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San Francisco, CA -- Back in July, when I was shooting FEAR, my first film for Titan, I had no idea it would lead to signing on as an exclusive or that my "art film" career would be launched so dramatically.

The performances at Magnitude went well last night. Derek and I weren't able to do a rope suspension because of logistics, so we did a little impact scene (punching and CBT) instead. Diesel Washington and Damien Crosse, the other Titan Men, did a great water sports scene. The crowd seemed to enjoy. It was a huge party and made for a late night, early morning.

Walking to the Leather Post, Naked Sward, Social Kink and Titan mega booth in front of the Power House this morning was surreal. Looking at the ten-foot tall image of myself, I couldn't help but wonder how big this was going to get. If you've watched the Tim and Roma interviews shot on the set of FEAR, you know I agreed to do my first adult feature, for Daddy Zeus, as a means to play and expand upon my relationship with Derek. Now, with two more Titan features scheduled for release in the next five months, members of my leather family are starting to call me "Big Screen."

Christopher is off to the Real Bad party with VIP access courtesy of the studio to dance his sweet ass off. Derek and I are going to a quiet dinner out. We'll probably review our performance in the movie before we hit the rack.