Best of: the Blog

5 January 2010 21:30

Smokin'Best of: the BlogPortland, OR – On September 29th of 2007 I posted my first entry to this blog. It was a quick and not-so-dirty little post coinciding with the release of Fear and my public foray into the adult industry. The Blog has evolved over the past couple years. It is at times promotional; documenting shoots, current projects and the latest releases. At other times my blog is more reflective and personal. My blog has also served as a forum for my essays and thoughts on community and what I like to call this thing of ours meaning queer leather/fetish and BDSM. On December 30th, Unzipped awarded an Unzippy to my blog as Most Informational (while still being hot) Blog. After learning of the award I got to thinking about the past year and decided to indentify ten entries that I believe best represent my contributions to the blogosphere. Now, for my “best of: the Blog’ list for 2009… Read the rest of this entry »

Why the Fuck am I Doing This?

31 December 2009 21:44

ReflectiveWhy the Fuck am I Doing This?Portland, OR – This is going to be a far more personal and reflective entry than most of those that I have written before. A couple weeks ago XBIZ, the adult industry association, announced their nominations for 2010 awards. Among nominations ranging from Toy Manufacture of the Year to GLBT Company of the year to Transsexual Performer of the Year, there are the nominations for Gay Director of the Year. Among the individuals I know and respect nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Brian Mills, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Ward, Kristofer Weston, Mr. Pam (with Michael Lucas), Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo, Steven Scarborough, and Paul Wilde (who is co-nominated with me for our work on the Rough line). Wow! I definitely didn’t expect this kind of recognition when I first got into the industry.

To understand why I do what I have done and what motivates me toward the future, I offer my initial attractions, my proclivity toward rough trade, what it’s like getting caught in the act and how I’m cruising for more… Read the rest of this entry »

Released: Eye Contact

1 November 2009 20:56

CagedReleased: Eye ContactSeattle, WA – Last Tuesday Titan Media released Eye Contact. Although I am primarily a fetish performer, each year I try to get cast in one or two non-fetish features in an effort to broaden my experience within the industry and strengthen my cross market appeal. Last year those two features were both directed by Joe Gage. Chainsaw paired me with Braxton Bond in one of the most natural feeling sex scenes I’ve ever shot, and my performance in Home Invasion earned me Best Actor nominations with both the GayNVs and the Grabbys. Eye Contact, directed by Brian Mills, is the first of two non-fetish features I’m in that will be released this year. The second, to be released later this year, is Battle Creek Breakdown, my third feature with the legendary director, Joe Gage.

Now, for my take on Eye Contact, a look at some clips courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Eye Contact and more… Read the rest of this entry »

Trailer and Stills from Chainsaw

15 May 2008 10:53

PersonalTrailer and Stills from ChainsawSeattle, WA –- Earlier this week I received the trailer for Chainsaw from Titan and yesterday I downloaded the stills to share with you.

As you can see from the trailer, Chainsaw is another excellent example of the production quality captured in Titan features. From cinematography to packaging and all the myriad of elements that are part of production process, Titan has brought together some of the best talent in the industry. Director Joe Gage delivers the perfect balance of plot and action to provide enough back-story to enhance the sexual energy on screen. Now, I admit I prefer the kinkier, heavier stuff, but I have to say, Joe Gage has a knack for portraying male dominated environments and creating scenarios that make me go… yeah, that’s fuckin’ hot.

And speaking of fucking hot, my scene partner for Chainsaw, Braxton Bond (pictured above), was that and more. There is something about Braxton that brings out the subtle predator in me. From the moment I met Braxton I wanted to get into his head. It was clear he wasn’t into heavier play but that didn’t stop me from tempting him into my world through the shoot. If you look for it, you can see this play out on screen. It may not be heavy but I think it’s beautiful nonetheless. I’d love to see that boy again. Maybe this time he’ll let me tie him up.

I’ve posted the trailer here and the stills to a gallery under my pics page. You can learn more about Chainsaw here or purchase your own copy through

Chainsaw Released

6 May 2008 12:01

ReflectiveChainsaw ReleasedSeattle, WA –- Last Tuesday Titan Media released Chainsaw, my first feature directed by legendary director Joe Gage. While third released, Chainsaw is chronologically my second project with Titan. It was on set, after we finished shooting that Brian Mills asked if I would be interested in joining Titan as an exclusive. Without doubt, this particular movie holds a special place in my memory.

First, it was an opportunity to work again with Brian. He was the director of Fear, my first Titan production. We hit it off fairly quickly. He’s great to work with and I always learn something when he’s on set. Second, it was an opportunity to work with Joe Gage. Joe is one of the few directors whose work made an impression on me at a young age. This is the man that wrote and directed Kansas City Trucking Co. and El Paso Wrecking Corp. in 1976 and 1978 – classics by the time I saw them ten years later. In the late 80’s when I came out, his early features were as affirming as my first Christopher Street West celebration in West Hollywood. Finally, I immediately connected with my scene partner, Braxton Bond. I’m note sure what it was exactly, but getting into that boy’s head was the best part of the shoot and I knew it had to come across on screen.

My copies of Chainsaw arrived today via UPS. I’m not sure I can describe my feelings when I first saw the cover. I’m touched by the selection even if I remain a little bewildered by the whole thing. I still don’t think of myself as a porn star. I just finished watching my scene with Braxton and there is something special captured there. The scene is really kind of cute… quite adorable actually.

Some of my friends are already teasing me about it being a good demonstration of my ‘range’; there isn’t any DBSM in this one. I’ll post film stills and the trailer as soon as I get them. Until then, you can learn more or purchase a copy for yourself.