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Released: ROUGH. Kennel MasterSeattle, WA – There have been a few personal, professional and family issues which have demanded my attention over the course of the past several weeks that have prevented regular updates to this blog, but the time has come to catch you all up, starting with our latest release in the Rough line from Titan Media last month. As the name implies, the central theme for Kennel Master is Puppy Play, and no contemporary survey of BDSM play within the men's community could be complete without this unique form of Animal Role-Play. While there are many forms of Animal Role-Play in the vast world of BDSM, including canine, feline and equine, pup play is particularly prevalent in our current gay Leather scene. For a closer look at our documentation of this phenomenon... Check out an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. Kennel Master and some insight into the inspiration for the scene that serves as the foundation for this production.

##### Start Quote #####

Sit... stay... suck. Good boy! Big chew toys are just part of the fun in the latest Rough entry from co-directors Paul Wilde and TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff, who leads a horny cast ready to unleash its inner animal. Bondage, pissing, pup play, dildos and hot wax are just a few of the obedience exercises in store, so grab a bone and lap up this energetic fetish action - which give new meaning to "man's best friend"!

Bound to a table, a smiling Tony Vega is at the mercy of manly Dirk Caber... who uses a variety of tools, including a pinwheel, shaving, and pouring hot wax to spark a sinful sensations on his moaning captive.

After pissing on the muscular chest of a hooded Tristan Phoenix to mark his territory, handsome Sami Damo disciplines his bud with a huge metal butt plug and a doggie-style fuck to remember.

In an all-out puppy play scene complete with kennel, puppy butt plug, hood and mitts, an excited Steven Daigle drools over his reward for being a good dog - the massive bone of handler Tony Buff, who soon has his panting mutt begging for more.

##### End Quote #####

In regard to the inspiration behind the central scene for Kennel Master, my personal thanks goes out to Steven Daigle. Steven appeared in the television reality show Big Brother 10 and made his adult industry debut in Chi Chi LaRue's Steven Daigle XXXposed earlier this year. Shortly after that feature was released Steven contacted me through Twitter asking if he could talk to me about a fantasy he wanted to fulfill. As we spoke on the phone, Steven told me about how he had a taste of puppy play while using a puppy tail butt plug and was fantasizing about experiencing 'a full-on scene.' When he asked if I could help him make a complete transformation into the head-space, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for our ninth installment in the Rough line.

As we shot our scene in San Francisco at the Titan studio, I knew instantly that we had made the right choice in capturing it on screen. With vet-wrap, puppy mitts, kneepads, puppy tail butt-plug, hood and kennel, the transformation into the head-space was indeed complete. The scene is a quintessential example of what I hoped to accomplish with the Rough line. It captures this thing of ours as it actually exists in play spaces around the world with a focus on the psychological aspects of our play. After the shoot, Steven wrote a piece for A Pup's Life entitled The Becoming Of Pup that further documents his experience. I recommend giving it a read.

You can also read the entire Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. Kennel Master to learn more about the exceptional performances delivered by Rough players, Dirk Caber, Sami Damo, Tristan Phoenix and Tony Vega. I've also posted a gallery of Stills from ROUGH. Kennel Master for your review and, of course, you can always get a copy of Kennel Master for yourself.