Associate Applicants’ Weekend 2009

17 November 2009 20:08

ReflectiveAssociate Applicants' Weekend 2009Seattle, WA – Landing in Seattle was like a return to reality. Often when I fly out to attend Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC) events, especially those with my boy Derek Da Silva, I feel as though I’ve escaped… escaped from the harsh realities of the day-to-day; escaped from the ever present judgment of those who don’t understand; escaped from every type of relationship except the type of relationship in which you would expect love and respect; escaped… I put my boy Derek in his place. We had an awesome three-way with Douggerz, his partner of more than a decade. I shared time with my brother Odie and Cousin Rob. I had a photo shoot to document my current physical state. I was pampered more than one would expect. And I ran some much over-due scenes. To give you I glimpse into all of these things… Read the rest of this entry »

Rough Schedule and Buff’s Boys

20 May 2009 18:02

DsRough Schedule and Buff's BoysChicago, IL –- As I sit here contemplating the myriad of events lined up for this Memorial Day weekend, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed and amazed. Memorial Day weekend is of course, IML Weekend in Chicago. It is also the weekend of ShibariCon, the Grabbys, play parties at the Chicago Hellfire Club and now the Pantheon of Leather Awards. With a line up like that, you’d figure Chicago would be the place you’d find me this weekend but I’m not sure I can really express just how queer this coming weekend feels to me… it’s kind of surreal…

You know, I’m still not really sure how all of this came to present itself, but somehow over the course the past year and a half, I not only became an adult video performer, but a leading player within the fetish/Sm scene both on screen and in play spaces and forums across the US and Canada. This weekend, for sure, is a long way from my roots as an activist once content acting in his local community. Read the rest of this entry »

Gladiator Breaker

14 December 2008 10:21

YouthGladiator BreakerChicago, IL — Sometime between Midnight and Noon on Sunday, December 14, 2003, after an evening celebrating Pictures with Santa as the President of Seattle Men in Leather, Dave Lewis passed away of an apparent heart attack… apparently while cruising the internet for sex, logged on as Gladiator Breaker.

I was supposed to have lunch with Daddy Dave that day, but he never showed up. It wasn’t like Dave at all. I called my Dragon brother, Gene, to find out if he had heard from Dave. He hadn’t. Later that day Gene found Dave’s body. That was five years ago today. Read the rest of this entry »

2nd Annual December Shibari Demo at the Hole

13 December 2008 13:51

Rigging2nd Annual December Shibari Demo at the HoleChicago, IL — Last night my boy Derek and I performed a two-part Shibari demonstration for the Chicago Hellfire Club‘s Bar Night at the Hole in the basement of the Jackhammer. This was the second time we’ve done a demo for the CHC as part of a Bar Night at the Hole.

Last December we demonstrated the dynamic suspension rigging we would later showcase at the House of Blues in Chicago during the IML XXX Victory Party. That particular demo was an excellent example of performance rigging. The rope bondage becomes spectacle, geared more for theater than an actual scene.

This year we wanted to focus on the use of Shibari to enhance actual fetish/Sm play. Specifically, we hoped to demonstrate several key concepts: first, the manner in which rope bondage can be used to frame a scene; second, how the rope can serve as a physical conduit connecting the players within a scene; third, exhibit the simplicity of eastern style rope bondage techniques in expediting the rigging process; and finally, display the versatility afforded by the application of these techniques.

2nd Annual December Shibari Demo at the HoleTo explore these concepts, we broke the demo into two parts. The first part, I rigged the boy in a supine horizontal full suspension with his legs held in a spread position (photo above). I’ve posted a set of thirty photographs taken during this part of the demo in the gallery entitled 2008 CHC Bar Night at the Hole (Part I). I’m sure that if you’re reading my posts you can imagine a wide variety of scenes this particular rigging might facilitate. The rigging itself was a lot of fun to perform because I was really doing it on the fly with a bunch of interaction with the audience. For the second part of the demo, I rigged the boy into a partial suspension and we engaged in some heavy impact play (photo left). You can find a full set of photographs from this part of the demo in the gallery entitled 2008 CHC Bar Night at the Hole (Part II). Those of you that know us will understand why I admit this was our favorite part of the demo after you see the photos. Doug did a great job capturing the photos for both galleries.

Derek and I both want to thank Rob and the crew at the Hole for hosting the CHC Bar Night, providing us with a great space to present and keeping us well imbibed through the end of the night. We also want to thank the Chicago Hellfire Club for inviting us in to perform the demo; we truly enjoy sharing what we do with our likeminded brothers and sisters. And, of course, we want to thank everyone that braved the cold weather to come out and let us entertain them.

Associate Applicant Weekend 2008

9 November 2008 20:32

MonsignoreAssociate Applicant Weekend 2008Chicago, IL –- After just one day at home in Seattle I flew out to Chicago. I’ve been here to visit my boy, attend the Chicago Hellfire Club’s (CHC) annual Associate Applicant weekend and rehearse for an upcoming staged reading. Before I left Seattle the image (right), a rendering from an artist by the name of Nerone, was pointed out to me, so I figured I’d include it in this post. You can check out his other works on his blog.

Rehearsals for the staged reading of Doric Wilson‘s A Perfect Relationship presented as a part of the People’s Theater of Chicago‘s Legacy Project are going well. The play is fast paced and quite funny. I’ve never performed in a gay-themed play before and the experience has been very refreshing. Although set in the 1970’s, it is a timeless exploration of the relationships between gay man and a poignant reminder that they often develop in unexpected ways. I’m also a little tickled by the fact that I’m playing a disco bunny on stage at the Leather Archives and Museum (LA&M). It really should be fun.

As I mentioned, the staged reading will be presented at the LA&M, which is located at 6481 Greenview Ave in Chicago, on Sunday 16 November 2008 at 2pm. The event is open to the public (donations accepted). Please join us for this special production.

Of course the event that motivated me to return to Chicago this trip was the CHC’s annual Associate Applicant weekend. The event attracts many club brothers as well as new applicants from around the world and is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the fraternal bonds that define the spirit of the club. I’m also particularly grateful for the chances these weekends provide to solicit counsel from the many experienced and respected players I now consider among my closest friends. Derek and I were both happy to hear how well our columns for Instigator Magazine have been received by these men.

Because of the heavy schedule this past weekend we only made it to a few of the CHC events but we did get several good scenes in at the clubhouse and the Hole while I was in town. It’s been a good trip and I’m looking forward to getting back here next weekend.

Inferno XXXVII

10 September 2008 12:00

BloodInferno XXXVIIDouglas, MI –- There is nothing quite like Inferno. In short, Inferno is the weeklong men’s Sm run sponsored by the Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC), but it is much more than that… it is an exploration of the fraternal bonds created by sadomasochism. It is also the time and space that defines the nature of my relationship with Derek and marks the anniversary of our first meeting. It is the environment in which we thrive, surrounded by those more like us than anywhere else. The past week has been an escape from the norm into another world. Read the rest of this entry »