2010 GayVN Award Nominees

3 September 2010 16:42

Caged2010 GayVN Award NomineesSeattle, WA — Known in the industry as the ‘Oscars of gay porn’, the GayVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding movies and talented individuals within the gay adult entertainment industry. Its broad-based, nationwide panel of judges, predominantly gay press-affiliated, has been awarding trophies for 24 years, making the GayVNs the most respected and recognized awards in gay adult entertainment history. A few weeks ago the 2010 GayVN Award nominees were announced. This year I have been honored with three individual nominations (Performer of the Year, Best Duo Sex Scene and Best Top) and several of the features I’ve contributed to have been recognized. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Grabby Nominations

17 March 2010 16:10

Caged2010 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA – A couple days ago, the 19th annual Grabby Award Nominations were announced. Apparently the Grabbys have honored me with three individual nominations and two scene nods. The scene nominations include Best Rimming with Adam Knox in Folsom Maneuvers and Best Duo with Will Parker in Folsom Flesh. The individual nominations include Hottest Cock (LOL), Best Supporting Actor for my role in Battle Creek Breakdown directed by Joe Gage and Performer of the Year.

Folsom Flesh also earned nominations for Best Leather Movie, Best Box Cover and Best Fetish Movie. In the Best Extreme Fetish category, both Rough. Shock Treatment and Triage earned nominations. While I’m always pleased to see projects I was involved in receiving recognition, I am particularly happy to see Shock Treatment‘s nomination for Best Extreme Fetish because it represents the first time a video I directed (co-credited with Paul Wilde) has received a Grabby nod. Read the rest of this entry »

Folsom Prison Wins GayVN Best Fetish Film

30 March 2009 11:09

ReflectiveFolsom Prison Wins GayVNs Best Fetish FilmSan Francisco, CA –- Folsom Prison wins Best Fetish Film at the 11th Annual GayVN Awards at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. This marks the third year in a row that one of Titan Media’s co-branded features with Folsom Street Events has won the Best Fetish or Fetish (Extreme) category at the GayVNs with Folsom Filth in 2007 and Fear in 2008. It is also the second year in a row that Derek and I had scenes together in the winning feature (note: Derek has been in all three). I can’t help but feel a personal sense of accomplishment following this recognition since Folsom Prison was my first venture into writing and directing. Thanks to Brian Mills’ willingness to collaborate so fully, Diesel Washington and I have co-writing credit with him and I was given the opportunity to co-direct the scenes I have in the film.

Titan brought home three other chunks of Lucite. Breakers, Bruce Cam’s xxx directorial farewell, won both Best All-Sex Film and Best HD Feature. Tommy Ruckus and Jackson Wild won Best Solo Performance for their scene in Home Invasion.

I didn’t win Best Actor and neither Derek nor I were recognized as Best Fetish Performer.

Ricky Sinz took home the Best Actor award for his role in To the Last Man. I know Ricky personally; hang with him on occasion in Chi town and my congratulations go out to him. Ricky is a fine performer and a good guy. He’s also been a safer sex advocate and educator doing things like PSAs and benefits for local Chicago groups like Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN), which is greatly appreciated.

Tober Brandt was recognized as the Best Fetish Performer of the year. I consider Tober a friend and love him like a brother because he is a real player and a genuine person. He is also twisted, queer and fucked up in ways that make Derek and I feel kindred to him while at the same time fill us with brotherly concern. Tober would be the first to admit he never said he was a role model. Nevertheless, as performers I think we have a responsibility to set a positive example. Some may disagree with me, but Tober’s body of work this past year has included bareback performances that, in my opinion, run contrary to those efforts. Tober knows how I feel about these things. We have talked about them face to face and I respect that those decisions are his to make, but with no disrespect to Tober, I believe Derek would have been a better choice for Fetish Performer. Industry awards carry some weight and I would rather see it applied to promoting performers whose activities show responsibility to our community.

Of course these are the industry awards that gave several nominations and at least one individual award (Best Bottom) to Brent Corrigan, who started out not just with bareback performances but at the illegal age of seventeen. Now, I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t be given a second chance, but I can’t help but wonder what repercussions will come to an industry that celebrates risk behavior and controversy so blatantly – more sales to the profiteers and more risk behavior in our own communities, I’m guessing.

Folsom Prison Wins GayVNs Best Fetish FilmPersonally, I feel like I’ve already won. Less than two years ago, I entered the industry with a desire to bring safer sex and responsible play to the screen. Now I’m performing in and co-directing a new line of fetish/Sm features with Paul Wilde for Titan with Brian Mills as a mentor. Very few performers have ever been given such an opportunity.

I’m blessed. I have my boy Derek who convinced me to capture our passions on video and continually challenges me to up my game with every scene we do on set or off. And, I have a studio that has become a home. Bruce Cam and Titan Media have invested not just in me but in content that includes heavy fetish/Sm play with a consciousness of character. From performers and crews, through the editing and marketing departments, Titan represents quality in both product and principle.

I may not have been given the opportunity to do so on stage at the GayVNs, but I can express my appreciation here in this blog. Derek, Bruce, Keith, Brian and Paul… thank you for everything you have done and all that you have taught me.

TitanMen at Harvey’s

28 March 2009 10:36

CagedTitanMen at Harvey'sSan Francisco, CA –- Last night was the big kick off to GayVN weekend in the Castro. From early evening through the late night, studios, media organizations, performers and fans congregated at various locations around the Castro. I started my evening off at Sui Generis which was hosting Steve Cruz’s event for the How I Roll campaign. I was there not just because my boy Derek was scheduled to appear (which he was) or I consider Steve a friend (he is) but because I support the cause. Efforts to advocate safer sex, educate our communities and open dialog about the prevention of HIV and STD transmission are as important now as they ever have been and I’m happy to do my part to bring attention to these efforts.

After the event, Derek and I made our way up the Castro, stopping to chat with Steven Scarborough from Hot House, Howard from FabScout, Mr Pam, representatives from Unzipped, TLA and NakedSword, and other performers in the industry.

TitanMen at Harvey's (Bonus)We made it to Harvey’s at about nine o’clock with enough time to grab a bite to eat before kicking off the official TitanMen cocktail party at ten. This was by far my favorite part of the evening. Joining us for the event were TitanMen Exclusive Dean Flynn (photo above), director Brian Mills, my new co-director Paul Wilde, Patrick O’Conner and several others from the studio. The staff at Harvey’s were great hosts and did an awesome job managing the crowd of people.

I addition to mingling with the fans and industry folks that came by, there were plenty of photo opportunities, time for play and a raffle to help raise money for The TitanMen/Folsom Fund. The highlights for me were commanding the microphone while Dean and Derek sold raffle tickets (boots to balls style) and playing with our local boy Rico (photo left) who joined us for the event. I so love the way Rico giggles when we beat him…

2009 GayVN Award Nominations

19 February 2009 12:06

Reflective2009 GayVN Award NominationsSeattle, WA –- Given the amount of focus and energy I have been spending on ‘what’s next’ I haven’t had much time to reflect on the past year and the body of work created. Truth is I was on set at the Titan studios filming the first in our upcoming line of hardcore fetish/Sm line of features on Tuesday last week when the slurry of messages began coming in regarding the GayVN Awards nominations. I must admit, I am honored to be among the many, many talented individuals recognized for their contributions to the industry and just as pleased to have played a role in helping to create many of the nominated features released by Titan Media.

The previously un-reported addition of a category for Best Fetish Performer was the most pleasant surprise for me personally. The inclusion of this category represents the growing trend toward more BDSM/fetish content within the industry and a validation of the efforts many of us have been making to bring responsible portrayals of our play to the screen. I am honored to be among the first nominees to this new category and doubly proud that my boy Derek da Silva shares this distinction with a nomination of his own. Considering the fact that four of the features nominated for Best Fetish Film (Folsom Prison, Sounding #1, Folsom Undercover & the Mechanic) feature performances from either one or both of us, I think it is safe to claim the efforts we’ve made to bring this thing of ours to a broader audience of new and potential players.

2009 GayVN Award NominationsMy second individual nod came in the form of a Best Actor nomination for my role in Home Invasion. From my experience on stage I know that any actor’s performance is only as good as the script they’re working off and the director they are working under (no pun intended), so it came as no surprise that Joe Gage received both Best Director and Best Screenplay nominations for Home Invasion, that Tyler Saint would get a Best Supporting Actor nom or Tommy Ruckus and Jackson Wild would get a joint Best Solo Performance nod for their roles in the film. Home Invasion is also the source of the first of two Best Group Scene nominations that include me, this one shared with Jackson Wild, Sean Preston, Ty Roberts and Tommy Ruckus (although I’m pretty sure that scene also included Geoffrey Paine).

2009 GayVN Award NominationsI did two features directed by Brian Mills from the co-branded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore/fetish films that garnered a total of five nominations. As mentioned, Folsom Prison was nominated for Best Fetish Film. The other Best Group Scene nomination came for my performance in Folsom Undercover with Tyler Peter, Dirk Jager and Frank Philipp. Folsom Undercover received three other nominations including Best Leather Film, Best Marketing and Best Fetish Film.

2009 GayVN Award NominationsThose of us at the studio were truly happy to learn Breakers received so many nominations since it was director Bruce Cam’s farewell opus and the first gay adult film released on Blu-ray. The film earned Bruce a Best Director nomination in addition to nods for Best Picture, Best All-Sex Film, Best HD Feature, Best Packaging, Best Marketing, Best DVD Extras and Best DVD Special Edition. My co-director on the new fetish/Sm line for Titan, Paul Wilde and cameraman Jeff Slurry received Best Cinematography nominations for their work on Breakers. James Sheridan and Kawai, who will be editing the new line, also received nods for Best Editing on the film. And the performances delivered by Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant and myself earned a Best Threesome nomination for our contributions.

Of final note here is Titan’s third fantasy trip to the carnival, Funhouse. This visually stunning feature earned Brian Mills a Best Director nomination in addition to a Best Art Direction nom for both him and Paul Wilde. The film also garnered a nomination for Best All-Sex Film and Dean Flynn and Eric Moreau a Best Sex Scene – Duo nom.

The GAYVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding movies and talented individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the gay adult entertainment industry. Its broad-based, nation-wide panel of judges, predominantly gay-press-affiliated, has been awarding trophies for 21 years, making the GAYVN Awards the most respected and recognized awards in gay adult entertainment history. You can view a complete list of all the 2009 GayVN Award Nominations or Titan Media’s Press Release at your leisure. The 2009 GayVN Awards Show will be held at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on Saturday, March 28th, 2009. You can buy tickets for all the weekend events here. You can bet Derek and I will be there.

And the Winner is…

17 February 2008 11:04

ReflectiveAnd the Winner is...San Francisco, CA –- The entire Titan crew rallied en masse in front of the Giftcenter then made our way down the red carpet together, stopping only to give our regards to Tim & Roma. Once inside Derek and I got cocktails and mingled a bit visiting with friends before congregating the front table reserved for Titan. Excellent seats. I had the honor of sitting between studio owner Bruce Cam and director Brian Mills. Because of the number of presenters and nominees from Titan there wasn’t room at the front table and Derek had a ticket for the back table, so I rigged one of those quick binders I’ve been so fond of lately and he spent the show bound on his knees behind my chair. It was too cute and very much in keeping with our reputation.

TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Rick Van Sant, Alex Berasi, Diesel Washington and I presented three awards including Best Music, Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Release (photo above). That was fun. I’m wonderfully comfortable on stage thanks to all the time I’ve spent working within the Leather/SM community. I tend to be a little more reserved than the other guys, but I think I did a good job controlling the pace and flow on stage.

And the Winner is...(Bonus)Best news of the night, Titan brought home three GayVNs including Best Specialty Release (Extreme) for Fear, Best Leather Video for Folsom Leather, and Best Videographer to Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Derek and I got a photo op of our own with Bruce Cam, Keith Webb and the awards (right). Congratulations to everyone involved with the productions and to Brian and Paul specifically.

Afterward, the two of us were invited for a celebratory limo ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with friends from Chicago. What a beautiful sight. Then we made our way to the Powerhouse to catch the end of the Mr. Powerhouse Leather contest where many of our friends in San Francisco were meeting. We stayed until last call when Mr. Pam invited us over for an after party that included some impromptu rope bondage and punching instruction by yours truly. I can report that Mr. Pam packs a good punch.