Practical Suspension Bondage

17 December 2007 13:02

ReflectivePractical Suspension Bondage Seattle, WA — Saturday night was the Dragon Clan’s play party celebrating Gene Romaine’s 50th Birthday hosted by brother Odie and GLPW. It was an intimate gathering, thank god and the goddess for reasons I won’t go into here in my public journal, but enjoyable none-the-less…

My rigging has definitely progressed to a new level over the course of the past year. I’ve been into rope since childhood, started bottoming to it while still in my teens, began running rope seriously as I transition to primarily Dom role when I entered my thirties and solo rigged my first full suspension scene at Inferno two years ago. Since then, I have opened myself to much more instruction, dedicated myself to regular practice, engineered my own scenes (like the inverted suspension, water torture scene in Fear) and witnessed my play become more fluid and creative on the fly.

As it turns out, Christopher didn’t have to work, so he joined us at the party. We started of the evening’s play with a dual, near suspension scene where I strung up Christopher and Odie repeated the rigging on his boy.

Practical Suspension Bondage (Bonus)The photos of Derek (above and left) are an example of my current rigging, a practical, full suspension that places the bottom in a posture similar to that facilitated by a sling. This was my second attempt at this scene and while it worked well enough for a fuck scene, the upper body harness remains a challenge, but I’m reworking it in my head and will try something a little different next time. I’m also thinking that two eighteen-foot lengths will suffice for the stirrup lines.

Unfortunately, Christopher did not have an enjoyable time and has posted a series of tirades to his journal that shed a very poor light on the situation, our relationship, and me. It’s a clear demonstration that thing are not working out between us… for me or for him. I’ve spent much of my evening and morning responding to concerns emanating from the posts. For the record, I take no pleasure in the boy’s misery. This situation needs to be resolved, post haste, even if it means abandoning the relationship.

Thoughts of ‘ohana’ enter my mind and the movie “Lilo and Stitch”… “Nobody gets left behind or forgotten,” but I don’t think I can weather Christopher’s dissatisfaction much longer.On the bright side, the lingering congestion from the cold I caught in Chicago is finally starting to break-up. I could really use a day in bed with chicken soup, juice and cartoons.

It’s Beginning to Look Like a Dungeon

15 December 2007 13:07

CagedIt’s Beginning to Look Like a DungeonSeattle, WA — A little while back I commissioned a custom piece for the apartment, a floating bondage table, and last night it was delivered.

It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship (pictured on the right and below). The table is six by three feet, with twelve one-and-a-half inch circular hole along the sides and two carrying handles cute into to the far ends. It should facilitate a variety of scenes including, but not limited to bondage, cbt, electro, needles and sounding. It will also serve as a dinning and gaming table.

I’ve promised Christopher (our model in the photos) that he could be the first to bloody my new piece of dungeon equipment. We’ve set a date for Tuesday to run some needles. It’s been to long since we’ve done that kind of scene so I imagine he’s as excited as I am. We’ll snap a few photos to post.

It’s Beginning to Look Like a Dungeon (Bonus)Derek flew in from Chicago last night as well. He arrived shortly after Christopher and I finished dinner, then the three of us meet brother Odie and his boy at the Eagle. What a night. We had a blast and made quite the scene (as usual). It was good to see Derek and Christopher getting along again.

Tomorrow night Christopher has to work, but Derek and I will be attending a play party with the rest of the family and some friends.

How to Deal with a Prima Donna on Set

14 December 2007 13:15

MonsignoreHow to Deal with a Prima Donna on SetSeattle, WA — While shooting with Titan, I simply tie them down and put a gag in their mouth. If you don’t have a ball gag handy, a twelve-foot length of rope with a double frapping knot does the trick nicely. The rope may not butch them up, but at least it immobilizes them and the gage keeps them from talking about themselves or Cher long enough to build some sexual energy on set.

That’s Jackson Wild (photographed above and below) on the set of Home Invasion. Honestly, I don’t mean to imply he was a diva in any way. In actuality, he was one of the few true pleasures I experienced making this feature. Jackson is an adorable boy and eating his ass is like going to a banquet in heaven. Our fuck scene, shot on my last night at the ranch, was incredibly hot as will be evidenced by the spontaneous eruption of money shots made by our scene partners while watching the action. You know the energy is good on set when the crew is challenged to keep up with the action. If Jackson didn’t live in the opposite corner of the country I’d be tempted to do it again without the cameras.

How to Deal with a Prima Donna on Set (Bonus)Jackson, you’re a beautiful kid, good sport and great piece of ass. Thanks.

I’m back home now after a week on the road. It’s been fun but I’m a little fatiqued and fighting a cold. After I got back, I was catching up on correspondence and various industry sites when I ran across the best review/mention I could imagine. From Joe Gage‘s blog on 11 Dec 2007:

“Tony Buff joined the cast yesterday. It’s the second time I’ve worked with him, and I can’t wait to see the public reaction when the stuff he’s done for me begins to appear. The guy’s a total movie star – endowed in both senses of the word – the second big organ being the one beating inside his beautiful chest. Sexy and soulful is always a killer combination.”

Thanks, Joe, working with you makes it easy.

I guess I’ll need to get used to the press. While on the road I learned I’d been mentioned in Mister Marcus‘ column for the Bay Area Reporter and that pictures from the CHC bar night at the Hole made it into Gay Chicago Magazine. Derek and I are being interviewed for this weekend and I just finished an interview for the Up and Coming feature in Unzipped Magazine. That interview should appear in the March issue.

Derek is flying in tonight for a weekend visit and tomorrow night we’re going to a Dragon family play party. I’m really looking forward to stringing him up like a sling and fucking him like a mad animal. Maybe I’ll capture a few photos of the rigging and get them posted.

CHC Bar Night at the Hole

8 December 2007 14:36

MonsignoreCHC Bar Night at the HoleChicago, IL — It was a successful night all the way around. The Chicago Hellfire Club presented Colors to the Hole/Jackhammer bar with many club brothers and guests in attendance. Derek and I performed a Shibari demo after the presentation. We chose a dynamic suspension scene for the audience and it went off without a hitch. I’d like to express my thanks to everyone that turned out for the event, you all made it a great night.

This was the first time we were able to perform at a venue that allowed us to take photos, so I’m including several in a gallery. I hope you enjoy…

Busy Weeks

4 December 2007 13:17

CagedBusy WeeksSeattle, WA — So it’s been over a week since my last entry. While I’ve done my best to post twice weekly, sometimes the schedule just doesn’t permit. This has been another one of those weeks; filled with client sessions; business meetings & correspondence; social events; and some great times with the boys.

Wednesday night at the monthly Seattle Men in Leather (SML) social brother Odie and I facilitated some decorating for DogHouse Leathers. We instructed four of our local boys (including my boy Christopher and Odie’s boy Aaron) to wear underwear to the event. Once there, we scurried them off to the bathroom to help each other… how shall we say… adorne the items with something special. Then, we lined them up, shirtless in front of the crowd, made them drop trou’ and proceeded to cut their underwear off, stuff the removed clothing into their mouths and instructed them to make delivery to Daddy Jeff. It was quite hot and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves.

Friday night my number one client, Eric Robison had his 50th Birthday Party at Kurrent (photo above). I say, my number one client, because Eric has not only been with me for the longest period of time, he was also the first client to sign with me when I went private practice. Happy birthay, Eric. I took Christopher to the party and had him in handcuffed for the duration of the evening (photo below). Given the venue and nature of those present, it must have been an interesting sight for many of those attending. Chock another point for scaring your audience. Christopher was, without a doubt, extremely happy and that’s what truly counts. We also got to see many of our friends including my clients Anamaria and Cat as well as our buddies from Ajexx 63.

Busy Weeks (Bonus)The SML Holiday Party, hosted by Daddy Jeff & Puppy, was last Saturday night. The house was filled with familiar faces but the mood was a little low key due to the recent news of a dear friend’s passing after a motorcycle accident. Jeffy was a recognize character in the local scene and the subject of many stories. He will be remembered and missed by many.

On Sunday I took Jeff (the boy from my 16 Nov entry) to the Bondage 201 workshop conducted by Max. I love these workshops. I especially love sharing them with new boys. Much of the information may be review for me and I might veer off in my own direction when it come to the practical application portion of the training, but exposing someone new to the experience and having my rigging used to demonstrate variance on the theme of the workshops is very satisfying. Jeff learned much during the instruction period, applied himself to the rope, looked phenomenal in my rigging and reported feeling sorry when the ropes came off.

I’ve posted my Titan photos to DudesNude. I think it will prove to be a good marketing and, um… recruitment tool. I’m looking forward to the launch of my own website which is in the works now and should be launched by the first of the year (more on that later). The responses have been overwhelming; my inbox will fill to capacity four times a day if I let it, with many hot prospects and potential fans from around the world.

This Friday I’ll be flying to Chicago for the weekend. My boy Derek and I will be performing a Shibari (rope bondage), dynamic suspension demo at the Hole bar (under the Jackhammer) after a CHC colors presentation. I’m really looking forward to seeing my boy again and it will be an excellent opportunity to make a demonstratable contribution to my brothers in the Hellfire Club. I invite all of my fiends in Chicago to join us, with the reminder that the Hole will enforce a BDSM/leather dress code that evening.

Mama’s Big Screen

26 November 2007 12:27

ReflectiveMama’s Big ScreenSeattle, WA — Friday night at the Cuff during the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest Meet & Greet, I was surprised by a very special honor. Apparently, I had been nominated by members of Mama’s family here in Seattle and adopted into Sandy Reinhardt’s fold. Many of members of Mama’s Family who call Seattle home were on hand to present me the unique brass name tag that christened me as one of Mama’s own. The significance of this may be lost to many of you reading my journal, but I can assure you that I am more than honored by this recognition… I am humbled.

For those of you who do not know, Sandy Reinhardt is a legend and her family, an institution within my community of family and friends. Mama Reinhardt’s leadership has benefited more people than I can count and her service to our community has made her the subject of a National Leather Emerald Award. Mama’s family is comprised of some of the most active and involved I have ever met, because Sandy’s adoptions are based upon an exceptional demonstration of commitment. The gentlemen pictured with me above are a testament to that level of service. Gene Romaine, Puppy, Jim Drew and Daddy Jeff have been long time activists in Seattle’s leather community and tremendous impacts on my own life. I am filled with humility to be counted among these men.

On Saturday night I joined friends at the Cuff for the Seattle Daddy/Daddy’s Boy contest and had a good time visiting with everyone although it was rather strange being there without a boy at my side. Christopher had to work and neither of the other boys was available that night, but Christopher was able to join me for the SML Brunch at Martin’s Off Madison on Sunday before heading off to work.

Hey, Hollywood

20 November 2007 8:31

PersonalHey, HollywoodLos Angeles, CA –That’s what we used to call Marines who went though boot at MCRD San Diego, CA. The term works well to describe me. I’ve been at home here in my old stomping grounds, these last few days. Although I grew up in southern Cali, I never lived in West Hollywood but it was a frequently visited backyard. There is a certain friendly, theater quality to Los Angeles witch is brought to a high focus among the gay populous of WeHo. I’ve been a theater Buff as long as I can remember and friendly, bordering on flirtatious. I fit right in just about any scene.

I flew with Anamaria, one of my favorite travel companions. We met an attractive Pinoy at the airport who was also on our return flight and gave Anamaria and me a lift when our ride was unavailable. I’ve offered to buy him a drink or coffee (a euphemism) to show my gratitude.

Most of my time in LA was spent with Braxton Bond, the boy I was paired with for my last film directed by Joe Gage. Our chemistry then was incredible so I intended to hook up with Braxton while I was down south but didn’t expect to feel as comfortable as I did with him and his roommate.

Friday night was an intimate, little house party with a bunch of twenty-somethings. Oh, to be twenty-four years old again… I’ll pass, thank you very much. Saturday was movie night and some reconnecting, mostly industry talk and comparing notes on studios, directors and scene partners. Sunday, I got in some shopping and went to the beer bust at the Motherload.

While at the Motherload, Gayborhood.TV made me the subject of a street interview. I thought the young, um… lady that did the interview was quite pretty, so I included the photo above.


16 November 2007 14:55

ReflectiveSeattle, WA — Alaska Airlines flight 29 was about to re-board at Chicago’s O’Hare after a four-and-a-half hour delay late Monday evening when I got the tesxt message from my boy Derek that read, “Well congrats. You are in,” in reference to my application for Associate Membership with the Chicago Hellfire Club. It was undoubtedly the best news I had received in the last several hours. I feel truly honored to call the men of the CHC brother and privileged to call many of them friend. To those who sponsored me, I owe a debt of gratitude and to those who supported my application, my thanks.

My time in Seattle has been short since I’m flying to Los Angeles in a few hours. The time has been spent primarily with clients and business demands. Titan has booked me for my forth feature with them. I’m told Joe Gage has written a part with me in mind. The part plays out like one of my darker fantasies. I wouldn’t speculate on the details here but the theme is ‘home invasion’ and we’re set to film in December. Joe Gage is one of my favorite directors to work with and Brian Mills is usually involved this the production of his shoots. Chainsaw, my first opportunity to work with Gage, was enjoyable right down to my scene partner, Braxton Bond. It may turn out to be one of my best performances. I’m looking forward to screening Chainsaw when it is released sometime next year.

I also got a chance to spend some time with the boys. I spent Tuesday night with Christopher. My Thai boy TJ brought me dinner on Wednesday. And, Jeff took me out for steaks last night as congratulations on my induction into the CHC.

Associate Applicant Weekend

12 November 2007 11:45

MineAssociate Applicant WeekendChicago, IL — Another wonderful weekend in the windy city comes to a close. Chicago now feels like a second home thanks to my boys and the men of the Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC). I hate to leave, but it has been a full and exciting several days.

Thursday I found some time to catch up on some reading and correspondence. That night Doug, Derek and I went out to diner and then to the Cellblock. At the bar we ran into two CHC members that were instrumental to running Inferno and had a great time visiting with them before the weekend’s festivities would place so many demands on our time.

Friday night brought the Meet & Greet and Play Party at the clubhouse. It was an opportunity to meet the applicant class of 2007 and reconnect with old friends, far too numerous to recount in this post. That evening Derek and I got a chance to execute the dynamic suspension scene I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It’s a bit of a showy scene that probably attracted more attention than necessary, but I was eager to share the experience with Derek and needed to do so while he was still fresh given the demands of the scene. It went off without any complications and Derek, manipulating himself within the confines of the rigging, was truly a beautiful sight to behold. There were many comments and inquiries about the scene through the weekend. I appreciated each and did my best to answer the questions, reiterating much of the information I included in my last post.

Saturday night Doug joined Derek and I for the CHC Banquet. I felt so proud having the two of them at my side. There is something very special shared by the three of us. I’ve written at length about my bond with Derek but it is Doug that makes it possible. Over the course of the past several months, it has been Doug’s outreach and caring that has given me the strongest sense of family here in Chicago. I love him for that and so many other reasons. I’d kill for that boy.

After the banquet, Derek and I attended the play party at the clubhouse. The dungeon was packed with play spilling over into the social area downstairs. At times the wait for stations was three deep. It is encouraging to witness so much play, the sights and sounds of this thing of ours filling space. In time, Derek and I secured a floating bondage table for a scene of our own. It was the first time I tied him down for a CBT scene. I’ve been pushing him further lately. Watching him squirm and writhe has been filling me with great pleasure.

Later that night, or more accurately, early Sunday morning we went to the [Undisclosed Location] where I had the distinct joy of finally meeting Thorn, the editor-in-chief of Instigator Magazine (pictured above). Thorn is a uniquely twisted fuck and entertaining character to say the very least. I liked him immediately and haven’t laughed so much in months.

Yesterday afternoon I gave Derek a good lashing at the last play party of the weekend. We said our goodbyes to friends; happy to hear we would be seeing many of them over MAL and IML next year. Then, a quiet evening at home with Doug watching a movie (Bully).

As I write this entry, the boys are off to work and I am left to pack and head off to the airport. I miss them both already, with a passion that brings tears to my eyes. It will be a month before a get to see them again and I will be counting the days.

Continuing a Theme

7 November 2007 16:16

MonsignoreContinuing a Theme32-Thousand Feet — Yesterday’s primary focus was a continuance on the theme of my last journal entry. My rubber boy Eric drove me down to TwistedMonk‘s workshop here in Seattle to pick up two more pieces of thirty-six foot length, 8 mm crimson hemp. Witnessing and experiencing the dynamic suspension scenes at the house party on Saturday, I realized I needed more rope to facilitate the rigging. Value add: now I can tie four boys to a post at the [Undisclosed Location] in Chicago.

I was lucky enough to run into Monk on his way out for lunch I assume, as it was midday. I was thrilled when he came back into the shop with me as NerdyGirl finished up my order. They are amazing and they treat me very well. I got to talk to Monk about the scenes this past weekend and snap the photo above in front of his logo.

As it relates to dynamic suspension scenes, Monk reminded me, and I will reiterate for your edification, to be mindful of the Musculocutaneous nerve of the arm. Any bondage that involves the superior limbs has the potential of applying pressure on this nerve. Suspension, especially dynamic suspension, may apply extreme pressure on this nerve. Damage to this nerve might cause numbness and/or loss of feeling for days, weeks, months or the remainder of the sub’s life. The top must avoid placing the ropes over any point that will exacerbate this pressure and frapping between the arms and torso used the hold the harness in place across the chest should be tied off separate from the suspension lines to avoid tightening under load. I will add that subs should be directed to provide appropriate feedback relating to sensations of cold/heat, tingling, poor circulation or numbness in the distal superior extremities.

Monk also suggested that additional attention should be given to the stirrup bindings around each foot and ankle, which is why I was at the shop. Enough line should be used to provide a secure and (relatively) comfortable support rigged directly to the suspension point. I’ll be using the new thirty-six foot lengths to accomplish this task.

Since this entry has touched so much on mitigating the risks associated with dynamic suspension bondage, I’ll also urge you to remember the basics, like having EMT sheers on-hand to cut the rope if necessary in the case of emergency. And, before any you start thinking it’s time to give dynamic suspension a try for yourself, please note: the scene described above should only be attempted by experienced players. Riggers should be familiar with advanced suspension techniques, capable of managing complex, changing scenes and adept at monitoring multiple elements within the scene simultaneously. Subs must be in excellent physical condition, practiced in rope bondage (including partial and full suspension) and competent to recognize indications of potential risks and provide appropriate feedback throughout the scene.

After visiting with Monk, Eric and I stopped by Outdoor Research to purchase two additional locking carabineers. My primary rope kit now includes:

1 – 8 foot length of 2-inch Black Nylon Webbing
1 – Lewmar 40mm Racing Triple Block with Cam & Becket
1 – Lewmar 40mm Racing Triple Block
1 – 95 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – 50 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
4 – 36 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
2 – 18 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
4 – 12 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – 10 foot length of TwistedMonk 4 mm Crimson Hemp
2 – 5 foot length of TwistedMonk 4 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – Petzl Swivel S
6 – Mammut Mythos Aluminum Screw Gate Locking Carabineer
2 – Mammut Element Aluminum Bent Gate Carabineer
1 – Aluminum Suspension Ring
1 – Rigging Knife with Locking Blade & Marlin’s Pike
1 – Pair EMT Sheers with Red Handles
1 – Gerber Multi-Tool
1 – Mini MagLite Flashlight, Red Anodized

I intend to put it all to good use this weekend. I’ll be landing in Chicago shortly. I’m primarily back to attend the Chicago Hellfire Club’s Associate Applicant Weekend events. I have solicited sponsorship, submitted my application, been read & published, will be reviewed by the membership committee this evening and should come up for vote this Monday.