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Rising StarzSeattle, WA – Rising Starz, subtitled "Interviews with the Hottest New Stars of Gay Adult Video," by Owen Keehnen hit bookshelves yesterday. In 2005, Keehnen released the book Starz, a collection of sixty interviews with gay male performers in the adult industry. Starz was followed by the 2007 release of its sequel, More Starz, and then Ultimate Starz in 2009. In late December of 2008, I was contacted by Keehnen about the possibility of being interviewed for his fourth installment in this groundbreaking series, tentatively entitled Rising Starz. I agreed and began a conversation with Keehnen that lasted the better part of the six months immediately following my decision to partner with Titan and launch the Rough line as a co-director with Paul Wilde. Here's what Keehnen has to say about Rising Starz and my reflections.

##### Start Quote #####

Come along and we'll go behind the scenes and into the dreams of some of your favorite fantasy men. Learn about their careers, their goals, their turn-ons, and their "game." Learn about their lives off screen, how their past brought them to porn, and where they see it taking them. Discover how they maneuver their lives and careers through this rapidly changing and highly competitive industry. There are tips and tricks, and there’s even some dirt. These stars have no problem spilling about what it takes to make it in the jizz biz. Meet the men behind the fantasy and you’ll agree – they’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces, fantastic bodies, great cocks, and hot asses. A lot of humongous personalities populate the industry as well. So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the latest and greatest entry in Owen Keehnen's groundbreaking STARZ series. Avaiable at Amazon and at your local LGBTQ bookstore.

Rising STARZ features: Aarin Driver, Andy Kay, Austin Wilde, Bjoern Giger, Braxton Bond, Brodie Newport, Bruno Bond, Buster, Butch Grand, Colin Steele, Conner Habib, Damien Crosse, David Dakota, David Taylor, Dominik Rider, Erik Hunter, Ethan Storm, Ethan Wolfe, Geoffrey Paine, Ian Rock, Jared Michaels, Johnny Gunn, Josh West, Kai Ford, Kameron Scott, Kirk Cummings, Lex Sabre, Logan Mccree, Lucky Daniels, Markus Ram, Mike Dreyden, Murphy Maxwell, Nick Moretti, Race Cooper, RJ Danvers, Ross Hurston, Scott Alexander, Scott Campbell, Shane Frost, Skye Woods, Tim Kruger, Tommy Ruckus, Tony Buff, Tristan Jaxx, Tristan Phoenix, Turk Mason, and Ty Lebeouf.

##### End Quote #####

In the course of my career and activism, I have done a fair share of interviews. Most of these have been for print magazines or online distribution via pod cast or video. Not surprisingly, the vast majority have been associated with my involvement in the adult video industry.

Side Bar: I have never reached as broad an audience as I have through performing in the industry. For me, my performing and advocacy work has gone hand-in-hand, but there was no way I could have predicted the efficacy of the pairing.

I am always mindful of my comments when I conduct an interview but there is something about doing an interview for a book that gives me a profound sense of the historic context of the moment. Yes, a magazine article or video is just as much a historic record, but there is something about the weight of a book that gives it academic credibility. It's a book.

In reviewing my notes from the conversation I had with Keehnen, I am reminded of a moment in time. The interview captures my thoughts and observations as I sat on the precipice before a huge expansion of my career in the adult industry. It explores in depth the motivations that drive my path and approach to the craft. It documents not just my experience in the industry but how I believe it relates to this thing of ours. It also provides a snapshot of what was my relationship with Derek da Silva at the time.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rising Starz will provide an interesting glimpse into the gay male adult industry at the time of the interviews. I've ordered my copy of Rising Starz from Amazon and am eager to read the interviews of my colleagues in the business.