It’s Beginning to Look Like a Dungeon

15 December 2007 13:07

CagedIt’s Beginning to Look Like a DungeonSeattle, WA — A little while back I commissioned a custom piece for the apartment, a floating bondage table, and last night it was delivered.

It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship (pictured on the right and below). The table is six by three feet, with twelve one-and-a-half inch circular hole along the sides and two carrying handles cute into to the far ends. It should facilitate a variety of scenes including, but not limited to bondage, cbt, electro, needles and sounding. It will also serve as a dinning and gaming table.

I’ve promised Christopher (our model in the photos) that he could be the first to bloody my new piece of dungeon equipment. We’ve set a date for Tuesday to run some needles. It’s been to long since we’ve done that kind of scene so I imagine he’s as excited as I am. We’ll snap a few photos to post.

It’s Beginning to Look Like a Dungeon (Bonus)Derek flew in from Chicago last night as well. He arrived shortly after Christopher and I finished dinner, then the three of us meet brother Odie and his boy at the Eagle. What a night. We had a blast and made quite the scene (as usual). It was good to see Derek and Christopher getting along again.

Tomorrow night Christopher has to work, but Derek and I will be attending a play party with the rest of the family and some friends.