Mama’s Big Screen

26 November 2007 12:27

ReflectiveMama’s Big ScreenSeattle, WA — Friday night at the Cuff during the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest Meet & Greet, I was surprised by a very special honor. Apparently, I had been nominated by members of Mama’s family here in Seattle and adopted into Sandy Reinhardt’s fold. Many of members of Mama’s Family who call Seattle home were on hand to present me the unique brass name tag that christened me as one of Mama’s own. The significance of this may be lost to many of you reading my journal, but I can assure you that I am more than honored by this recognition… I am humbled.

For those of you who do not know, Sandy Reinhardt is a legend and her family, an institution within my community of family and friends. Mama Reinhardt’s leadership has benefited more people than I can count and her service to our community has made her the subject of a National Leather Emerald Award. Mama’s family is comprised of some of the most active and involved I have ever met, because Sandy’s adoptions are based upon an exceptional demonstration of commitment. The gentlemen pictured with me above are a testament to that level of service. Gene Romaine, Puppy, Jim Drew and Daddy Jeff have been long time activists in Seattle’s leather community and tremendous impacts on my own life. I am filled with humility to be counted among these men.

On Saturday night I joined friends at the Cuff for the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest and had a good time visiting with everyone although it was rather strange being there without a boy at my side. Christopher had to work and neither of the other boys was available that night, but Christopher was able to join me for the SML Brunch at Martin’s Off Madison on Sunday before heading off to work.

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

7 October 2007 17:34

MineGoodbyes Are Never EasyDallas, TX — The candid photo taken at the Eagle last Fri proves my boy Derek and I do share the occasional tender moment. We’ve also had the time to visit with old friends (like Joey & Rob from Chi town; “Mama” Reinhardt of San Francisco; and, Mister Marcus) and make new friends (like Mark Frazier the owner of the Dallas Eagle; and, Gloria from Canada).

Coming off our working weekend at Folsom, however, our play has been pretty intense; I’ve been beating him almost non-stop since we arrived and he’s been glowing like the happy, little pain slut he is. The play has been heavy enough, apparently, to raise at least one pair of eyebrows. One of the attendees was overheard talking about how offended they were by the “abusive” nature of our relationship. I’m not surprised by the fact some people don’t get it; this thing of ours isn’t for everyone. I guess it’s a good thing that guy didn’t see our touching goodbyes.

Leaving each other to return to our respective hometowns is always one of the most difficult things Derek and I have to get through. Sometimes I’ll mark the moment by carving my initials in his chest. This time Derek had another idea. He put his mouth guard in and I face punched him dizzy. It was a good headspace for both of us as we left for the airport.

Speaking of which, I need to catch a plane.