Performance Art & Safety

18 October 2007 21:20

CagedPerformance Art & SafetySeattle, WA — Yesterday, I took off for me. It was a good, productive day.

First order of business was a taxi ride down to the FedEx station to pick up the artwork shipped in from Chicago (pictured). It’s an impressive piece, six feet high and twelve feet wide. It is one of two pieces Derek and I created at Inferno back in September. The medium for both is blood on canvas. The one that now hangs in my Seattle apartment was created by placing Derek in full, pronated, horizontal, shibari suspension, running 22 gage IV Catheters in each forearm, letting him spin utilizing a Petzl Swivel and bleed out onto the canvas. For the second piece we ran 18 gage IV Catheters in each of my arms, let them bleed out as Derek helped smear it all over my body to then leave an impression on a smaller canvas. That piece now hangs in his home in Chicago. We’re such twisted fucks.

Also received my new autoclave, a Tuttnauer 1730 ValueKlave, yesterday. That evening I set it up in the kitchen and ran my first two batches of instruments. My urethral dilators and Van Buren sounds are now pouched and sterilized. I’m really happy to finally have an autoclave at home. It’s a lot easier then scheduling time to use my buddy’s at the piercing shop.

Safety First!

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