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Sneak Peek: Industrial EncountersSeattle, WA – Well, it's been nearly three months since I updated this blog, but it has been an extremely busy and productive three months. The project that has most consumed me during this period has been a movie entitled Industrial Encounters, my first feature directing for the Falcon / Raging Stallion family of studios and my solo directorial debut. I'm happy to report that I put the film to bed yesterday. Although I also wrote, performed in and edited this movie, I didn't do it alone. I was blessed with the help and support of many talented individuals through the process, reminding me that film making is a collaborative art. Now, for some much deserved recognitions, information regarding the upcoming release of Industrial Encounters and sneak peek at the trailer...

Industrial Encounters is a series of three interlaced vignettes that will comprise the DVD feature release; these vignettes will also stream as weekly serialized updates for the FetishForce site. Each vignette was specifically written for the players selected to perform in them, and we couldn't have asked for a better cast. Each man is not only a highly talented performer, but also an experienced fetish/Sm player with a history of play with their scene partner.

Sneak Peek: Industrial Encounters – Cameron AdamsCameron Adams is the shining star of The Shaft, the vignette that opens and closes Industrial Encounters. It is a story of fear, seduction, physical challenge and reward. I had meet Cameron several times before we shared a weekend together by happenstance over Halloween in Ft Lauderdale last year. We seemed to hit it off immediately, and I was struck by his ability to light up a room like a candle on a dark night. He was sweet, engaging, a joy to hang with and the best sex I'd had all year with someone who wasn't wearing one of my collars. By the time the weekend was over I had become totally infatuated with this blonde-haired, brown-eyed boy and knew he would be perfect for the scene stewing in my head that serves as the centerpiece of The Shaft. Cameron demonstrated a tremendous amount of trust in me when he agreed to do the scene and an even greater amount of strength, stamina and endurance when I actually suspended him from the rafters of the freight elevator shaft and then dropped the elevator five stories below... I love you, boo. Thank you.

Sneak Peek: Industrial Encounters – Leo ForteWhen I met Leo Forte at a Grabbys' event in Chicago last year, there was another immediate connection. Forte is a swarthy Latin stud with the playful energy of a pup and the constitution of character. I remember he gushed about my work in the industry when he approached (which actually caused me to blush a little) and latched on like a stray looking for guidance. Forte walked the Grabbys' red carpet with our crew that year, and I'm thrilled that he will be walking with us again this year, this time as a part of the Industrial Encounters cast. I've watched as Forte took on performing in the fetish genre over the past year with a focus and intent unlike any I have seen before. He has developed not only a talent for performing in front of the camera but also an incredible fetish/Sm skill set and understanding of this thing of ours far beyond what would be expected for a man of his experience.

Sneak Peek: Industrial Encounters – Drew CutlerPaired with Leo Forte in Electrical Room, the second vignette of Industrial Encounters, is his real-life partner, Drew Cutler. Cutler isn't so much a pup, but a full grown dog. Cutler approaches play with the same mischievousness of a pup but with the strength, rigor and abandon of a sporting dog in his prime. I've watched Cutler grow a lot over the past year not only as a performer in the industry but as an active, contributing member of San Francisco's leather community, and I'm proud of him. I also couldn't think of a better pairing for Electrical Room. Forte and Cutler deliver the same raunchy, playful energy I've witnessed in our private play and a connection that resonates more powerfully than a violet wand. And I love the switchiness of this vignette where Forte tops the scene as a bottom until he just needs a good plowing, which Cutler is more than willing to provide.

Sneak Peek: Industrial Encounters – Doc BenwayFinally, in a vignette that could have easily played out off-camera in the wet storage basement of the Black Eagle during any one of my trips to Toronto, Doc Benway and I engage in some of the heaviest and most intense play of the feature. Doc and I have known each other for several years now, which made capturing this level of play possible. He likes his impact play hard and his sex wet and rough, which makes us one hell of a pairing. He's a raunchy punk with a gritty edge and an engaging presence that makes him one of our favorite boys to play with during my travels. Having Doc on-set for Wet Storage was a personal highlight for me during the production of Industrial Encounters. For those of you out there who enjoy the heavier side of this thing of ours, I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the addition of Doc Benway to the cast.

Of course, the cast weren't the only contributors to this film. My personal, heart-felt thanks and deep appreciation go out to Tony Dimarco for his contributions. In addition to lending his expert cinematography to the project, Mr Dimarco provided me a ten-day intensive crash course on the art of editing and the use of Final Cut Pro. Industrial Encounters is, quite literally, the Director's Cut. Had it not been for Mr Dimarco's tutelage and patience, the project would never have been completed on time. And speaking of editing, my thanks go out to Elliott McAllister, who not only edited the two solo bonus scenes included in the DVD but was also an indispensible resource during the color correction process. Those of you who know I'm blue/green color-blind will understand just how indispensible his contribution was to the final edit of the feature.

Yet another major contributor to the film was Maxi of Remixlabs, who composed the original score for Industrial Encounters. I can state without hesitation that the tracks Maxi laid down for the feature blew me the fuck away. From the sultry almost foreboding sounds for The Shaft through the raunchy rhythms for Electrical Room and animalistic weight of the beats for Wet Storage to the tender yet haunting composition for the final scene, Maxi's score punctuates and enhances the story and play arch of the entire film.

Sidebar: Remixlabs is planning a release of the Industrial Encounters soundtrack via iTunes to coincide with the feature DVD release of the film. Yeah, it really is that good.

In closing, I want to thank both Chris Ward and Raging Stallion Studios for producing this feature, helping to bring my creative vision to fruition, and Brian Randall and the GunzBlazing affiliate program for providing an online distribution point, making it more accessible.

The first scene of Industrial Encounters will premier on demand via FetishForce on Friday, May 13th, with subsequent scenes running weekly through Friday, Jun 17th. The entire feature, plus bonus scenes, will also be available Friday, May 6th, via Raging Stallion for those who can't wait to see the epic conclusion of this tale by Tony Buff.