WOOF! Philly & New York

2 December 2008 14:47

PersonalWOOF! Philly & New York (Bonus)New York, NY – Okay, it’s been a crazy few days. I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Chelsea trying to recap the flurry of happenings before catching the train to Newark for my flight home.

Catherine Opie’s exhibit at the Guggenheim was amazing. Catherine Opie is a talented documentary photographer who explores notions of communal, sexual and cultural identity through portraiture, landscape and urban street photography. She’s also a pervert and her work includes imagery of kinky queers and dykes. I won’t go into detail about the mid-career survey of her work, but I will point out two of my favorite pieces. Both are self-portraits. The first, Self-Portrait/Pervert features a permanent cutting of the word ‘pervert’ across her chest. The second, Self-Portrait/Nursing is a photo of her breast feeding her son with the scars from the cutting still visible years later. I can summarize the collection in its entirety in two words: fucking brilliant.

On Sunday, I got a very special treat. Derek and I did a Photo shoot with Joe Oppedisano. Derek had done a couple of shoots with Joe and is featured in his new book, Uncensored, but I had never met him. I was beginning to get a little envious; it seemed like I was the only one of my close friends in the ‘art film’ industry not to have done a shoot with Joe. I’ve always loved Joe’s work and everyone speaks very highly of him. Now I know why. Joe is really quite awesome. I totally enjoyed the shoot and can’t wait to share the photos with you.

WOOF! Philly & New YorkThe event in Philadelphia was a lot of fun, although I think the cold, rain and holiday weekend burnout played against attendance. The boy and I sold raffle tickets in traditional ‘Boots-to-Balls’ fashion, did an impact play demo and some performance rigging. I also got a chance to have a nice chat with boy Sharky, who to my surprise was working the door. Sharky is the current Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy. I met him and his Sir, Andy, while judging the International Leather Sir/boy contest in San Francisco this year. I was impressed by their ‘Get Out & Get Laid’ initiative that encourages people that connect on the internet to meet up in person at local bars. I was happy to hear that it is still going strong and that he and Andy are both doing well.

WOOF! Philly & New York (Extra)Derek had to fly out early Monday morning so I was sans-boy for the final event at the View Bar here in New York. It was a much larger event than I had expected for a Monday night. I signed autographs and did pictures with fans most of the evening. For my ‘set’ Max got me a shirt, tie and slacks to cut off on stage with my knife as a tie-in to Folsom Undercover. Since I’m not much of a go-go dancer, I pulled a cute Dominican boy out of the audience for a little rope work and teasing (photo left). In an effort to raise some extra cash for the charities I agreed to let Travis cut my hair into a half-hawk like the one I’m sporting in Funhouse if we raised two-hundred dollars in a bucket we passed around. The bucket came back with almost three-hundred so I’m sportin’ the hawk again (photo top). Toward the end of the evening I got to do some rigging with go-go boy, Mike Dreyden as well (photo right). Woof!

I want to offer my special thanks to Max Scott and his crew for pulling these events together in the tri-state area and to Titan Media for their support in helping us raise money for the Aid for AIDS Foundation and other local AIDS organizations this past weekend.

Black Friday at the Eagle NYC

29 November 2008 11:26

CagedBlack Friday at the Eagle NYCNew York, NY — Derek and I rendezvoused at Newark Airport then took the New Jersey Transit into New York City yesterday afternoon. After settling in at the hotel in Chelsea and grabbing a bite to eat, we headed over to our first event of the weekend, Wishbone at the Eagle NYC.

Derek and I were set to perform downstairs in the main space. We didn’t know whether we would be doing suspension rigging or floor work until we arrived however. As is usually the case, unavailability of a hard point becomes a limiting factor when doing bondage demonstrations. By ‘hard point’, I am referring to a physical element within the construction of a space with sufficient structural integrity to support a working load adequate to the needs of the scene and amiable to the creation of an anchoring system. Most bar venues including leather bars, in the United States do not have hard points for performance rigging.

The Eagle NYC is no exception to this general rule, but Max (the promoter that booked us for these appearances in New York and Philly) and his crew built a solid frame for the event. As a result, Derek and I were able to revive our dynamic suspension performance from the IML XXX Victory Party at the House of Blues in Chicago.

The rigging went well, although I had to modify the upper body harness on the fly to accommodate the boy’s ever growing size. He’s getting even broader in the shoulders. I used a relatively new fifty foot length of 8mm, but it wasn’t quite enough to permit double wrapping across the chest around the upper arms. I didn’t like the aesthetic very much so I’ll probably re-engineer the upper body harness with either less wrapping at the wrists or using two thirty-six foot lengths of 8mm.

Side Bar: I’m looking forward to getting some private play time with Derek through the end of the year. It will give me a chance to get some sessions in a more forgiving environment that allows for more fluid rope work and creative rigging. Performing and playing are two very different activities.

Black Friday at the Eagle NYC (Bonus)Derek and I knew one of the other performers, San Francisco Mr Leather 2007 Travis Creston but had never met Torez. Torez is this six-foot-five, two hundred-forty pound Brazilian with one of the biggest, most beautiful uncut latin cocks I’ve ever seen. Apparently, Travis and Torez have developed quite an intense D/s relationship. With Torez being a mountain of a man and Travis standing in at five-short, you might think big daddy and his boy but it’s Travis that’s the Dom in this relationship.

For our final performance at the Eagle, Travis asked if we’d help out with a collaring ceremony for Torez, so while Travis and Derek fooled around on stage I tied Torez to the frame that had been built. Afterward Travis broke out a hulking collar that looked like it had been made from logging chain (it must weigh five pounds or more) and started dancing all over Torez in the rigging. It looked like a Spider Monkey climbing a Redwood. It was a hoot to watch and ended with Travis collaring Torez.

All in all, it was a great event even if it did make for a very long day. Contributing a huge part to the event’s success was the large amount of swag (including DVDs and calendars) provided by Titan we raffled off to raise money during the event for the various local AIDS Organizations.

Today Derek and I are going to see Catherine Opie’s exhibit at the Guggenheim. Since the event in New Jersey tonight was canceled at the last minute, we’re going to hang out with some of our friends from the New York Boys of Leather in the East Village.


28 November 2008 0:38

MonsignoreSpanksgiving35,000 ft — It’s times like this I truly thankful for keeping most of my flying with Alaska Airlines. This morning I was upgraded to First Class for my flight to New York. This was especially welcome because last night was a late one. After dinner at brother Panther’s all the Dragons that were in town worked the Spanksgiving fundraiser for GLPW and CLAW Nation charities.

This was the first CLAW Nation event in Seattle. I had volunteered to host an event in my home town while my boy Derek and I were at CLAW earlier this year as presenters. I took the idea to brother Odie, he handed it to Josh to organize and bada-bing, bada-boom…

Josh did a phenomenal job producing the event. Brother Hugh and his boy Gabe put on an extremely entertaining demo with Gabe dressed as a nerdy, school boy studying for his “oral exams.” The whole skit was so funny. Then Brother Hugh and sister Mercea doled out spankings for a buck a swat for the rest of the night. We raffled off a few of my Titan DVD’s and Calendars I donated in addition to a paddle, riding crop and RECON membership with boy Danny selling tickets and measuring inseams in chaps and a harness. Now as most of you know, I don’t do the dress-up thing, but fuck did that boy look good last night. Holy fuck, that ass… he had me hard all night just looking at him. Oh, and I played master of ceremonies, ever the front man on the microphone.

Spanksgiving (Bonus)For those that are not aware, Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend or CLAW has become one of my favorite national leather/Sm events. The event features great hotels, fetish bar parties, silent and live auctions, BDSM art show, entertainment, vendors, a second hand gear store, warehouse play parties, educational forums, demos and presentations, rock and roll, a major league baseball game, a playhouse square matinee, big hotel banquets, a trolley fleet, a kinky carnival and a leather community music and comedy review. It really is remarkable. Did anyone notice what wasn’t mentioned in that list of activities?

A bunch of Dragons are planning on heading to Cleveland for CLAW next year. I’m hoping Derek and I get asked back to present again. There was some discussion of that happening during ILSb this year but I still haven’t had anything confirmed. I should put the boy on that.

By the way, since I’m writing about Seattle here, I’ll go ahead and mention that the Seattle Daddy & Daddy’s boy contest scheduled for this weekend… has been canceled… for the second time in three years. So I guess now we know the answer to the question, ‘what happens if you throw a contest and no one enters?’ I’m not sure this is a reflection of a growing apathy toward leather titles in general or a lack of confidence in the sponsoring organization, Seattle Men in Leather. It is pretty clear however that SML isn’t going to pull its shit together until there’s a change in leadership, if then.

Tri-State Appearances

21 November 2008 14:37

CagedTri-State AppearancesSeattle, WA –- Exciting news has developed over the course of the past couple weeks and now that the schedule is all but finalized, I can share it with all of you. Thanks to Max at Max Scott Events, I’ve been booked for several tri-state appearances at the end of this month. The appearances will include events in New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Asbury Park, NJ from Friday November 28th through Monday December 1st. As of this posting, I can pass on details for two of these events.

First, from the creators of Satyr Ball, Max Scott, Mark Nelson and the Eagle NYC present Wishbone on Black Friday, November 28th at the Eagle NYC located at 554 West 28th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. The event will feature DJ’s Chauncey D, Marc Cicero and Barney. I’ll be appearing with personalities Torez, Johny Mack, Jared Wolfe, Mike Dreyden, Travis Creston, Ray Jay, Leo and Master Rob. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit local AIDS Organizations.

Tri-State AppearancesAnd, on Monday, December 1st, World AIDS Day, I’ll be joining Max Scott, Daddy Andrew and the Men of View Bar in raising money for the Aid for AIDS Foundation (along with other local AIDS Organizations) in addition to wishing cover model Torez and DJ JoeX very happy birthdays. The View Bar is located at 232 Eighth Avenue in New York City.

Titan is providing a bunch of swag for me to hand out and has generously donated several DVD’s to auction/raffle off at the events over the weekend. And, I’ve pulled together a special surprise appearance by one of my favorite boys to tie up for the events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can you guess who?

You can find all the details for these appearances on the Events page of this site and I’ll update the page with information about the events on Saturday and Sunday as soon they are finalized.

Associate Applicant Weekend 2008

9 November 2008 20:32

MonsignoreAssociate Applicant Weekend 2008Chicago, IL –- After just one day at home in Seattle I flew out to Chicago. I’ve been here to visit my boy, attend the Chicago Hellfire Club’s (CHC) annual Associate Applicant weekend and rehearse for an upcoming staged reading. Before I left Seattle the image (right), a rendering from an artist by the name of Nerone, was pointed out to me, so I figured I’d include it in this post. You can check out his other works on his blog.

Rehearsals for the staged reading of Doric Wilson‘s A Perfect Relationship presented as a part of the People’s Theater of Chicago‘s Legacy Project are going well. The play is fast paced and quite funny. I’ve never performed in a gay-themed play before and the experience has been very refreshing. Although set in the 1970’s, it is a timeless exploration of the relationships between gay man and a poignant reminder that they often develop in unexpected ways. I’m also a little tickled by the fact that I’m playing a disco bunny on stage at the Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M). It really should be fun.

As I mentioned, the staged reading will be presented at the LA&M, which is located at 6481 Greenview Ave in Chicago, on Sunday 16 November 2008 at 2pm. The event is open to the public (donations accepted). Please join us for this special production.

Of course the event that motivated me to return to Chicago this trip was the CHC’s annual Associate Applicant weekend. The event attracts many club brothers as well as new applicants from around the world and is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the fraternal bonds that define the spirit of the club. I’m also particularly grateful for the chances these weekends provide to solicit counsel from the many experienced and respected players I now consider among my closest friends. Derek and I were both happy to hear how well our columns for Instigator Magazine have been received by these men.

Because of the heavy schedule this past weekend we only made it to a few of the CHC events but we did get several good scenes in at the clubhouse and the Hole while I was in town. It’s been a good trip and I’m looking forward to getting back here next weekend.

Armada Rugby Fundraiser

19 October 2008 13:08

MonsignoreArmada Rugby FundraiserSan Diego, CA –- This weekend I’ve been in sunny San Diego to host the Bachelor Auction for the Armada Rugby team. The event was last night at the Hole and was a huge success. I had the distinct pleasure of auctioning off ten of the hottest rugby players I’ve ever met. Needless to say the sexual energy was running high which helped the cash flow with ease. Thanks to those sexy studs that volunteered to be auctioned off and the, how shall I say, receptive crowd, we raised over two thousand dollars for the team last night.

This was perhaps the easiest fundraiser I’ve hosted in a long time. The ruggers entertained everyone with drinking songs between auctions. Our bartender, Natalie and the staff at the Hole kept everyone well lubricated. And I had plenty of help from Sister Nora Torious, Sister Iona Dubble-Wyde and Postulant Ida Know from the Asylum of the Tortured Heart.

My boy Vladimir did an awesome job organizing the event and I was happy to lend a little mic time for the team.