A Tweet-by-Tweet Review

11 June 2009 1:18

Caged'A Tweet-by-Tweet ReviewSeattle, WA – Last Sunday, I volunteered to help out with the Toasted Buns event hosted by Generic Leather Productions of Washington to benefit our titleholders’ travel fund and CLAW Nation charities. One of my boys Our current Northwest Leather Sir, Rich Bryan hosted the event. And the Dragons were there in force. We offered spanking demos and swats for a dollar while staffing the barbeque on the patio at the Cuff, our home bar here in Seattle. I’m generally the guy on the mic for these types of GLPW events, although our family tends to create spectacle and work the room which helps minimize the amount of time needed on the microphone.

Twitter helped, too. I used the social-networking/micro-blogging tool to help generate some support and excitement for the event. We held a little contest, awarding a copy of Titan Media’s latest release, Folsom Flesh to the person with the most Twitter followers that came up to me during the event. The winner was @JCTricks (pictured right) with 213 followers. To my surprise and entertainment the next day, I read JC was about to screen my scene with Will ‘the Pig’ Parker from the video.

Here’s an extended clip of the scene, courtesy of TitanMen.com and a highlight of the tweet-by-tweet review that followed… Read the rest of this entry »

1 Rope, 2 Knots and 3 Ties

25 April 2009 10:04

Trainer1 Rope, 2 Knots and 3 TiesCleveland, OH — Derek and I are about to teach our One Rope, Two Knots and Three Ties workshop at CLAW. The class will be held at Flex as part of the Skills Workshops Series. The class starts at 2:40pm. You can download a PDF of the class handout by clicking the image to the right.

This is an introductory class that simplifies rope bondage down to its most basic elements. There are limitless possibilities in the creative use of few basic ties. All you really need are a couple of simple knots and a few simple ties to have a ton of fun. We will show how most bondage is done by combining a few basic building blocks – and show very easy to learn ways to do them. Then we’ll show how these can be combined in endless creative ways. Ties covered include a simplified one column tie, a simplified two column tie and a basic body harness. All of these are done using only two different knots – yet they can be used for varying applications like a spread eagle bed tie, a hog tie, a chair tie, and many other variations.

This class seeks to teach a foundational philosophy of bondage that breaks away from rote ties and instead shows how you can unleash countless ties by using your creativity in combining a few simple building blocks.

Bring at least one piece of 30′ rope (or more rope for more fun) for this hands-on class.

It’s a Contact Sport

23 April 2009 19:44

PersonalIt's a Contact SportChicago, IL –- This past weekend I had a double pleasure; both the Pup (Element) from Portland and my boy Chris from Vancouver were in Seattle to visit. The Pup came in on Thursday and stayed through Monday and Chris came in late Sunday and stayed through Tuesday. This overlap allowed us a night with all three of us together.

Having the Pup in town was a treat. It’s easy to be playful with him. He just exudes that kind of energy and is eager for the interaction. He’s also quite open to a little exhibitionism as my Pup. I think one of the highlights of his visit, for both of us, came Saturday night. Read the rest of this entry »


28 November 2008 0:38

MonsignoreSpanksgiving35,000 ft — It’s times like this I truly thankful for keeping most of my flying with Alaska Airlines. This morning I was upgraded to First Class for my flight to New York. This was especially welcome because last night was a late one. After dinner at brother Panther’s all the Dragons that were in town worked the Spanksgiving fundraiser for GLPW and CLAW Nation charities.

This was the first CLAW Nation event in Seattle. I had volunteered to host an event in my home town while my boy Derek and I were at CLAW earlier this year as presenters. I took the idea to brother Odie, he handed it to Josh to organize and bada-bing, bada-boom…

Josh did a phenomenal job producing the event. Brother Hugh and his boy Gabe put on an extremely entertaining demo with Gabe dressed as a nerdy, school boy studying for his “oral exams.” The whole skit was so funny. Then Brother Hugh and sister Mercea doled out spankings for a buck a swat for the rest of the night. We raffled off a few of my Titan DVD’s and Calendars I donated in addition to a paddle, riding crop and RECON membership with boy Danny selling tickets and measuring inseams in chaps and a harness. Now as most of you know, I don’t do the dress-up thing, but fuck did that boy look good last night. Holy fuck, that ass… he had me hard all night just looking at him. Oh, and I played master of ceremonies, ever the front man on the microphone.

Spanksgiving (Bonus)For those that are not aware, Cleveland Leather Alliance Weekend or CLAW has become one of my favorite national leather/Sm events. The event features great hotels, fetish bar parties, silent and live auctions, BDSM art show, entertainment, vendors, a second hand gear store, warehouse play parties, educational forums, demos and presentations, rock and roll, a major league baseball game, a playhouse square matinee, big hotel banquets, a trolley fleet, a kinky carnival and a leather community music and comedy review. It really is remarkable. Did anyone notice what wasn’t mentioned in that list of activities?

A bunch of Dragons are planning on heading to Cleveland for CLAW next year. I’m hoping Derek and I get asked back to present again. There was some discussion of that happening during ILSb this year but I still haven’t had anything confirmed. I should put the boy on that.

By the way, since I’m writing about Seattle here, I’ll go ahead and mention that the Seattle Daddy & Daddy’s boy contest scheduled for this weekend… has been canceled… for the second time in three years. So I guess now we know the answer to the question, ‘what happens if you throw a contest and no one enters?’ I’m not sure this is a reflection of a growing apathy toward leather titles in general or a lack of confidence in the sponsoring organization, Seattle Men in Leather. It is pretty clear however that SML isn’t going to pull its shit together until there’s a change in leadership, if then.

A Broader Sense of Community

28 April 2008 15:26

MonsignoreA Broader Sense of CommunitySeattle, WA –- The past few weeks have been filled with travel, opportunity and realization. First was the Leather Leadership Conference in San Francisco three weeks ago, then a trip to Chicago to shoot a PSA and finally Cleveland for CLAW.

In San Francisco, I got to see Midori, meet Steven Scarborough from Hot House, visit with the boys from Nasty Pig and hang with Thorn and the crew from Instigator Magazine. Thorn’s keynote address Saturday morning was exceptional; it addressed many of the core issues facing our community. The panel discussion that followed focused on engaging the next generation. Now there’s something I can get behind. Read the rest of this entry »