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Buff/Wilde #2San Francisco, CA –- Yesterday, we wrapped shooting the second feature in the new fetish/Sm line Paul Wilde and I are co-directing for Titan. The primary theme for this feature was electro play. This type of play is fairly advanced, difficult to capture on screen and particularly challenging to cast, but I'm extremely happy with our results.

The first scene we shot is actually a tribute to one of my many mentors, Parker Perry because he introduced me to the scene and allowed me to apprentice under his tutelage as I learned the techniques, mechanics and subtleties of punch fucking the prostate with electrical current. No, it's not the most visually stunning electro scene I could have chosen to capture for this feature, but it is one of the more advanced and intense electro scenes played out in play spaces across the globe. To demonstrate just how intense the scene can be, I recruited my new pup from Portland, Element, to come down and bottom for me. The scene involves a hand crafted brass butt plug (which the pup has taken to calling his 'spark plug'), a Van Buren Urethral sound, an ErosTech box and a couple of Alligator Clips. I'm sure you can close the circuit in your mind, although I would suggest you not try this at home without the guidance of an experienced practitioner. An understanding of and experience with electro play, sounding and clean & sterile technique are all minimally required for this type of play. For this type of play to be effective and rewarding however, you need to be able to read your bottom and subtly manipulate the stimulation. Here's what the pup had to say about the scene...

##### Begin Quote #####

I have to say that the scene I performed in last week was one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had in my life. To begin with, the whole interaction was my first ever screen appearance, but the guys at Titan were so welcoming and attentive I couldn't help but feel comfortable. Of course, the main perk was getting to work with you, sir.

I have never had a sound down my shaft or a spark plug up my ass, but you slid those things in like I had been lubed and preparing myself for days. The first jolt of the current was a bit nerve racking but also so intriguing and new that I found myself turning into an electro fiend within seconds. I would keep questioning in my head, More! More? I want more? YES! MORE!

And really I have to say kudos to you for doing what you do sooooo damn well sir. Heading into the scene, working out what comes next, figuring out the camera angles; it all had such a great flow to it that it seriously did feel like there weren’t any camera’s recording, to quote my brudder Chris. As we were looking for the cum shot I found myself being shy, a vulnerable shy. Felling like, Oh shit, the world is on your shoulders now element, let the force be with you. But honestly in few moments notice I couldn’t help but orgasm in a frenzy, between your skilled hands pushing the limits to the intense setting, and clinching my ass to intensify the current. I was done in, and there was no turning back.

It was an amazing scene.

##### End Quote #####

For a visually stunning scene, we turned to my boy Derek da Silva, who isn't just one of the heaviest bottoms you could ever hope to beat but a very talented top as well... a true power switch. I knew if we wanted sparks to fly, my boy could make it happen. Here's what Derek had to say about his scene with Mitch Colby...

##### Begin Quote #####

I’ve been really enjoying getting back to topping scenes – I have a creative streak that I like to express and I can think of no better way to express it than making a hot man like Mitch suffer in the most twisted and exquisite ways I can think of.

For this scene we wanted some electrical play that was more visual, so I turned to the violet wand since it is probably the one piece of electro equipment where you can really see what is happening. Part of the inspiration for what you’ll see in this scene stems from a conversation with Clive Barker I had last fall. Our mutual friend Jo Jo Baby introduced me to Clive as Clive was interested in depicting electro and I have a rep for doing some heavy electrical play on and off camera. Clive asked about ways to make it visually stunning, and I was a little stumped for how to make it look better, but his question got me thinking about it – and he signed an old book I had with a great illustration of a lightning bolt hitting a cock. When you see the vid, you’ll know what the drawing inspired!

It was great working with Mitch. We’re old friends and we did a BG East wrestling video together right before the weekend where Tony Buff collared me on the set of the first video we did together. I had wanted to bring Mitch in on that shoot but it never materialized. Now, two years later, I’m really happy that we are doing a proper BDSM scene together at last. We’ve known each other so long and have talked about this forever. And along the way we’ve built the kind of trust that it takes to really push the limits of a scene. While this was Mitch’s very first electro scene it was hardly a beginner scene. I’m honored that he trusted me enough to go there with me, and what’s more, share his first experience with this kind of play on video. To his credit he hung in there through what was a really nasty scene – and his body looked amazing thrashing in pain. I had to wait a long time to finally play with him, but it was worth the wait.

##### End Quote #####

Rounding out Derek and Mitch's scene and adding to the action were Buzz Cox and Andrea who deliver a great rough fuck on their own after watching Derek work over Mitch and getting a shock or two themselves.

We wrapped the second day of shooting with a scene straight from Amnesty International's list of torture activities. If you thought the stun gun I took to Derek's nuts in Folsom Prison was over the top, wait until you see how far we go when he's strapped to a floating bondage table and Roger from Shotgun Video has lent me a crank generator to play with. Derek is so cute when he's suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All-in-all, it was an excellent shoot. I love working with Titan. My co-director, Paul and I have already developed a cohesive directing style and we're taking each shoot as a learning experience applied to the next. On a related note, we've reviewed and approved the final edit of our first Rough feature and all I can say is our editing department fuckin' rocks. I can't wait for the release next month.