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7 November 2007 16:16

MonsignoreContinuing a Theme32-Thousand Feet — Yesterday’s primary focus was a continuance on the theme of my last journal entry. My rubber boy Eric drove me down to TwistedMonk‘s workshop here in Seattle to pick up two more pieces of thirty-six foot length, 8 mm crimson hemp. Witnessing and experiencing the dynamic suspension scenes at the house party on Saturday, I realized I needed more rope to facilitate the rigging. Value add: now I can tie four boys to a post at the [Undisclosed Location] in Chicago.

I was lucky enough to run into Monk on his way out for lunch I assume, as it was midday. I was thrilled when he came back into the shop with me as NerdyGirl finished up my order. They are amazing and they treat me very well. I got to talk to Monk about the scenes this past weekend and snap the photo above in front of his logo.

As it relates to dynamic suspension scenes, Monk reminded me, and I will reiterate for your edification, to be mindful of the Musculocutaneous nerve of the arm. Any bondage that involves the superior limbs has the potential of applying pressure on this nerve. Suspension, especially dynamic suspension, may apply extreme pressure on this nerve. Damage to this nerve might cause numbness and/or loss of feeling for days, weeks, months or the remainder of the sub’s life. The top must avoid placing the ropes over any point that will exacerbate this pressure and frapping between the arms and torso used the hold the harness in place across the chest should be tied off separate from the suspension lines to avoid tightening under load. I will add that subs should be directed to provide appropriate feedback relating to sensations of cold/heat, tingling, poor circulation or numbness in the distal superior extremities.

Monk also suggested that additional attention should be given to the stirrup bindings around each foot and ankle, which is why I was at the shop. Enough line should be used to provide a secure and (relatively) comfortable support rigged directly to the suspension point. I’ll be using the new thirty-six foot lengths to accomplish this task.

Since this entry has touched so much on mitigating the risks associated with dynamic suspension bondage, I’ll also urge you to remember the basics, like having EMT sheers on-hand to cut the rope if necessary in the case of emergency. And, before any you start thinking it’s time to give dynamic suspension a try for yourself, please note: the scene described above should only be attempted by experienced players. Riggers should be familiar with advanced suspension techniques, capable of managing complex, changing scenes and adept at monitoring multiple elements within the scene simultaneously. Subs must be in excellent physical condition, practiced in rope bondage (including partial and full suspension) and competent to recognize indications of potential risks and provide appropriate feedback throughout the scene.

After visiting with Monk, Eric and I stopped by Outdoor Research to purchase two additional locking carabineers. My primary rope kit now includes:

1 – 8 foot length of 2-inch Black Nylon Webbing
1 – Lewmar 40mm Racing Triple Block with Cam & Becket
1 – Lewmar 40mm Racing Triple Block
1 – 95 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – 50 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
4 – 36 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
2 – 18 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
4 – 12 foot length of TwistedMonk 8 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – 10 foot length of TwistedMonk 4 mm Crimson Hemp
2 – 5 foot length of TwistedMonk 4 mm Crimson Hemp
1 – Petzl Swivel S
6 – Mammut Mythos Aluminum Screw Gate Locking Carabineer
2 – Mammut Element Aluminum Bent Gate Carabineer
1 – Aluminum Suspension Ring
1 – Rigging Knife with Locking Blade & Marlin’s Pike
1 – Pair EMT Sheers with Red Handles
1 – Gerber Multi-Tool
1 – Mini MagLite Flashlight, Red Anodized

I intend to put it all to good use this weekend. I’ll be landing in Chicago shortly. I’m primarily back to attend the Chicago Hellfire Club’s Associate Applicant Weekend events. I have solicited sponsorship, submitted my application, been read & published, will be reviewed by the membership committee this evening and should come up for vote this Monday.

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