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Site Update & Blog Re-LaunchSeattle, WA Ė Well, Iíve finally gotten around to updating the site and re-launching the blog. Youíll notice Iíve tried to encapsulate the happenings of the past three years in the posts below, in addition to updating my filmography and personal bio. As some of you may know, I began a hiatus from the adult industry this past January to focus on rebuilding my personal training practice and my own fitness. This has also provided the additional opportunities to reengage with my local fetish/Sm community here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Hopefully this post will bring everyone up to speed on whatís been happening on my end this past year and serve as a nice re-launch to the blog.

Over the course of the past seven years, Iíve had the pleasure of working with some of the very best studios, directors and players in the industry. I have either performed in or directed or co-directed fifty-eight (yeah, thatís right fifty-eight) titles, not including the five compilations in which I am credited. For the past three years, I have had the distinct honor of serving as the Director of Fetish Production for Falcon / Raging Stallion Studios, primarily creating content for the FetishForce and Fisting Central lines. This was awesome experience. We developed a great team and wonderful friends over those years, did some amazing fetish work with some truly talented players and even garnered industry recognition for our efforts. I had mentors like Chris Ward and Tony Demarco help me hone my directing abilities, teach me both camera work and editing skills. It was extremely rewarding on a multitude of levels.

It was also fucking exhausting. By my second year at the studio, my production schedule was literally doubled. I was always in pre-production, conceptualizing scenes and feature ideas, scouting and casting players and planning out production runs. And when I wasnít on set in production (which required travel), I was basically chained to the editing station. It was a grueling pace that took its toll on me. I wasnít hitting the gym as hard or eating as well as I should have been. I definitely wasnít as big or as lean as Iíd prefer. And then there were the new content restrictions that came down last year... We couldnít even film guys pissing on each other. With the online content servers now in Canada, any content that was edgy or BDSM-related became suspect under Canadian obscenity laws. I wasnít surprised when I was informed late last year that in January the studio would be suspending production on the fetish lines for a while. I chose to view it as an excellent opportunity to take a bit of a break from the industry.

And that is exactly what came to pass. Iíve spent the past year focused primarily on rebuilding my personal training practice and my body. It certainly helped to have been able to maintain a private practice, with my own studio space, equipment, and a core base of clients, throughout my stint working full-time in the industry. It didnít take long to build clientele once the word got out that I was back training full-time, and my book (i.e. schedule) is nearly full at this point. As to the body, I celebrated my 44th birthday in the best shape of my life, bulked up to 180 lbs. and leaned down to less than 9.7% body fat. As an added benefit the break has given me the opportunity to more fully engage in the local community. Iíve emceed events, judged contests, and in addition to my work with both the Generic Leather Productions of Washington and the Washington State Mr|Ms Leather Organization, Iíve joined the board of Cascadia Leather Rising Productions as Vice President to help facilitate the Northwest Pup and Handler Contest and provide continued leadership regarding the Northwest Leather Sir/boy title track.

For those of you who have enjoyed the work weíve produced over the years but are worried this is the last of it, I wouldnít fret too much. Iím sure as the right opportunities present themselves Iíll jump back in occasionally. Until then Iíll be rediscovering the joys of helping people get results from their training while I embrace a much fuller life that includes time for the theater, shooting range, hiking the Cascades, horseback riding and, believe it or not, swing dancing. Oh, and play that doesnít necessarily include a camera six inches from my ball sack.