It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2012

20 September 2014 15:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2012Seattle, WA – The summer of 2012 brought the release of Wet Punk Faggot Fisting, co-directed again with Chris Ward… my first for the Fisting Central line. It also brought the FetishForce releases of Full Spectrum and Where the Players Go, the latter being shot on location at the Cuff Complex in Seattle. That fall I turned forty-two and we released the FetishForce feature Push Pull Squat Thrust> and Save My Hole for Fisting Central. Then after another long production run that bookended the Folsom Street Fair weekend, we edited and shipped Safeword for FetishForce. This was also the fall my boy Chris Yosef and I separated after over a decade together.