Not the Best Start to the Weekend, But…

15 February 2008 21:20

BloodNot the Best Start to the WeekendSan Francisco, CA – Derek was waiting for me when I arrived at the Oakland International airport. It was so good to see him standing there in baggage claim. The time apart is rough on both of us and it had been three weeks since we last saw each other. After the short shuttle into San Francisco we checked in at the W and found our room.

What I didn’t find in my luggage nearly wrecked me. While unpacking I found the notice from the Transportation Safety Administration Notice indicating that my bag had been inspected at Sea/Tac Airport. What I didn’t find was my six-foot David Morgan Bullwhip. Panic struck when I didn’t immediately see it after I saw the Notice and pulled out my CHC colors vest revealing my boots and the three smaller bags containing my head kit, rigging kit and miscellaneous equipment. Read the rest of this entry »


23 January 2008 18:43

ReflectivedHappeningsSeattle, WA – Much has happened since my last entry. Rather than post-dating several detailed entries, I’ll just summarize the highlights in the interests of saving some time.

Titan Media’s FEAR has received four GayVN nominations including Best Packaging, Best Videography, Best Specialty Release and Best Specialty Release (Extreme). I’m not sure what factor the scene my boy Derek da Silva and I did with Tober Brandt had in the nomination for best extreme (photo right), but I’m happy the film has received such high recognition. In all Titan, its performers and crew received 23 2008 GayVN award nominations. To learn more, check out Titan’s press release on the subject.

Derek and I flew into Washington, DC last weekend for Mid-Atlantic Leather. We stayed at the host hotel, visited many of the local attractions and spent a lot of time with old and new friends. Brother Odie and his boy Aaron were there as well and it was a blast playing and raising hell with them through the weekend. We also had fun hanging out with the New York Boys of Leather who kept us in a good supply of Jack Daniels and mischief. Derek and I didn’t make it to the play party on Saturday but we did get plenty of play in and even did an impromptu flogging demo at the Fort Troff booth in the vendor mart on Sunday.

Before I left for MAL, TJ let me know he wanted more than I was willing to offer and that he needed to move on. Then, after I got home from MAL, Christopher came over to tell me he didn’t want to continue in the direction we were going, either. TJ was a bit of a surprise, but I’m glad he was able to recognize what he needed and had the courage to make that happen. I’ve been expecting Christopher’s realization for some time now. Truth is we aren’t looking for the same things in a relationship. I’m a little disappointed he has decided to forfeit any continued contact but I guess sometimes it’s better to just walk away. I hope he finds what he wants. I’m resolved to invest my time and energy in something that might actually turn into what I’m looking for here in Seattle.

Happenings (Bonus)Last night Jeff took me to dinner and we got to play a bit afterward. It was good to see him again and always a pleasure to get him into my rope. He is now the only experienced nawa juujun (rope bottom) I’m playing with in Seattle with any regularity. I love the quick binders I learned at the beginning of the month (photo left). I’ve gotten quite a bit of practice in and can now rig either of my two favorites in about 45 seconds while standing and even faster when executed on the deck. This will definitely come in handy for the film work where speed is a key to having any rigging actually captured on video.