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Utter PainToronto, ON –- Our dear friend Gloria from Canada brought Derek and me out to visit and experience her local community in Toronto. Not only did she fly us in, she lined up a few gigs for us too. It was a welcome weekend filled with a lot of great play and wonderful friends, old and new.

We flew in Friday evening and were met at the airport by Gloria and another friend David Kloss, who was one of the judges on the panel when I ran for Washington State Mr Leather in 2002. I've been friends with David and his partner Remi ever since. Remi now manages the Steamworks in Toronto which offered Derek and me an amazing opportunity to play in the space late Friday night. We did three great scenes that night in one of the rooms set up for semi-public play with a cage-type door that allowed for our exhibitionism without the interruption that often accompanies playing in these kind of spaces. There was a lot of rope bondage, throat fucking, cbt and fucking to be enjoyed. It was a real treat. Derek even commented on how much I seem to enjoy an audience and how hard it seemed to make me. Of course I'll add that nothing seems to turn Derek into more of a piggy than a little public display of his submission to me. And I'm personally not sure whether the state of my arousal was more about the crowd that was watching or the voracity with which the boy was stroking my cock with his throat. My guess is that it was a combination of the two.

Utter PainOn Saturday, we were given the honor of performing at the Eastern Canada Leather Sir/boy contest held at Goodhandy's. Derek and I performed a dynamic Shibari rope suspension during the tally period. Our congratulations to the newly titled Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2009 Tony Palazzo, pictured in the back row, center flanked by International Community Bootblack 2008 Jack Pearce and International LeatherSIR 2008 Raul Mendez, and Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2009 Brad Hill pictured in the front on the left with International Leatherboy 2008 Bill Hoeppner (photo by irrationalmachine).

Later that night, Derek and I shared some of our passion for rope bondage with the crowed at the Black Eagle. We weren't aware of a hard point, so our demo included nothing but floor work. We demonstrated four different ties including the quick arm binder, quick upper-body harness, barstool tie-down and shrimp tie-down while talking about safety and demystifying rope bondage as being a slow, tedious and complicated process. The demo also gave us an opportunity to offer our recommendations regarding learning ropes one-on-one from an experienced practitioner in an effort to build interpersonal relationships, foster community and continue the tradition of passing on our tribal knowledge. It was a huge success judging from the responses we received by members of the audience and a tremendous amount of fun for the two of us. Gloria was beaming with pride when we finished. Carlos, the manager of the bar was exceptionally kind to us and made us feel like VIPs all weekend. We've definitely found a home bar in Toronto.

Sunday was reserved as a chill day. We had brunch with Gloria, picked up some gear from Priape for an upcoming shoot and hit the beer bust at our new home bar. I even got a chance to play with Gloria a bit, hence the title of this post. We did a little punching scene in addition to other things I won't mention here. Gloria sent me a few pictures of the aftermath (including the one at the top of this post) explaining that she was in "utter pain." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard.

Considering the amount of work Derek and I have been putting in lately, the low-key nature of the past few days and the opportunities they afforded us to focus in on us and the relationships we've built have been truly appreciated. Thank you, Gloria.