Goodbyes Are Never Easy

7 October 2007 17:34

MineGoodbyes Are Never EasyDallas, TX — The candid photo taken at the Eagle last Fri proves my boy Derek and I do share the occasional tender moment. We’ve also had the time to visit with old friends (like Joey & Rob from Chi town; “Mama” Reinhardt of San Francisco; and, Mister Marcus) and make new friends (like Mark Frazier the owner of the Dallas Eagle; and, Gloria from Canada).

Coming off our working weekend at Folsom, however, our play has been pretty intense; I’ve been beating him almost non-stop since we arrived and he’s been glowing like the happy, little pain slut he is. The play has been heavy enough, apparently, to raise at least one pair of eyebrows. One of the attendees was overheard talking about how offended they were by the “abusive” nature of our relationship. I’m not surprised by the fact some people don’t get it; this thing of ours isn’t for everyone. I guess it’s a good thing that guy didn’t see our touching goodbyes.

Leaving each other to return to our respective hometowns is always one of the most difficult things Derek and I have to get through. Sometimes I’ll mark the moment by carving my initials in his chest. This time Derek had another idea. He put his mouth guard in and I face punched him dizzy. It was a good headspace for both of us as we left for the airport.

Speaking of which, I need to catch a plane.

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