Community Building

17 December 2009 22:52

MonsignoreCommunity Building35,000 FT – By the time I get this posted, I will have already arrived back home in Seattle, but as it is, I’m writing this post on the last leg of my trip inbound at about thirty-five thousand feet above somewhere in Texas (and yes, Fuck Texas!). As you can probably guess, I’m back on the road again, traveling the United States and Canada, exploring the fetish/Sm scenes across the continent and contributing what I can to a broader sense of community. Two weeks ago I was in Vancouver, BC for the Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010 contest. This past weekend I was in Tampa, FL for Leather Ball 3. I’ll be in Seattle, WA this coming weekend for‘s Gear Night at the Cuff Complex and a gig at the local bath house. And shortly after that, I’ll be ringing in the New Year at Steam Portland, with quite a contingent of boys in tow, I might add. Yes, it looks like we’re getting busy again. For a recap of the events in Vancouver and Tampa the past couple weeks as well as more details on what to expect as 2009 comes to a close… Read the rest of this entry »