Too Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. Pierced

15 May 2010 9:23

DirectorToo Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. PiercedSeattle, WA – When Paul Wilde and I first teamed up to begin production on the Rough line of fetish/Sm features, Titan Media Vice President, Keith Webb, sent us off with the words, “Shock us.” I think it’s safe to say we accomplished that mission with Pierced. Available exclusively through TitanMen Video on Demand, Pierced pushes the documentation of contemporary BDSM in the men’s community to the very edge, capturing three of the most extreme scenes that incorporate play piercings as anchor points for bondage in a stunning exhibition of the scope and power of sadomasochistic play. Never before has this type of play been so thoroughly, comprehensively and beautifully captured on screen. Pierced is unlike anything you have seen before…
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La Famiglia: the Dragon Clan & Family Buff

22 July 2009 19:08

MineLa Famiglia: the Dragon Clan & Family BuffSeattle, WA – Family is important. It can provide a sense of belonging, support and love. Regardless of the relationship we may have with our biological families, for many queers like me, it is our families of choice that provide the foundations of our lives. This is, in my experience, especially true for my fellow kinksters, gender queers and those of us who express radically alternative sexual identities. While I have been witness to a few notable exceptions, for the most part, our queer identities were too much for our biological families to handle… their love was almost always conditional. They could love us so long as we didn’t turn into some faggot or dyke. They could still love us, while hating the sin, so long as we didn’t tell anyone, especially other members of the family who would never understand our dirty little secret. Father time and mother nature help you if you blurred your gender or got caught tying the neighbor kid to a tree and pissing on him a little, ’cause that would require professional help. By the time we became adults, we either learned to censor what we shared with the bios or we were censured by them. For me, the latter finally came when I was shooting my first, dirty little movie. I never really was one to accept conditions being placed on who I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Imagining Man Photo Shoot

26 January 2009 14:49

BloodImagining Man Photo ShootLos Angeles, CA –- My boy Derek introduces me to some of the most interesting people. This past weekend brought two additions to the list: the performance artist, Ron Athey; and famed author, film director and visual artist, Clive Barker.

On Friday morning, I finally got to meet Ron Athey who Derek has known for many years. Ron’s work explores subjects like the relationships between desire, sexuality, and traumatic experiences with many pieces including aspects of sadomasochism.

We met with Ron at his place in Hollywood where he had a wonderful brunch spread prepared for us that included poached eggs in marinara over polenta, carrot & ginger salad, and an assortment of fruits. He was a truly gracious host and genuinely engaging. The three of us talked for hours about a variety of passions including his work, travels and the work Derek and I are doing together. I felt an immediate connection with Ron and even remarked that I could understand why Derek had fallen so madly in love with him. I hope we get another opportunity to spend more time with Ron soon.

Our primary reason for being in LA, however, was to collaborate with Clive Barker on a project. Derek had set up the photo shoot back in December. Although nothing had been decided regarding content for the shoot, I had my hopes. Once we had met with Clive I pitched the idea of having him shoot Derek and I doing a blood art suspension. He agreed.

The plan was to do a two part piece with Derek suspended from the rafters in an inverted cross position. The first part would be of me kneeling beneath him, spilling my blood on the canvass from IV catheter lines in each arm and finger painting. The second part would include draining Derek’s blood from similar IV catheter lines while he was still suspended over the canvas, spin-art fashion.

Of course the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition exactly as engineered. Because Derek and I were the only ones on site that could run the IV catheters, we had to have Derek run mine before I started the rigging. That’s right, when people ask me what the most difficult part of doing rope bondage is, I can now respond, “rigging with IV lines in both arms.” I will say it was an interesting experience. Rigging right after getting stuck several times with 20 gage needles (Derek had some difficulty with the design of the new IV catheters) with a catheter sticking out from inside a vein and tubing hanging from each arm can definitely focus your attention on the rope. Unfortunately, by the time I finished the rigging and got Derek up, my lines had already clogged. I should have remembered to source out saline to flush the lines.

Imagining Man Photo Shoot (Bonus)Side Bar: In any type of play, from novice to advanced, Derek and I both advocate taking every scene as a learning experience. Sometimes things don’t play out exactly right, like in the example above, and every once in a while things can just go plain wrong. The important thing to remember is learn from these experiences, apply those lessons learned and continually improve our play.

While my IV lines were useless, I did manage to spill a little of my blood on the canvas when I tore them out of my arms and beat on the floor with my fists in frustration. And, there were no problems with Derek’s lines… he bled beautifully.

Clive took over seven hundred photographs from the session Saturday night. We had a chance to view them at the end of the evening and I asked him to email two of my favorites (above) to include with this post. A DVD containing all of the images is being sent to me and I will post a selection into a gallery here once it arrives. I’m told that a series of images taken from this shoot entitled ‘And he threw his blood against heaven’ will also be included in Clive’s upcoming book ‘Imagining Man’. Having had this opportunity to work with Clive Barker and his crew has been extraordinary and the end results are amazing.

The three of us have decided to auction off the canvas created during the shoot with all the proceeds going to benefit the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. I’ll post more on that later.

Inferno XXXVII

10 September 2008 12:00

BloodInferno XXXVIIDouglas, MI –- There is nothing quite like Inferno. In short, Inferno is the weeklong men’s Sm run sponsored by the Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC), but it is much more than that… it is an exploration of the fraternal bonds created by sadomasochism. It is also the time and space that defines the nature of my relationship with Derek and marks the anniversary of our first meeting. It is the environment in which we thrive, surrounded by those more like us than anywhere else. The past week has been an escape from the norm into another world. Read the rest of this entry »

A Broader Sense of Community

28 April 2008 15:26

MonsignoreA Broader Sense of CommunitySeattle, WA –- The past few weeks have been filled with travel, opportunity and realization. First was the Leather Leadership Conference in San Francisco three weeks ago, then a trip to Chicago to shoot a PSA and finally Cleveland for CLAW.

In San Francisco, I got to see Midori, meet Steven Scarborough from Hot House, visit with the boys from Nasty Pig and hang with Thorn and the crew from Instigator Magazine. Thorn’s keynote address Saturday morning was exceptional; it addressed many of the core issues facing our community. The panel discussion that followed focused on engaging the next generation. Now there’s something I can get behind. Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoying Some Down Time

8 April 2008 23:48

BloodEnjoying Some Down TimeSeattle, WA –- That’s my boy Jeff in Seattle at the Cuff Complex getting a buzz cut during the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Ram It fundraiser last Friday night. Matt Hefel (pictured) and Rusty were there, providing the buzz cuts. Boris was bootblacking and Gene Romaine was flogging for cash. Jeff and I were just there to enjoy the evening and show off his new tattoo. Sometimes it’s nice to not be involved with an event and just have some fun.

And then there’s doing it with Jeff. I met Jeff last October and I still catch myself staring at him from across the room, the other side of a table or laying bed. I am that taken by his beauty. When he stands next to me I am consumed by his presence and when he nuzzles up against me I feel like the luckiest man in the room. I am happy he has become a part of my life. He has been welcomed into the fold of my family here in Seattle and has accepted his place with my boy Derek at my side.

Enjoying Some Down Time (Bonus)I am truly blessed by the quality of character exhibited by the people with whom I share my life. Together we seem to attract those similar to our selves, like Johnny. On Saturday afternoon I had an opportunity to play with Johnny for the first time even though he has been an ancillary member of my core crew for quite some time. Johnny has an interest in needle play, experienced a scene with someone outside my circle and even volunteered for the Nature’s Wrath and Needles Scorned scene with my boy Derek during Northwest Sash Bash 2008.

For our scene together, I decided to attempt something new for the both of us… Needles for Bondage. I ran several series of 20, 19 and 18 gage rows of needles on Johnny’s chest, abdomen, thighs and wrists. Then bound those rows to my floating bondage table using heavy string. I’ve posted a gallery for your examination and intend to expand upon this theme in the near future.