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Production Code: Priape/IMLSan Francisco, CA –- Just a couple of days after arriving home in Seattle, I was off to San Francisco to perform in the last scene shot for the Titan/Folsom co-branded release for IML in association with Priape. Since the shoot was Thursday and Friday I flew in Wednesday evening and stayed over a couple of extra days.

When I arrived at SFO, Patrick our Production Coordinator was waiting for me in Baggage Claim with my scene partner, Will Parker. As you can tell by the photo (right by Brian Mills), this boy is quite the little hunk. Standing approximately five-feet-eight-inches, Will is a 22 year old gymnast who just graduated college on the east coast and decided do to enter the industry to 'create something extraordinary'. He had done only one other shoot with Titan prior to being pair with me and had zero fetish/Sm experience before we shot our scene together, but that didn't prevent him from delivering one of the most impressive performances I've ever witnessed either on screen or in any play space. This kid is, without a doubt, extraordinary. I know he impressed me and I would welcome any opportunity to work or play with him again and again.

As always, I'm not going to comment in any detail on the content of the scene Will and I just completed, but I can provide you with the following observations to give you a frame of reference. While I probably get more than my fair share of boys seeking an introduction to this thing of ours and whose limits I then help them to explore and push, very rarely do I get an opportunity to push a boy quite so far and to such an extreme as was done in this introductory scene with Will. Watching it, you would almost swear this kid was an experienced Player, except there are those moments of pure and brutal honesty that reveal his innocence lost in the scene, captured by the cameras. It's fucking beautiful.

Moreover, Will is an even more exceptional young man off camera. I had the distinct pleasure of spending some social time with him over the course of the shoot and what I discovered gave me an even higher regard for him. He is observant, articulate, inquisitive and intelligent. Very few people that I have met in this industry, especially among the performers, left me with as positive an impression. Never have I been so impressed by a man so young. Will has great potential and I would very much like to help him cultivate it as a mentor and friend.

Priape is the official fetterer for this Titan/Folsom co-branded feature scheduled for release over IML. All most all the gear you'll see in the movie was supplied by Priape. They provided the custom leather apron (designed by Stéphane) that I'm wearing in the picture above, a full body leather suspension harness used in the scene, and leather shackles for Will. The quality of the gear was excellent. I especially love the apron (and I don't generally get into gearing up). The body harness facilitated a great suspension scene and we sent the fetters home with the boy. He earned them.

I can't wait to see our scene on screen, and hopefully more of Will and the guys from Priape in Chicago at the end of May.

Production Code: Priape/IMLBefore heading down for the shoot, my co-director of the new fetish/Sm line, Paul Wilde informed me that the 15 Association was having its annual dinner while I was going to be in town and offered me an invitation. Paul is a Player in the community and a member of the 15 in addition to being a friend so I was happy to accept the invitation. I asked my San Francisco boy, Rico to attend with me and to my delight he jumped at the opportunity. I had him in a scene collar for the event and we played quite a bit before (and through) dinner. I simply love the way Rico laughs when I hurt him; it really is rather delightful. After dinner we did a suspension scene in the play space. It was a great time.

Saturday night, I met Rico at Chaps II and then spent the night with him again. At some point during the evening we were chatting with friends about MAL back in January. This of course included some good natured ribbing directed at me because of Ben's (the kid) posting about the weekend. As those of you that follow his blog know, the kid called me out as being a 'cuddleer', identifying it as the reason he sleep on the floor of the suite I had with Derek one night that weekend. In my own defense, however, I will point out that only a kinky little boy like Ben would categorize a night-long rear naked choke hold as 'cuddling'. At any rate, the entire thing is giving my dear friends endless amusement. Rico even found the story entertaining enough to motivate him to snap and forward the picture above to me while I was asleep Sunday morning. I just had to include it in this post because it is just too cute and funny not too.