Three Years and Twenty-Five Productions

25 May 2010 17:31

ReflectiveThree Years and Twenty-Five ProductionsSeattle, WA – Three years ago this month, I flew down to Palm Springs CA and performed in my first adult feature, Soldiers of Misfortune, directed by Daddy Zeus (pictured right) for Zeus Studios. Daddy Zeus became a legend in my mind when he began capturing authentic BDSM and fetish on video in the mid ’90s. In features like Brute Force, Daddy Zeus paired accomplished and respected tops with hot bottoms in real scenes that depicted authentic play with a spirit and an edge that still speak to me as a player. Before Zeus, there was Christopher Rage, who masterfully captured this raw, animalistic sexuality on the fringe in the ’80s; and of course, the great grand-daddy of BDSM art films who first caught the essence of the urban ‘leatherman’ in the ’70s with LA Plays Itself, Fred Halsted. With my first film, I was excited to be making my contribution to the genre with my boy at the time, Derek da Silva, and we delivered a kick-ass-scene. A lot has happened since then.

By the end of my second shoot, this time with Titan Media for a Folsom/TitanMen co-branded feature called Fear, I was sold on the idea of partnering with the talent and quality that a major studio could offer in order to capture this thing of ours on screen. Before principle production had wrapped on my third project, I agreed to partner as an exclusive and become ‘the face of fetish’ for Titan. Read the rest of this entry »

Best of: the Blog

5 January 2010 21:30

Smokin'Best of: the BlogPortland, OR – On September 29th of 2007 I posted my first entry to this blog. It was a quick and not-so-dirty little post coinciding with the release of Fear and my public foray into the adult industry. The Blog has evolved over the past couple years. It is at times promotional; documenting shoots, current projects and the latest releases. At other times my blog is more reflective and personal. My blog has also served as a forum for my essays and thoughts on community and what I like to call this thing of ours meaning queer leather/fetish and BDSM. On December 30th, Unzipped awarded an Unzippy to my blog as Most Informational (while still being hot) Blog. After learning of the award I got to thinking about the past year and decided to indentify ten entries that I believe best represent my contributions to the blogosphere. Now, for my “best of: the Blog’ list for 2009… Read the rest of this entry »

Why the Fuck am I Doing This?

31 December 2009 21:44

ReflectiveWhy the Fuck am I Doing This?Portland, OR – This is going to be a far more personal and reflective entry than most of those that I have written before. A couple weeks ago XBIZ, the adult industry association, announced their nominations for 2010 awards. Among nominations ranging from Toy Manufacture of the Year to GLBT Company of the year to Transsexual Performer of the Year, there are the nominations for Gay Director of the Year. Among the individuals I know and respect nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Brian Mills, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Ward, Kristofer Weston, Mr. Pam (with Michael Lucas), Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo, Steven Scarborough, and Paul Wilde (who is co-nominated with me for our work on the Rough line). Wow! I definitely didn’t expect this kind of recognition when I first got into the industry.

To understand why I do what I have done and what motivates me toward the future, I offer my initial attractions, my proclivity toward rough trade, what it’s like getting caught in the act and how I’m cruising for more… Read the rest of this entry »

2008 Grabbys, Extreme Win for Fear

25 May 2008 11:00

Personal2008 GrabbysChicago, IL –- Derek and I arrived and made our entrance at the Grabbys with the crew from Titan. Sister Roma was there with NakedSword on the red carpet and we stopped for a quick interview with the paparazzo’s cameras flashing away. Once inside we had an opportunity to reconnect with some of our friends in the industry before settling into our seats with the guys from Titan and LeatherPost.

Early into the show, Brian Mills was inducted into the Grabby Wall of Fame. I was happy for him. Brian is one of my favorite people in the business and has become a trusted friend. His work is among the very best in the industry and the honor is well deserved. Congratulations.

Not long afterward the nominees for Best Fetish Video (Extreme) were read. Fear had been nominated in this category and it would be dishonest of me not to admit Derek and I had high hopes for Titan taking home this particular award. We had worked hard, along with many others, on Fear to bring content that resonated with the leather/Sm community and we were looking that effort (and the market) to be recognized at this level. As the nominees were read, Brian turned to me and said, “You know, if we win, you and Derek need to come up with me.” The picture (captured by fellow TitanMen Exclusive Dillon Buck) above shows the three of us accepting the award on behalf of Titan.

2008 Grabbys (Bonus)During the second half of the show, Derek and I were slated to present a couple of awards with our friend Ago Viara. While I didn’t know it prior to the show, it became clear that each set of presenters had a bit of shtick, so I rigged a couple of matching Shibari harnesses on the boys before we went on stage (photo Left). Derek and Ago looked so good I wished we were in a dungeon instead of at an awards show. Mr Pam had made a shout out to Derek and I earlier in the evening talking about how her hand hurt from punching Derek in the nuts the night before so I encouraged her to come up and repeat the experience for the audience. It was definitely a blast if not a little over the top.

Some quick shout outs: Steven Sarborough and Hot House, congratulations; Braxton Bond, it was great to see you again and I’d love to see you in LA sometime soon; Josh Vaughn, wish we could do a scene together… I’ll bet you cry real pretty; Ago Viara, you are so fucking hot if I don’t get to do a scene with you I’ll go crazy; Steve Cruz, keep up all the good work buddy; and Mr Pam, keep up the training ‘cause you pack a punch.

Making History & Award Nominations

14 March 2008 10:46

CagedMaking History & Award NominationsSeattle, WA –- After returning home from San Francisco, I learned Titan Media and the cast & crew of Breakers had made history. On Wednesday, Titan released Breakers on Blu-ray making it the first gay adult feature released in the new high-definition format. You can read the official Press Release from Titan here.

In other news: I was involved with two of the eight features from Titan to receive Graddy nominations. Breakers has received three nominations including: Best All-Sex Video, Best Director- Bruce Cam, and Best Videography-Brian Mills/Paul Wilde. Fear was nominated for Best Fetish Extreme Video. You can read about all the Grabby nominations received by Titan in the Press Release here.

An excellent review of Breakers on was also pointed out to me after I got home. The “Highly, Highly Recommended” review reads, in part:

In the finale, horny and unstoppable Tony Buff takes on two bottoms again, this time François and Darius. The back of a battered old pick-up truck is the setting, and with François and Darius on all-fours, Tony has all the hot ass anyone could possibly need to get off. Cocksucking gets things rolling, and Darius in particular has a great time downing Tony’s thick meat. That juicy slab of cock meat also looks amazing when it’s sliding in and out of François, his pucker opening up wide to take it all in. Not that he has anything else to prove, but Tony’s stud status is further affirmed when he lines up François and Darius side by side to fuck them missionary-style. The dude certainly has the credentials to be a power top. He even kisses the two men he’s just fucked while their cum is still dripping. There’s a man who can have any ass he wants, more or less.

The review in it’s entirety can be found here.

And the Winner is…

17 February 2008 11:04

ReflectiveAnd the Winner is...San Francisco, CA –- The entire Titan crew rallied en masse in front of the Giftcenter then made our way down the red carpet together, stopping only to give our regards to Tim & Roma. Once inside Derek and I got cocktails and mingled a bit visiting with friends before congregating the front table reserved for Titan. Excellent seats. I had the honor of sitting between studio owner Bruce Cam and director Brian Mills. Because of the number of presenters and nominees from Titan there wasn’t room at the front table and Derek had a ticket for the back table, so I rigged one of those quick binders I’ve been so fond of lately and he spent the show bound on his knees behind my chair. It was too cute and very much in keeping with our reputation.

TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Rick Van Sant, Alex Berasi, Diesel Washington and I presented three awards including Best Music, Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Release (photo above). That was fun. I’m wonderfully comfortable on stage thanks to all the time I’ve spent working within the Leather/SM community. I tend to be a little more reserved than the other guys, but I think I did a good job controlling the pace and flow on stage.

And the Winner is...(Bonus)Best news of the night, Titan brought home three GayVNs including Best Specialty Release (Extreme) for Fear, Best Leather Video for Folsom Leather, and Best Videographer to Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Derek and I got a photo op of our own with Bruce Cam, Keith Webb and the awards (right). Congratulations to everyone involved with the productions and to Brian and Paul specifically.

Afterward, the two of us were invited for a celebratory limo ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with friends from Chicago. What a beautiful sight. Then we made our way to the Powerhouse to catch the end of the Mr. Powerhouse Leather contest where many of our friends in San Francisco were meeting. We stayed until last call when Mr. Pam invited us over for an after party that included some impromptu rope bondage and punching instruction by yours truly. I can report that Mr. Pam packs a good punch.