stage Manager Odie; and our crew of boys Derek, Josh, Tim, Danny and Element.

My congratulations go out to Toby Noon and Lamalani who served outstanding years as Washington State Mr & Ms Leather 2008. My thanks and best wishes go with both of them as Toby continues his service in our local community as President of Seattle Men in Leather and Lamalani as she steps up as the new d’IMsL (inside joke… my bad).

Please join me in welcoming our new 2009 Washington State Mr & Ms Leather Doug & Angie, and in thanking our first runner-up for the Mr title, Jim, for putting himself in the running and for all the work he continues to put in for the community.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our sponsors, Miller Brewing and Columbia Distributing Company; or our host bar, the Cuff Complex and its staff. Thanks guys.