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2010 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA – A couple days ago, the 19th annual Grabby Award Nominations were announced. Apparently the Grabbys have honored me with three individual nominations and two scene nods. The scene nominations include Best Rimming with Adam Knox in Folsom Maneuvers and Best Duo with Will Parker in Folsom Flesh. The individual nominations include Hottest Cock (LOL), Best Supporting Actor for my role in Battle Creek Breakdown directed by Joe Gage and Performer of the Year.

Folsom Flesh also earned nominations for Best Leather Movie, Best Box Cover and Best Fetish Movie. In the Best Extreme Fetish category, both Rough. Shock Treatment and Triage earned nominations. While I'm always pleased to see projects I was involved in receiving recognition, I am particularly happy to see Shock Treatment's nomination for Best Extreme Fetish because it represents the first time a video I directed (co-credited with Paul Wilde) has received a Grabby nod.

2010 Grabby NominationsMy friend and fellow titan exclusive, Will 'the Pig' Parker, received two other scene nods. The first with Dean Flynn and Slade for Best Three Way in Battle Creek Breakdown. Additionally, Dean Flynn earned himself an individual nomination as Best Versatile Performer for his body of work last year. I've worked with both Will and Dean on multiple occasions, and I can tell you their nominations are well deserved.

Titan's big holiday video from last year, Search and Rescue, earned Brian Mills a Best Director nomination. Brian was also nominated for Best Still Photographer along with another friend, Joe Oppedisano.

Three other Titan productions received Grabby nominations. Summer Blaze earned Best International Movie noms. All of these nominations are a testament to the studio's commitment to consistently put out high-quality films that eroticize safer sex.

While my boy Derek da Silva and I don't have competing nominations in the Best Extreme Fetish category this year, we do in the Best Leather Movie and Best Fetish Movie categories. Derek performs in XXX, directed by Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo from Mustang which is nominated for Best Leather Movie. He also performs in Taken to the Lowest Level directed by Chi Chi LaRue from Channel 1 Releasing which is nominated for both Best Leather Movie and Best Fetish Movie (among other nods). And of course, Derek's two scenes in Shock Treatment even further demonstrates his talent for and commitment to Sm play; just a couple of the many reasons I love him.

I'm also extremely pleased to see that the Grabbys are continuing their commitment to recognizing Leather, Fetish and Extreme categories, performers, performances and scenes so prominently in their erotic video awards. Given the recent changes and irregularities associated with the GayVNs, it's good to see that the Grabbys will remain a regular celebration that distinguishes the work of those within the fetish/Sm genre along with the contributions made in the broader market of gay male erotica.

Side Bar: As the year began, the fate of the GayVNs seemed to be uncertain. Then in late February it was announced that the GayVNs would indeed be held in April. Although no date or venue was announced, the organizers did reveal the year's categories. Notably absent in the list of categories was last year's newly introduced Fetish Perform of the Year. The other surprising disappointment was the fact that all leather, fetish, ethnic and 'niche-oriented' titles would be relegated to a single 'Alternative Release' category. Then yesterday, in a move that left me shaking my head, the GayVNs announced that the awards ceremony would not happen in April but would instead be held in San Francisco in conjunction with... wait for it... the Folsom Street Fair. Am I the only person with the impression that the GayVNs have become a case study in Cluster-Fuck?

2010 Grabby NominationsWhen it comes to the Grabbys and the GayVNs, I'm thrilled whenever 'Alternative' content receives industry recognition. Maybe it's my queer sensibility, but I believe it helps individuals claim their own sexuality. As a fetish performer and director of fetish/Sm content, I am personally honored when my contributions receive nominations, but in the absence of an award like Fetish Performer, I harbor no illusions of personally carrying home Lucite. I have however, previously helped Titan earn top honors in the Fetish and Extreme categories at the Grabbys, and I will make no secret of the fact that I'm rooting for Shock Treatment this time around. It was a collaborative labor of love. Everyone who offered his performance, contributed his or her skills and talent or otherwise shared in the vision of the feature that launched the Rough line should feel a sense of pride in what they helped create.

You can catch me and some of mine at the Grabbys again this year. The Grabby Awards will be held at the Park West Theatre at 322 W Armitage in Chicago, IL on Saturday, March 29th. This is the same weekend as IML. Doors open with the red carpet at 6:00 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. Tickets will become available Monday, April 5th.