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It's a Contact SportChicago, IL –- This past weekend I had a double pleasure; both the Pup (Element) from Portland and my boy Chris from Vancouver were in Seattle to visit. The Pup came in on Thursday and stayed through Monday and Chris came in late Sunday and stayed through Tuesday. This overlap allowed us a night with all three of us together.

Having the Pup in town was a treat. It's easy to be playful with him. He just exudes that kind of energy and is eager for the interaction. He's also quite open to a little exhibitionism as my Pup. I think one of the highlights of his visit, for both of us, came Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon while we were fooling around with him servicing my cock, I realized that I hadn't yet shoved a puppy tail butt plug up this cute pup's ass. So, I immediately took a break from the action (which came at just the right time since I was about to bust a nut in the poor pup's face anyway), pulled out the small sized tail/plug from my closet and shoved it up his hungry little hole. You would have thought I had waved a magic-fucking-wand. Element went from cute pup of a boy servicing daddy to full blown, bone-slobbering-cock-gobbling puppy mode. The shaft he was choking on just moments before, he was now stroking with his throat while wagging his tail with his throbbing prostate. When I thought I couldn't take much more, I replaced the plug with my cock, and pound-fucked the load out of him before blowing mine across his back and over his shoulder. It was fucking hot.

Later, while we were shopping, I decided the Pup should wear the tail out to the Cuff that night so we bought a pair of 501's from the second hand store and cut a well placed hole in them for the tail. Kitten, the new chick I'm banging in town, joined us for our night out. I think she was mortified when she first saw what was going on, but then you'd think she wouldn't put anything past me at this point: the last time I fucked her at my place there was a boy locked in the cage, watching us while soaked and shivering in a puddle of my piss. We like Kitten. You fuckos don't get any photos though; she works a classy high-profile job and wants to keep her anonymity.

Side Bar: Blueeyes is no longer wearing my collar of consideration. We came to the mutual conclusion that this would not be the nature of our relationship moving forward. Now, that doesn't mean I don't still love him or consider him one of my boys in a broader sense, but it became clear that a full time, polyamorous D/s relationship isn't what he's looking for in his life at this point. I respect that position as much as I know those are the very relationships that I've been fostering in my life. Anyway, that's why I've got a local girl instead of a local boy now. Frankly, I'm kind of enjoying the variety and I haven't ever had pussy quite this wild. Kitten fucks like a feral cat.

Getting back to Saturday night, after the Cuff and playing some pool at the local watering hole near my apartment, the Pup and I went back to my place and had a replay of our scene earlier in the day. Only this scene ended with some hot water sports action and a demonstration of just how dangerous piss play can be.

I wouldn't let the Pup piss while we were out; just one of the cruel little control games I like to play on occasion. "On a scale of one to ten, one being 'I've just relieved myself' and ten being 'Oh, shit, I'm pissing my jeans', how bad do you have to go, boy?"

By the time we made it home and recapped the scene from earlier, I knew he must have really had to go... bad. After we both caught our breath, the Pup stood up and asked if he could hit the head now [ed: use the bathroom]. I just looked at him until he added, "nine-point-five, sir."

"Lie down and let loose," I told him pointing to the hardwood floor in the middle of my apartment. "I want to watch."

He did as he was told. He laid back on his back and cut loose a strong arch of piss up into the air which then cascaded across his beautiful body, into his face and on to the deck in a puddle. Just as the last of his spurts were trickling to an end, I stood above him and let loose my own stream. The Pup wasn't the only one I made hold it until we got home. My torrent was even more massive than the Pup's. I completely drenched him and the puddle of piss beneath us turned to a pool. As I finished, the Pup giggled and splashed me with some of the piss.

"Oh? You think that's funny?" I asked while using my bare foot to splash his body with the piss from the pool on the floor. He giggled. I laughed and did it again. He giggled and I laughed again. I went to splash him once more... only this time I lost my footing and my feet slid out from under me, then... CRACK!... my head hit the deck first... Lights Out.

When I came to (Pup says I was only out a few seconds) I thought for sure I had cracked my head open and would find myself in a pool of blood but thankfully that wasn't the case. I was, however, nauseous and suddenly very, very tired. And then there was that ringing in my head that wouldn't go away which kept me awake all night. I definitely wasn't thinking very clearly and it took quite a bit of time to become even slightly coherent. Needless to say, that ended the play for the night.

The next day, the Pup and I did a hot shoot with Val for LeatherPost. I had met Everett, the owner of LeatherPost and creator of LP Tribes (coming soon), through the folks at Titan a little over a year ago and have become much closer to him since he moved and relocated LeatherPost to Seattle last year. We've actually become pretty good friends and partners in a number of endeavors, including our joint support of building our local community here in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Our primary focus for the photo shoot Sunday was capturing images of Scott Paul's Click-A-Cuff bondage system for LeatherPost's online catalog. My head was still a little woozy from the fall the night before, but we had a lot of fun playing with the equipment and the shoot went really well. The Pup and I even came away with some new toys.

We put a few of them to use once Chris came in Sunday after we all had a chance to hang out with Kitten at the local watering hole. I still wasn't completely recovered from my fall but that didn't stop us from initiating the Pup into the family with Chris. We've kind of started this ritual of letting the newbies in the family fist Chris once a connection is developed. Sunday night was the Pup's turn, aided by a little J-Lube dispensed from one of the toys we got from the photo shoot earlier in the day. To my delight, the night ended with the Pup sucking on the toes of my left foot while the entirety of my right was enveloped by Chris' ass. Heaven, save three additions: Derek riding my cock and Kitten's pussy over my face while she is getting fucked up the ass by Rico... Just sayin'.

By Monday morning, my bruised rib was making its presence known. At first, I couldn't figure out what caused it, but eventually I realized that it probably happened the same time that I hit my head. I canceled all my clients on Tuesday because I couldn't even get out of bed, but Chris took good care of me. On Wednesday I finally consulted a doctor who, of course, told me I should be more concerned by the blow I sustained to the head than by my bruised rib. He said I should rest. Now that's a hoot.

Today I flew into Chicago. This weekend, my boy Derek and I will be in Cleveland for CLAW. The boy and I arrive tomorrow afternoon and are scheduled to perform at 21:00 at the Bastille-themed opening party and then open the play parties with a short Dungeon Etiquette class. On Saturday, I'm sitting on a panel discussion entitled Living in a Leather Family in the morning and presenting a rope bondage workshop with Derek in the afternoon. We are also revisiting the Dungeon Etiquette class Saturday night.

You can follow me at CLAW this weekend on Twitter for a couple of chances to receive a free copy of one of two of my most popular DVDs, "Folsom Prison" or "Home Invasion." I'll be tweeting through the weekend, in addition to recruiting for my new line of fetish/SM features for Titan, so introduce yourself if you see me. If you're following me on Twitter, you'll also be the first to learn the name of the new line for Titan, title of the first release and release date... as soon as I twat it (Derek's coinage).