Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

12 December 2007 14:57

CagedMeanwhile, Back at the Ranch[Undisclosed Location], CA — Monday morning, I flew into SFO and immediately headed down to the Titan ranch to begin shooting Home Invasion, a new feature directed by Joe Gage. This is my forth movie with Titan and second with GayVN Hall of Fame Director, Joe Gage. The Titan ranch is starting to feel like a vacation home. Now don’t get the wrong idea; shooting ‘art films’ is definitely work, but the weather has been beautiful (especially after rainy Seattle and a very cold Chicago) and the crew takes very good care of me.

I’ve become very fond of Brian Mills and Paul Wild . Brian directed Fear and served as Production Manager and Director of Photography for Chainsaw, Breakers and now Home Invasion. Paul has been the principle cameraman and production coordinator on all four of my Titan films. They seem like extended family to me now and I always look forward to seeing them. We share a common work ethic and focus while maintaining an enjoyable environment even in the face of adversity. I also know that when I’m working with them, all I have to worry about is my performance and can trust they’ll do everything they can to make it look good.

Meanwhile, Bak at the Ranch (Bonus)The shoot itself has been fast and furious. Monday night we shot my half scene, a voyuer J/O while watching Tyler Saint and Enrique Currera get it on, in addition to various non-action and dialog scenes. I play Rudge, boss of the crew ‘invading’ the house and it’s occupants. The entire movie is being shot at night with a distinctly film-noir feel. This makes for a very different production schedule than I have been a part of in the past and we didn’t finish up until around midnight. Tuesday, we shoot stills and the first half of my full scene with Geoffrey Paine, Ty Roberts and Sean Preston. Tonight we add Jackson Wild and Tommy Ruckus to the mix.

I did pick up an interesting piece of scuttlebutt while on set for those of you wondering what might be next. It seems Tony Buff might be going to Prison after this little Home Invasion, but more on that later.

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