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Associate Applicants' Weekend 2009Seattle, WA – Landing in Seattle was like a return to reality. Often when I fly out to attend Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC) events, especially those with my boy Derek Da Silva, I feel as though I've escaped... escaped from the harsh realities of the day-to-day; escaped from the ever present judgment of those who don't understand; escaped from every type of relationship except the type of relationship in which you would expect love and respect; escaped... I put my boy Derek in his place. We had an awesome three-way with Douggerz, his partner of more than a decade. I shared time with my brother Odie and Cousin Rob. I had a photo shoot to document my current physical state. I was pampered more than one would expect. And I ran some much over-due scenes. To give you I glimpse into all of these things...

My first night back in Chi town, Derek and I had a hardy dinner at my favorite barbeque place, Fat Willy's, and reconnected. The next day, I woke up to fresh coffee, a fantastic blowjob and breakfast at leisure. I got hair groomed, hide tanned and paws done. I left like a new dog, all thanks to my boy. We had a light dinner and headed over to the first play party of the CHC's Associate Applicants' weekend where I tied the boy up in a one-legged, partial suspension that included some heavy CBT, much paddling and a good hard fuck with a condom and no lube... if it ain't spit, it ain't love. The night ended with drinks at the Hole and then home for one hell of an ass-eating, cock-sucking, cum-splattered three-way. I felt like I was gettin' my groove back.

Associate Applicants' Weekend 2009I've been working hard the last few months to get back into shape after recovering from my head injury earlier this year. I was pretty much back to normal by Folsom weekend, but have decided to push things further. I've basically set an objective to get into the best shape of my life, and things are progressing nicely. To document that progress, I asked Derek to take some photographs using his gear. I've posted a gallery of images entitled Test Shoot Over Associate Applicants' Weekend. Let me know what you think.

That Saturday evening we did the CHC banquet with Derek's boy JC, his pup, and my brother Odie among the many other club brothers, applicants and guests. We attended the play party afterward, mostly socializing with friends because the dungeon was so busy. I've missed Odie since he moved to Texas (fuck Texas – it's an inside joke), so it was good to hang with him. God, I love his stories; that man is crazier than me. Of course, the craziest thing that happen that night was the call I got from the Mother after we got back to the house. I ended up talking to my bio mother for like over an hour, apparently because she had recently watched a movie called Islands in the Stream and decided she was getting too old to be estranged from her children. She said she wasn't happy I was doing those films, but so long as I was happy that was all that really mattered. Well, okay then.

Derek and I didn't make it to the Sunday afternoon play party until late, but we did make it there in time for his DM shift. We stayed after to do a scene with the dungeon to ourselves... one of the benefits to fucking a full member. We ran a beautiful two-and-a-half hour play piercing scene. The scene itself is one that Derek designed himself, but had never bottomed. I've been running it, and variations of it, on boys since Derek introduced it to me and was happy to be delivering the experience to him for the first time. It was a great capper to the weekend.

Neither long-distance relationships nor Dom/sub relationships are very easy. The logistics and power dynamics can be difficult obstacles to overcome. When the other challenges in life apply additional pressures it can seem nearly impossible at times, but with effort and patience they can survive and flourish. Truth is Derek and I needed an opportunity to re-connect with each of us in the right head space and each of us in our proper place. I'm happy to report we got that opportunity, took advantage of it and are stronger now than before. Now, I don't mean to suggest there were problems in the relationship, because there are none in that sense, but when you've grown accustom to the kind of 24/7 D/s relationship that generally inspires awe in those who witness it, you simply don't settle for anything less.