The Tony Buff Realistic Cock

15 June 2010 19:49

PersonalThe Tony Buff Realistic CockSeattle, WA – Oh my… Well, it’s out and available… to everyone. Molded directly from my own erect penis by world renowned special-effects and prosthetic artist, JC at Doc Johnson in August of last year, the Tony Buff Realistic Cock is now available through the TitanMen Store. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive when I went down to Southern California to do the molding, but with Dean Flynn there to help, how shall we say, stimulate the progression, any performance anxiety quickly dissipated. Bruce Cam, the President of Titan Media, was also on-hand to document the whole process, so for a couple of clips shot during the making of the Tony Buff and Dean Flynn Realistic Cocks, photos and some additional commentary… Read the rest of this entry »

Still Squigged Out

22 October 2009 21:53

PersonalStill Squigged OutSeattle, WA – Back in August I took a little trip to an undisclosed location in the Los Angeles area. I was hoping the whole project would be kept under wraps until the final product was released, but apparently the powers-that-be had other plans. The news hit the internet some time before Folsom, so I figure it’s time to let you all in on the little big secret. Sometime next year there will be a Tony Buff dildo on the market. Yes, soon you will be able to get your very own replica of my cock to shove up your ass. Honestly, the whole thing still kind of squigs me out, but then again I am writing this entry on the computer my dick bought for me. Now, for the entire back story and a link to all the images from the casting at Doc JohnsonRead the rest of this entry »