Breakers Released

20 December 2007 14:28

CagedBreakers ReleasedSeattle, WA — On Tuesday, Titan Media released Breakers, the last triple-x feature directed by GayVN Hall of Fame Director, Bruce Cam. Shot in high-definition on and around the Titan ranch and released in 16×9 anamorfic widescreen format, Breakers promises to be visually stunning and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

There are several memories from that shoot in mid September I can share.

It was my first time working with Bruce Cam on set and a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other better. He shot a lot of b-roll and behind the scenes footage with me while I was there. I learned much about his approach to filming, understanding of the industry, personal character and public commitments while watching him work and chatting with him as time permitted.

Francois Sagat was on set while I was there as well. While we didn’t have a scene scheduled together, some of the b-roll segments I’ve mentioned captured our interaction on tape. Sagat is a sweet and sexy man so I wasn’t surprised by my attraction to him or the chemistry between us. I was, however, surprised by how clearly I could see it all resonate on screen when Cam showed me some of the dailies. I already knew I wanted to take Sagat, thought it would look great caught on tape, and shared these thoughts with Cam for future reference.

Breakers Released (Bonus)My partners for the action scene I was brought down for were Dean Flynn and Rick van Sant. I had met Flynn on the set of Fear. While he’s well over six feet tall, his boyish charm and physique reminded me of a college jock; adventurous, cock sure and open to my advances. I had never met van Sant, but his reputation as a world class fisting bottom gave portent of things to come… you never really know what the studio is going to ask for or exactly how a scene will play out until you’re on set and the cameras are rolling. In Breakers I belt Flynn’s ass ’til it’s red and have my fist fucked to the elbow by van Sant on a picnic table, not to mention the pounding both got from my favorite stick to beat a boy with.

About mid-way through the second day of shooting, Brian Mills asked if I would be will to stay over an extra day to shoot a half scene with Darius Falke and Sagat. Normally, I would have jumped on such an opportunity; unfortunately I had clients scheduled the following day. Luckily my clients are very understanding and responses to my requests to reschedule sessions were all in the affirmative. So I stayed over another day and had a blast with Falke and Sagat. The best part came after we were finished shooting and Sagat came up to me and said, in that adorable French accent of his, “You know when you were fucking me? I was not acting.” It felt like the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me.

My copies are in the mail and I’ll post my thoughts after I see the DVDs. Until then you can read more about the release here or purchase it at the TitanMen website.

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