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It's OfficialSeattle, WA –- Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't posted any entries in the past month. Truth be told, I've been heads down working on a major transition and keeping pretty tight lipped about it until the official announcement was made. Well, its official... press release follows:

##### Start Quote #####

Titan Media Taps Tony Buff to Direct New Fetish Line

(San Francisco, January 21st, 2009) Titan Media, parent company of gay mega-brands TitanMen, ManPlay, MSR Video and TitanMen Fresh, is pleased to announce it has signed exclusive performer Tony Buff to a multi-year contract to direct and star in a new hardcore fetish line of films.

“We are very proud that Tony has chosen to sign with Titan Media,” says Bruce Cam, CEO of Titan Media. “Tony is the most exciting new fetish performer to come along in years. His natural abilities to direct became apparent over the past year of filming. We are very excited to transition this amazing performer into a director. I personally can’t wait to see the level of intensity he will bring to these films!”

Buff joined Titan Media in late 2007 as an exclusive performer and quickly distinguished himself within the industry. A well-known player and role model within the Leather/BDSM community, Tony brings a level of authenticity to hardcore fetish play like no other. From his signature suspended waterboarding scene in the GAYVN award-winning film Fear, to his breakout performance and codirecting of Blu-ray™ mega-hit Folsom Prison, Tony steals the screen whenever he appears.

"This is a truly exciting prospect," says Buff. "My work with Titan Media has been exceptionally rewarding on a multitude of levels. I am thrilled our relationship is continuing through the launch of this new line of features that will bring extremely heavy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen and a broader audience of current and potential players."

Buff will be directing and starring in a new series of hardcore and extreme fetish films to start releasing in spring of 2009. Co-directing and on lead camera will be GAYVN award-winning videographer Paul Wilde. The line, as yet to be named, will be shot documentary style in full 1080 high def and will feature authentic hardcore fetish play by real players in the community. The line will be a realistic and brutally honest representation of what real fetish players do behind closed doors. Not for the faint of heart, these films will shred the boundaries of what has come before.

"Titan Media presents fetish and leather play as safer and morally responsible alternatives to the growing trend of bareback within the gay adult entertainment industry," says Keith Webb, Vice President of Titan Media. "By portraying and eroticizing safer fetish alternatives, TitanMen hopes to lead by example. While other studios promote and sell bareback films that portray and eroticize high-risk unprotected anal sex, Titan Media will hold firm in its steadfast commitment to the community by portraying and promoting condom-only and safer sex in this new line of R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) films."

##### End Quote #####

After my original contract with Titan came to a close we started talking about what the future would hold. When Brian Mills asked what I wanted to do next, I told him I wanted to direct. My work on Folsom Prison solidified my passion and creative desire to capture this thing of ours [BDSM] on screen. Shortly after pitching my vision for a series of projects to him, Keith Webb and Bruce Cam, they suggested I team up with Paul Wilde and make it happen as a Tony Buff branded line for Titan Media. How could I resist?

I'm totally stoked. Honestly, I was really surprised when Titan offered me this opportunity. I had a strong aspiration to continue our collaboration and hoped to be given a chance to direct, but didn't expect anything of this scope or magnitude. I have to admit I'm also very proud to be representing Titan Media as both an exclusive performer and director. I've built great working relationships with Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. I will state it again... from individual character to social responsibility through production value and community action, these are the kind of people and the type of studio I am happy to ally myself and my talents.