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Church St Fetish Fair 2010 Seattle, WA – People from all over the world converged on Toronto ONT this past weekend for the Church Street Fetish Fair, and thanks to my friends at the Black Eagle I was right in the thick of all the excitement. I played with uncut cock from Mexico; fucked a boy from Taiwan; connected with an intelligent, tattooed, queer, skater-punk artist; chatted with fans and followers from Germany, France, England and Australia; and re-connected with my friends from Toronto who are responsible for my love affair with their fair city. Once again Gloria served as my ‘handler’ for the weekend, Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to me during my stay and the players in the local fetish/Sm scene made me feel so much a part of their world, I was reluctant to leave.

From the Meet & Greet styled cigar social Friday night to my final moment in Toronto, I felt surprisingly relaxed and comfortable despite what would seem to be a nearly frantic level of activity through the weekend. Heady conversations, intimate interactions and intense play all contributed to one of the most personally fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had at an event of this nature.

Some of the many highlights included my chats with Trevor Jacques, the author of On the Safe Edge: A Manual For SM Play, and Duncan MacLachlan from the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT). I always enjoy these talks that blend a mix of philosophy, scene stories, history, activism and exciting news. In addition to learning of the wonderful things that are happening in their personal lives, I was told that AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) is now preparing the French translation edition of the BDSM Safer Kinky Sex booklet that I have championed here in this blog, on my personal site, and elsewhere. I'm thrilled this comprehensive and up-to-date pamphlet of information pertaining to the risks associated with sex and kinky play will soon be available in both English and French. I strongly encourage you to help support these efforts by making a contribution to the AIDS Committee of Toronto. If you haven't checked out the pamphlet, I highly recommend you take a look. It really is that good.

On Saturday night at the Black Eagle's Leather Party I was given the opportunity to share my passion for rope through a demonstration with Robbie, one of the bartenders on staff. Robbie's the skater-punk I mentioned above, and I have to admit I'm quite smitten with the boy. I do hope we have many opportunities to share time together. While I don't have any pictures from the demo, I'm sure you will be seeing more of Robbie in the future.

Church St Fetish Fair 2010Since I was already in town for the Church Street Fetish Fair my friends at Priape invited me to participate in their fashion show on the south stage of the street fair. Enticed by the chance to perform with Jon Henderson and his girl Creena Bandy, whom you may remember from last year, I jumped in as the skies dumped a torrential downpour. My rigging was a little challenged by the pool of water on stage... Have you ever tried running wet hemp? LOL... but we managed to deliver an erotically charged performance that alluded to the intense kind of scene I would love to have with the sexy couple (picture left). Thanks to photog Andre Tardif (via FaceBook), I've posted a gallery of pictures from Priape's CSFF Fashion Show 2010.

In addition to the fun I had on stage, the Black Eagle provided space in front of the bar for me to play a bit. I guess they're pretty familiar with my propensity to play in public, and I was more than willing to take the opportunity twice. The first scene was with the appropriately named Bear, who has quite the fetish for rope. I love playing with bottoms who enjoy being in rope as much as I enjoy rigging, and I am really thankful to Chris for taking some photos of our Floor Rigging for Bear that I can share with you.

Church St Fetish Fair 2010My last scene of the weekend was by far one of the best rope scenes I have ever experienced. Duncan's partner Hector had never been in rope before and wanted to try it for the first time. Hector is sweet, beautiful and a bit timid. I have the utmost respect for Duncan and was truly honored when he asked if I would be willing to provide this experience for Hector. The scene played out in front of the bar in full view of many of Hector's friends and others who stopped to watch. It was paced, quiet, connected and incredibly intense. It left everyone involved feeling an exhilaration that I can't quite describe. Luckily, you might get a sense of the scene from the pictures taken by Duncan and Trevor that I've posted to my Church St Fetish Fair 2010 gallery.

Gloria, Chris, Duncan, Hector, Trevor, Robbie, Jon, Creena, Carlos and everyone at the Black Eagle and Priape, I can't thank you all enough for making my trip to Toronto so special. The only thing better than this past week was the fact the I got word I had been invited back for next year's Church Street Fetish Fair before I boarded my connecting flight home to Seattle.