Renewed Faith

29 October 2007 17:08

PersonalRenewed FaithChicago, IL — Saturday night at the [Undisclosed Location] was the best night out I’ve had in a long time. The three of us (Doug, Derek and myself) created quite a spectacle and were quickly joined by several others. While I refrain from detailing our activities, to protect the less than innocent, I will summarize with the phrase, “boys gone wild,” and let that suffice.

Sunday we lounged, met up with Doug for an early dinner, then Derek and I got some play in at the Hellfire Club. That boy is getting harder and harder to bruise. I’m very satisfied with my buffalo hide flogger from Happy Tails; it can carry a heavy thud or deliver an abrasive strike. I love the versatility. I also enjoyed the quirt I borrowed for Brother Gene; it was quite effective and left some nice marks.

This morning, Derek and I had some quiet time together before saying our goodbyes with my initials carved into his chest (again) and a little face punching.

Looking back, I am reminded that relationships, even the complicated ones, work when everyone involved is willing to make the investment. Seeing Derek again has raised my spirits; Doug shared himself and made me feel like I was home; and my friends in Chicago, old and new, helped renew my faith in the path of this journey I call my life.

I am happy I chose to make this trip and sad to be leaving. I’ll be back in Chicago for the Hellfire Club’s Associate Applicants Weekend in November. I’ll be missing my Chicago boys every moment until then.

Now, it’s time for yet another flight.

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