Busy Weeks

4 December 2007 13:17

CagedBusy WeeksSeattle, WA — So it’s been over a week since my last entry. While I’ve done my best to post twice weekly, sometimes the schedule just doesn’t permit. This has been another one of those weeks; filled with client sessions; business meetings & correspondence; social events; and some great times with the boys.

Wednesday night at the monthly Seattle Men in Leather (SML) social brother Odie and I facilitated some decorating for DogHouse Leathers. We instructed four of our local boys (including my boy Christopher and Odie’s boy Aaron) to wear underwear to the event. Once there, we scurried them off to the bathroom to help each other… how shall we say… adorne the items with something special. Then, we lined them up, shirtless in front of the crowd, made them drop trou’ and proceeded to cut their underwear off, stuff the removed clothing into their mouths and instructed them to make delivery to Daddy Jeff. It was quite hot and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves.

Friday night my number one client, Eric Robison had his 50th Birthday Party at Kurrent (photo above). I say, my number one client, because Eric has not only been with me for the longest period of time, he was also the first client to sign with me when I went private practice. Happy birthay, Eric. I took Christopher to the party and had him in handcuffed for the duration of the evening (photo below). Given the venue and nature of those present, it must have been an interesting sight for many of those attending. Chock another point for scaring your audience. Christopher was, without a doubt, extremely happy and that’s what truly counts. We also got to see many of our friends including my clients Anamaria and Cat as well as our buddies from Ajexx 63.

Busy Weeks (Bonus)The SML Holiday Party, hosted by Daddy Jeff & Puppy, was last Saturday night. The house was filled with familiar faces but the mood was a little low key due to the recent news of a dear friend’s passing after a motorcycle accident. Jeffy was a recognize character in the local scene and the subject of many stories. He will be remembered and missed by many.

On Sunday I took Jeff (the boy from my 16 Nov entry) to the Bondage 201 workshop conducted by Max. I love these workshops. I especially love sharing them with new boys. Much of the information may be review for me and I might veer off in my own direction when it come to the practical application portion of the training, but exposing someone new to the experience and having my rigging used to demonstrate variance on the theme of the workshops is very satisfying. Jeff learned much during the instruction period, applied himself to the rope, looked phenomenal in my rigging and reported feeling sorry when the ropes came off.

I’ve posted my Titan photos to DudesNude. I think it will prove to be a good marketing and, um… recruitment tool. I’m looking forward to the launch of my own website which is in the works now and should be launched by the first of the year (more on that later). The responses have been overwhelming; my inbox will fill to capacity four times a day if I let it, with many hot prospects and potential fans from around the world.

This Friday I’ll be flying to Chicago for the weekend. My boy Derek and I will be performing a Shibari (rope bondage), dynamic suspension demo at the Hole bar (under the Jackhammer) after a CHC colors presentation. I’m really looking forward to seeing my boy again and it will be an excellent opportunity to make a demonstratable contribution to my brothers in the Hellfire Club. I invite all of my fiends in Chicago to join us, with the reminder that the Hole will enforce a BDSM/leather dress code that evening.

Mama’s Big Screen

26 November 2007 12:27

ReflectiveMama’s Big ScreenSeattle, WA — Friday night at the Cuff during the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest Meet & Greet, I was surprised by a very special honor. Apparently, I had been nominated by members of Mama’s family here in Seattle and adopted into Sandy Reinhardt’s fold. Many of members of Mama’s Family who call Seattle home were on hand to present me the unique brass name tag that christened me as one of Mama’s own. The significance of this may be lost to many of you reading my journal, but I can assure you that I am more than honored by this recognition… I am humbled.

For those of you who do not know, Sandy Reinhardt is a legend and her family, an institution within my community of family and friends. Mama Reinhardt’s leadership has benefited more people than I can count and her service to our community has made her the subject of a National Leather Emerald Award. Mama’s family is comprised of some of the most active and involved I have ever met, because Sandy’s adoptions are based upon an exceptional demonstration of commitment. The gentlemen pictured with me above are a testament to that level of service. Gene Romaine, Puppy, Jim Drew and Daddy Jeff have been long time activists in Seattle’s leather community and tremendous impacts on my own life. I am filled with humility to be counted among these men.

On Saturday night I joined friends at the Cuff for the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest and had a good time visiting with everyone although it was rather strange being there without a boy at my side. Christopher had to work and neither of the other boys was available that night, but Christopher was able to join me for the SML Brunch at Martin’s Off Madison on Sunday before heading off to work.