Released: Funhouse

29 October 2008 10:32

CagedReleased: FunhouseSeattle, WA –- Now here’s a movie I can’t wait to watch. Funhouse is an excellent example of the application of artistic vision to gay male pornography. There, I said it, pornography.

As most of you who read my blog regularly know, I refer to my work in the adult film industry as making ‘art films’. This is primarily because I want to help create features that have artistic merit. I count Funhouse in that classification if for no other reason because it is visually stunning.

Following in the tradition of Carny and Cirque Noir, famed director (and my fav) Brian Mills continues Titan’s fantasy trip to the carnival with Funhouse. The movie follows two friends, Eduardo and Ethan Anders and they are led through a series of scenes in the funhouse by the erotic and clown masked Francois Sagat. The vignettes include amazing acrobatics, a bungie cord suspension and some intense ass play concluding with what promises to be a heated muscle fuck three-way finale. Adding to the visual impact are some of the most impressive latex costumes and cinematography captured on video.

Released: FunhouseFor my half-scene [Note to Self: try not to laugh out loud when you mention this was only a half-scene], I played the demented referee officiating the matches between rubber clad wrestlers Derek da Silva, Josh West and Rocky Torrez. But don’t fret, I’m in plenty of the action and the sex was as hot as those costumes under the studio lighting. At one point I literally fuck the piss out of my boy Derek, although I don’t know if it made the cut. And the scene ends with a spectacular bungie cord suspension envisioned by Derek that I helped engineer and rig. The dailies I saw on set from that particular part of the scene were fantastic. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

You can learn more about Funhouse here, take a look at my stills and promotional photos in the gallery I’ve posted or purchase your own copy from