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03-Apr-23 20:00:00


Stroke Tacoma, WA …Oops… I had a stroke. Actually, I had a massive stroke, a heart attack and pneumonia. This post will describe what happened, detail when and where it took place, and document how I am dealing with this life changing event....More After the Jump »

16-May-15 20:00:00

Personal Training

Work in ProgressSeattle, WA – Last year was all about rebuilding my personal training practice and my own fitness levels. This past spring I embarked on an aggressive and intense five month building cycle with one of primary clients who I knew would be an excellent partner in pushing it to the next level. It was a grueling and exhausting program but I must admit I’m thrilled with the results. I’m now weighing in at 185 pounds (84.1 kg) with approximately 9.7% body fat. It’s definitely the biggest and leanest I’ve ever been, so I decided it was time to document my progress and update my various profile images. I gave my photog buddy, Mike Graves, a call and this past Tuesday we got together at my place for a quick photo shoot in my training studio. You can check out the entire set after the jump... View the gallery »

26-Mar-15 14:42:00

WSMLO, Leather Pride, 2002

Throw Back Thursday 2002Seattle, WA – While I don’t generally participate in the throw Back Thursday (#TBT) practice, I thought my contribution might be appropriate this week since it is Leather Pride Week here in Washington State. The photograph, taken by Malixe back in 2002, captures my run for Washington State Mr Leather thirteen years ago this weekend. Looking back, it’s no surprise the question on everyone’s lips the following days was, “Who is this twink that (sic) just won Washington State Mr Leather?” I can’t help but chuckle with a hint of pride as I think back to the year that followed. It was indeed a transformative experience ... ...More After the Jump »

21-Mar-15 12:00:00


WA St Leather Pride Week 2015Seattle, WA – The time has come once again. This week is Washington State Leather Pride Week (photo from 2014 courtesy of Malixe Photography). Typically the last full week at the end of March, this WSMLO produced event attracts participation from a broad spectrum of individuals, organizations and businesses from across the Pacific Northwest region in a week-long celebration of leather pride culminating with the Leather Emerald Awards Brunch. Since my own title run years ago, Leather Pride in Washington has always been an important event but this year's is particularly significant to me personally ... ...More After the Jump »

18-Mar-15 10:26:00

Art Films, FetishForce, Grabbys

2015 Grabby Award NominationsSeattle, WA – A couple days ago the 2015 Grabby Award Nominations were posted to the Grabby’s website. Although I began my hiatus from the industry in January of 2014, the content and features produced toward the end of 2013 didn’t street (or get released) until after the beginning of 2014 thereby making them eligible for this year’s Grabbys. Among the four-hundred-thirty-plus nominees in twenty-nine categories, our cast and crew at Warehouse Kinks were nominated in the Best Fetish Movie Category. ...More After the Jump »

30-Sep-14 18:56:00

Art Films, Personal Training

Site Update & Blog Re-LaunchSeattle, WA – Well, I’ve finally gotten around to updating the site and re-launching the blog. You’ll notice I’ve tried to encapsulate the happenings of the past three years in the posts below, in addition to updating my filmography and personal bio. As some of you may know, I began a hiatus from the adult industry this past January to focus on rebuilding my personal training practice and my own fitness. This has also provided the additional opportunities to reengage with my local fetish/Sm community here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Hopefully this post will bring everyone up to speed on what’s been happening on my end this past year and serve as a nice re-launch to the blog. ...More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Best Fetish, Grabbys

 Which Brings Us to Spring 2013Seattle, WA – this Spring marked the release of three additional features I directed and occasionally appeared in for Falcon / Raging Stallion Studios. Those titles where Sounding 9, Show Me Your Hole, and Warehouse Fists.. It also brought our team’s 2014 Best Fetish Grabbys Awards win for the Trustees, staring Brian Bonds, Dirk Caber, Draven Torres, Jessie Colter, Leo Forte, Preston Steel and Race Cooper. It was an excellent accolade to mark my seven years of work in the industry focused on documenting the best of contemporary gay male BDSM and fetish content. Since I did not attend, my pup, the ever entertaining Element Eclipse (pictured above) was able to accept the award and express our thanks to the Grabbys, the studio and everyone involved in the production on my behalf....More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Art Films, Fetish Force

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2013Seattle, WA – The Summer and Fall of 2013 brought the release of Daddyz Boyz, Tony Buff's Twinks with Kinks, The Hand That Fists You, and The Trustees....More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Art Films, Fetish Force

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2013Seattle, WA – Winter and Spring of 2013 brought the release of Backyard Boys, Barefoot and Fisted, Hoodies, and Dude, Where's My Watch....More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Cuff Complex, FetishForce

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2012Seattle, WA – The summer of 2012 brought the release of Wet Punk Faggot Fisting, co-directed again with Chris Ward... my first for the Fisting Central line and Save My Hole, also for Fisting Central. It also brought the FetishForce releases of Full Spectrum, Where the Players Go, and Safeword....More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

FetishForce, Grabbys, Pony

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2012Seattle, WA – Winter 2012 brought the release of Sounding 7: RAMROD which I co-directed with Chris Ward being released later in the winter. It is also around this time that our crew began shooting content for Raging Stallion's Fisting Central line and I began honing my camera skills. In the spring of 2012 FetishForce released what I would consider my most creative endeavor, Pony Up! which was shot here in Seattle on location at the Pony bar during the harshest snow storms of the previous winter. Even with all the challenges it still stands as one of my favorite production runs of all time, thanks to the cast of players and crew. It truly was a labor of love and the final feature reflects all that fact. Later that spring I attended the Grabby Awards in Chicago, IL and returned home with the Grabby for Best Duo for my scene with Adam Killian in the Other Side of Aspen VI. ...More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Directing, Eclipse, FetishForce, Folsom, Forte, Graves, Cruz

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2011Seattle, WA – During the summer of 2011 Raging Stallion Studios released Back Alley, AlleyCats, Indecent Encounters, and Dog Fight. And Heis Got a Big Package was released By Hard Friction. All the while, I was continuing to solidify my editing skills and develop my personal directing style. ...More After the Jump »

20-Sep-14 17:00:00

Art Films, Falcon, FetishForce, Grabbys, Naked Sword

It's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2011Seattle, WA – During the spring of 2011, Titan Media released Kennel Master which I co-directed with Paul Wild for Titan Media's Rough line won the Grabby for Best Fetish Extreme. Other releases include Golden Gate 2, Sounding 6, Industrial Encounters, Live Sex, and Otherside of Aspine 6....More After the Jump »

17-May-11 12:00:00

Art Films, FetishForce, Grabbys, IML, Industrial Encounters

FetishForce Prepares for IML/Grabby WeekendSeattle, WA – FetishForce is rallying in Chicago Memorial Day Weekend for IML and the Grabby Awards. This message summarizes and outlines our plan of action for Chicago, Thu 26 through Tue 31 May 2011. Since IML is a major event for our community, FetishForce has chosen the IML host hotel as our base of operations for the weekend. This will facilitate each of us enjoying the festivities of IML while visiting with our friends in the community in addition to engaging in our promotional efforts at the various Grabby events. As you all know this all co-insides with our DVD release of Industrial Encounters and my co-hosting of the 2011 Grabbys. I am thrilled by the crew I will have with me to 'Represent' our community of family and friends at these huge events. I know we are going to have an outstanding time. ...More After the Jump »

20-Apr-11 12:00:00

Gay City, HIV, Service

Community Forum: A Magic Pill?Seattle, WA – Recent medical research has raised hope of a possible new HIV prevention tool: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). The CDC has issued guidance telling doctors how to prescribe HIV antiretroviral medication to negative gay men. On Wednesday, April 27th, Aleksa Manila and I will be co-hosting a community forum presented by Gay City Health Project examining this issue. Our featured panelists will include: Dr Jared Baeten from the University of Washington School of Public Health; Jim Pickett from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago; Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation; Austin Anderson from the Center for Multicultural Health; Fred Swanson representing Gay City Health Project; and, Darren Augenstein from SeattleMeds Pharmacy. The forum starts at 7pm in the Erickson Theater off Broadway (1524 Harvard Ave) and is free to attend. You can get more information at the Gay City website, watch a promotional clip and participate in an online survey of attitudes surrounding this issue. This will undoubtedly be a lively and informative forum. I do hope you'll join us if you're in Seattle.

15-Apr-11 20:15:00

Art Films, BDSM, FetishForce, Raging Stallion, Maxi, Rough, Dimarco

Sneak Peek: Industrial EncountersSeattle, WA – Well, it's been nearly three months since I updated this blog, but it has been an extremely busy and productive three months. The project that has most consumed me during this period has been a movie entitled Industrial Encounters, my first feature directing for the Falcon / Raging Stallion family of studios and my solo directorial debut. I'm happy to report that I put the film to bed yesterday. Although I also wrote, performed in and edited this movie, I didn't do it alone. I was blessed with the help and support of many talented individuals through the process, reminding me that film making is a collaborative art. Now, for some much deserved recognitions, information regarding the upcoming release of Industrial Encounters and sneak peek at the trailer......More After the Jump »

19-Jan-11 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Falcon, FetishForce, Raging Stallion, Rough, Titan

TransitionsSeattle, WA – With the release of Invasive Procedures, the tenth and my final feature under contract with Titan Media for the Rough line, comes the announcement I have left the production house that has been my home for the past three years to assume a full time position as the Director of Fetish Production with the Falcon / Raging Stallion. ...More After the Jump »

25-Nov-10 12:00:00

Dragon Clan, Famiglia, Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Meditation for 2010Seattle, WA – "Brothers & Sisters... To silence our egos, we press the mute button and call upon the Light to speak on our behalf, especially on this occasion of Thanksgiving, so that our every word elevates our collective soul and all existence, as we gather together with grateful hearts to sing our appreciations for all the universe has given us... the passions that ignite our spirits, the challenges that have spurred our growth, the opportunities before us and the communities of family and friends that feed our souls through it all... And as we meditate upon our personal blessings, we offer our thanks to Mother Earth for nurturing our journey and Father Time for granting the cycles that give us perspective and hope... May we embrace each other as Family, with open hearts and minds, through this dinner, this holiday season and the year to come in Love and Light... Amen." ~ Tony Buff as Chaplain for the Dragon Clan this day of Thanksgiving

05-Nov-10 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Rough, Shaving, Titan, Water Sports, Wax

Released: ROUGH. Kennel MasterSeattle, WA – There have been a few personal, professional and family issues which have demanded my attention over the course of the past several weeks that have prevented regular updates to this blog, but the time has come to catch you all up, starting with our latest release in the Rough line from Titan Media last month. As the name implies, the central theme for Kennel Master is Puppy Play, and no contemporary survey of BDSM play within the men's community could be complete without this unique form of Animal Role-Play. While there are many forms of Animal Role-Play in the vast world of BDSM, including canine, feline and equine, pup play is particularly prevalent in our current gay Leather scene. For a closer look at our documentation of this phenomenon... ...More After the Jump »

23-Sep-10 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Fisting, Rigging, Rough, Titan, Water Sports

Released: ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged FistedSeattle, WA – A couple weeks ago, Titan Media released the eighth installment in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features Paul Wilde and I are directing for the studio. When Paul and I discovered that our fifth in the Rough series, Pierced, would probably never be released on DVD (more on that when I write the book, lol), we were once again determined to capture what is essentially the rollercoaster ride created when a skilled top manipulates the hormonal responses in his or her bottom to create heightening waves of intense euphoria that build to a moment of catharsis. It's not an easy task... and it is as far from what is generally captured on screen in relation to BDSM as is genuine sexual connection between the performers in most pornography. Thanks to the incredible performances delivered by fellow TitanMen exclusive Tiber Wolfe, Cullen Cable, Adam Russo and Spencer Reed, BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted accomplishes that task with extreme ass-play, an intense impact scene, bondage, torment and the kind of aggressive fucking that is best described as rough sex. For a closer look... ...More After the Jump »

07-Sep-10 20:00:00

Cuff Complex, Dog House Leathers, Dragons, GLPW

2010 Northwest Leather WeekendSeattle, WA – Each year over the Labor Day weekend, Generic Leather Productions of Washington (GLPW), in conjunction with our sponsors and many volunteers, produces the Northwest Leather Weekend in Seattle. The highlight of this weekend is the Northwest Leather Sir/boy and Community Boot Black (NWLSb/CBB) competition, a feeder contest to the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Boot Black (ILSb/ICBB) titles. Known as the "Players Titles" among BDSM practitioners, these contests, along with the other regional competitions, bring members of our community together from throughout those regions and across the continent. And with so many Dragons based in the Pacific Northwest, it should come as no surprise to learn that our local event is a major attraction to many of the brothers and sisters who comprise my leather family (photographed right courtesy of Malixe). Helping to host this event has always been a source of joy for me personally, but this year I was overwhelmed by a sense of pride inspired by my pup Element as he ran for Northwest Leather boy. ...More After the Jump »

03-Sep-10 14:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Mills, GayVNs, Wilde, Rough, Titan

2010 GayVN Award NomineesSeattle, WA -- Known in the industry as the 'Oscars of gay porn', the GayVN Awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding movies and talented individuals within the gay adult entertainment industry. Its broad-based, nationwide panel of judges, predominantly gay press-affiliated, has been awarding trophies for 24 years, making the GayVNs the most respected and recognized awards in gay adult entertainment history. A few weeks ago the 2010 GayVN Award nominees were announced. This year I have been honored with three individual nominations (Performer of the Year, Best Duo Sex Scene and Best Top) and several of the features I've contributed to have been recognized....More After the Jump »

30-Aug-10 12:00:00

ACT, Art Films, BDSM, Priape, Rigging, Rough, Titan, Xtra West

Interview with Ed Wood for Xtra West Seattle, WA – Back in June while I was in Vancouver, I sat down with Ed Woody, a freelance writer and regular contributor to Xtra West. We chatted for a little over a hour for what became a fairly extensive interview. Our conversation covered a broad range of topics. We talk about all the travel I've been doing lately and the various events where I've presented. We discussed my educational and advocacy work around responsible BDSM play and safer sex. We also spoke at length about my work in the adult industry, the Rough line with Titan Media, BDSM play and this year's Grabbys. Other topics covered included the nature and expression of the polyamorous relationships that comprise my family and the differences between private play, sex on set and live performances. While much of the article was omitted in both the print and online versions of Xtra West, I'm posting the full version of the piece here with Ed Woody's permission......More After the Jump »

17-Aug-10 12:00:00

ACT, BDSM, Black Eagle, Church St Fetish Fair, Priape, Rigging

Church St Fetish Fair 2010 Seattle, WA – People from all over the world converged on Toronto ONT this past weekend for the Church Street Fetish Fair, and thanks to my friends at the Black Eagle I was right in the thick of all the excitement. I played with uncut cock from Mexico; fucked a boy from Taiwan; connected with an intelligent, tattooed, queer, skater-punk artist; chatted with fans and followers from Germany, France, England and Australia; and re-connected with my friends from Toronto who are responsible for my love affair with their fair city. Once again Gloria served as my ‘handler’ for the weekend, Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to me during my stay and the players in the local fetish/Sm scene made me feel so much a part of their world, I was reluctant to leave. ...More After the Jump »

13-Aug-10 12:00:00

Ass Play, Art Films, BDSM, DP, Fisting, Rough, Titan, Water Sports

Released: ROUGH. Fist and PissTitan Media released the seventh installment in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features I'm co-directing with Paul Wilde. Veteran Rough players, Tibor Wolfe, Adam Knox and Alessio Romero join me in Filthy Fuckers along with newcomers Sean Stavos and fellow TitanMen exclusive, Leo Alarcon to provide yet another glimpse into the sometimes dirty and nasty but always erotically charged experience that is contemporary play in the men’s fetish/Sm scene. Two of my favorite and most dynamic players, Tibor Wolfe and Alessio Romero deliver a spit slicked and piss soaked fist fucking scene that left me grabbing for the paper towels after reviewing the final edit at home. And I just can’t tier of watching Adam Knox have piggy sex; the man isn’t just beautiful, he wallows in his sexual energy. Paired with Sean Stavos, the two reveal the kind of raw sexual abandon and lust at the heart of a flip-fuck. As for my scene with Leo Alarcon, well... ...More After the Jump »

15-Jun-10 20:00:00

Art Films, Average Joes, Priape, Pumpjack, Vancouver Men in Leather

Priape's 5th Anniversary in VancouverSeattle, WA – This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading up to Vancouver BC to help our friends at Priape celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of their store there on Davie Street. Of course it was also a good opportunity to reconnect with my boy Chris after the debacle that was the end of IML weekend in Chicago. Trust me, don't ask. Suffice to say, we needed a nice, quiet weekend together to center and ground. Although it was somewhat of a working weekend for me, I would have chosen to be at the events anyway and I'm always up for modeling hot new gear, saying a few words on the microphone or doing a little rigging to entertain the crowd. And the schedule permitted for plenty of down time with my boy. Truth is, Vancouver and Seattle are sister cities, at least in the eyes of my leather community. ...More After the Jump »

15-Jun-10 20:00:00

Art Films, Doc Johnson, Titan Media, Tony Buff Realistic Cock

The Tony Buff Realistic CockSeattle, WA – Oh my... Well, it's out and available... to everyone. Molded directly from my own erect penis by world renowned special-effects and prosthetic artist, JC at Doc Johnson in August of last year, the Tony Buff Realistic Cock is now available through the TitanMen Store. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive when I went down to Southern California to do the molding, but with Dean Flynn there to help, how shall we say, stimulate the progression, any performance anxiety quickly dissipated. Bruce Cam, the President of Titan Media, was also on-hand to document the whole process, so for a couple of clips shot during the making of the Tony Buff and Dean Flynn Realistic Cocks, photos and some additional commentary... ...More After the Jump »

14-Jun-10 10:00:00

Art Films, Criminal Intent, Paul Wilde, Titan Media

Released: Criminal IntentSeattle, WA – This week, Titan Media released Criminal Intent. The intent might be criminal, but what ensues is more steamy man-sex than punishable offense in this, the third solo-directorial release by my buddy Paul Wilde. Paul masterfully captures three scenes inspired by the tension inherent in illegal activity with some of the hottest studs in the industry. First, Leo Alarcon, who you will soon see paired with me in the Rough line, teams up with Dario Beck to break into an up-scale home but soon distracts his partner in crime with a steamy flip fuck. In the second act, I stalk businessman Eric Glock, whom you might remember from the gun play scene in Rough 4: Abuse of Power, and attack him in an apparently successful attempt to punish the capitalist for his crimes against the people. Then in the finale, Will Parker, David Anthony and Alessio Romero, Rough players all, bring a wet and forceful take on the reversal of the power dynamic when thugs Alessio and David turn security guard Will into an object for sexual satisfaction. For a closer look at these fantasy scenarios courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Criminal Intent, my personal take on the shoot and more. I offer the following:...More After the Jump »

04-Jun-10 21:21:00

Art Films, BDSM, Grabbys, Performer of the Year, Rough, Titan, Winter Fetish

2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year Shared in TieSeattle, WA – Capturing this thing of ours on screen has become a personal passion that began on the set of Daddy Zeus' Soldiers of Misfortune three years ago; was refined through my involvement with the Folsom series of fetish films produced by TitanMen in conjunction with Folsom Street Fair and benefiting HIV/AIDS charities; and is currently being realized by performing in and co-directing the Rough line with Paul Wilde. I have been truly blessed by opportunities to work with some of the best players in the world and most talented individuals in the industry. Our collaborative efforts together have culminated in scenes with brutal realism and exceptional quality. My heart has been filled by the appreciation expressed by those who have found truth, beauty and inspiration in the films we made. I am humbled to be recognized as the 2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year and to share this distinction in a tie with Adam Killian. For the other 'big' wins of the evening, as well as a video of the Grabbys Best Actor and Performer of the Year presentations posted to YouTube by Jim Liu and the transcript of my acceptance speech......More After the Jump »

29-May-10 18:15:00

Art Films, BDSM, Grabbys, Rough, Titan, Winter Fetish

Grabbys' Red CarpetChicago, IL – First and foremost, I want to thank Tonya Winter and Winter Fetish for designing and fabricating our homage to the institution that was so instrumental to the development of my perversions in the formative years. I'm actually quite thrilled to be here at the Grabbys. When I went down to Palm Springs to do my first video for Daddy Zeus in 2007, I never envisioned I would develop such a passion for the work we do or the degree of acceptance I've received. I also want to thank the Grabbys for recognizing our efforts to capture contemporary BDSM play in the men's community through the Rough line with the nomination of Shock Treatment in the Best Extreme Fetish category. I truly believe we are accomplishing a service to my community of family and friends by realistically documenting this thing of ours. I am forever in debt to Bruce Cam for providing the opportunity for me to share my passion and the chance to collaborate with the best in the industry at Titan; Brian, Paul, I love you both. No matter what the future might hold, I will always be grateful for my experiences with Titan. For my take on the other categories and a photo gallery of my outfit for the Grabbys, visit my personal site at tonyBuff dot com....More After the Jump »

27-May-10 18:15:00

BDSM, Bondage, CBT, Needless, Pierced, Rough, ShibariCon, Titan Media

ShibariCon TomorrowChicago, IL – Tomorrow, Derek da Silva and I will be presenting at ShibariCon for the second time. ShibariCon is the world's premier annual exhibition and conference that focuses on education and information exchange among lovers of Japanese rope bondage. The conference provides an inclusive and supportive environment for the exchange of ideas, education, friendship and community. This year, Derek and I will be presenting two classes at ShibariCon on Friday 28 May. As expected, registration is currently sold out, but if you're already attending, we would like to invite you to......More After the Jump »

26-May-10 23:40:00

Ass Play, Art Films, BDSM, Fisting, Rough, Titan, Water Sports

Released: ROUGH. Anal AssaultChicago, IL – Yesterday Titan Media released the sixth video in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features I'm co-directing with Paul Wilde. As should be evident through our previous releases, the Rough line documents contemporary BDSM play in the men's community, and no survey would be complete without a thorough examination of ass play. Anal Assault provides a glimpse into the variety this type of play offers with plenty of fucking and fistiing, toys, and even a fucking machine. And with a cast that includes Billy Berlin, Alessio Romero, Tibor Wolfe and Ethan Wolfe, we couldn't have asked for better players. The action is hard, heavy and real. For a closer look at Anal Assault... ...More After the Jump »

25-May-10 18:15:00

Art Films, BDSM, Rage, Community, Zeus, Halsted, Rough, Titan

Three Years and Twenty-Five ProductionsSeattle, WA - Three years ago this month, I flew down tp Palm Springs CA and performed in my first adult feature, Solders of Misfortune, directed by Daddy Zeus (pictured right) for Zeus Studios. Daddy Zeus became a legend in my mind when he began capturing authentic BDSM and fetish on video in the mid '90s. In features like Brute Force, Daddy Zeus paired accomplished and respected tops with hot bottoms in real scenes that depicted authentic play with a spirit and an edge that still speak to me as a player. Before Zeus, there was Christopher Rage, who masterfully captured this raw, animalistic sexuality on the fringe in the '80s; and of course, the great grand-daddy of BDSM art films who first caught the essence of the urban 'leatherman' in the '70s with LA Plays Itself, Fred Halsted. With my first film, I was excited to be making my contribution to the genre with my boy at the time, Derek da Silva, and we delivered a kick-ass-scene. A lot has happened since then....More After the Jump »

19-May-10 10:00:00

Art Films, Paul Wilde, Titan

Released: Slick DogsPalm Springs, CA – Yesterday, Titan Media released Slick Dogs, a dark yet colorful fetish production directed by my co-director for the Rough line, Paul Wilde, and featuring some of the hottest rubber gear I've ever seen, design by my dear friend and International Mr Rubber 2009, Stephane Donaldson. Paul's directorial style is clearly evident in this, his second solo directorial effort. Like Triage, Slick Dogs demonstrate both Paul's unique contribution and Titan's influence upon his work. He masterfully captures the essence of fetish with an understanding and focus on the connections it fosters that can only come from an experienced player and documents sexual content with a quintessentially Titan-esque signature. My scene partners, Dean Flynn and Billy Berlin round out a cast that includes Will Parker, Ethan Wolfe, Spencer Reed and JR Matthews in three rubber scenes taken directly from Stephane's fantasies. For a closer look at these fantasies courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Slick Dogs, my personal take on the shoot and more... ...More After the Jump »

15-May-10 09:20:00

Art Films, BDSM, Blood, Boys, Buff/Wilde #5, Play Piercing, Rough, Titan Media

Too Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. PiercedSeattle, WA – When Paul Wilde and I first teamed up to begin production on the Rough line of fetish/Sm features, Titan Media Vice President, Keith Webb, sent us off with the words, "Shock us." I think it's safe to say we accomplished that mission with Pierced. Available exclusively through TitanMen Video on Demand, Pierced pushes the documentation of contemporary BDSM in the men's community to the very edge, capturing three of the most extreme scenes that incorporate play piercings as anchor points for bondage in a stunning exhibition of the scope and power of sadomasochistic play. Never before has this type of play been so thoroughly, comprehensively and beautifully captured on screen. Pierced is unlike anything you have seen before... ...More After the Jump »

13-May-10 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Rising Starz, Rough, Titan Media

Rising StarzSeattle, WA – Rising Starz, subtitled "Interviews with the Hottest New Stars of Gay Adult Video," by Owen Keehnen hit bookshelves yesterday. In 2005, Keehnen released the book Starz, a collection of sixty interviews with gay male performers in the adult industry. Starz was followed by the 2007 release of its sequel, More Starz, and then Ultimate Starz in 2009. In late December of 2008, I was contacted by Keehnen about the possibility of being interviewed for his fourth installment in this groundbreaking series, tentatively entitled Rising Starz. I agreed and began a conversation with Keehnen that lasted the better part of the six months immediately following my decision to partner with Titan and launch the Rough line as a co-director with Paul Wilde. Here's what Keehnen has to say about Rising Starz and my reflections. ...More After the Jump »

04-May-10 10:00:00

Boys, BDSM, Community, Dragon Clan

Seattle, WA – When I met my boy Derek da Silva nearly four years ago at my first Inferno in 2006, our connection was immediate and our relationship grew with a passion that was rare and unexpected. I collared Derek in May of 2007 on the set of our first 'art film' together, Soldiers of Misfortune, and we began our long distance, D/s relationship as Sir and boy. I can't help but smile when I look back upon that time and remember our adolescent-like enthusiasm and unbridled Sadomasochistic fervor. Derek introduced me to a new cadre of fetish/Sm players at the national and international levels, in addition to a niche market for 'this thing of ours' within the adult film industry. In turn, I introduced Derek to my community of family and friends, primarily stationed in my Pacific Northwest home, and partnered with him on a variety of activities that kept us traveling across the North American continent performing, teaching, playing and serving as advocates for respect and responsibility. Our relationship played out on stage, across the screen, in print, over the internet and under the scrutiny of the public eye. It seemed a natural extension of our activism and sense of adventure....More After the Jump »

09-Apr-10 13:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Blood, Boys, Play Piercing, Rough, Titan

Leather Leadership Conference XIVDetroit, MI – My boy Derek da Silva and I are in Detroit, MI this weekend for the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC). The Leather Leadership Conference is an organization dedicated to strengthening the BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Kink community by providing the stepping stones of learning and knowledge to assist in the development of the leadership skills of community members. Their goal is to aid in the growth and success of organizations and community groups through the development of these skills by providing access to leadership information and topics. By strengthening the leaders in our community they hope to facilitate a greater sense of connection between and within community groups. Derek and I are here this year to facilitate a presentation and guided discussion entitled Building Communities that Feed Your Soul. ...More After the Jump »

29-Mar-10 13:00:00

ACT, Boys, BDSM, Cuff Complex, Dog House Leathers, FUK|!T, GLPW, SML, Service, WA St Mr|Ms Leather, WSMLO

Washington State Leather Pride 2010Seattle, WA – Today is a day of rest and recovery from Washington State Leather Pride Week for me. It was a busy, fatiguing week culminating with the Washington State Mr & Ms Leather Contest Saturday night and our Annual Victory Brunch, Memorial & Awards Ceremony yesterday. But it was also highly enjoyable and rewarding. As Doug and Angie stepped down from their title years as Washington State Mr and Ms Leather, we had two contestants for each of the 2010 titles. Jim and Heirmister D competed for the Mr title and Boi Di and Panda Girl (pictured left to right in the image right, courtesy of Malixe) competed for the Ms. Our congratulations go out to all four contestants, and we welcome our new Washington State Ms Leather, Boi Di, and Washington State Mr Leather 2010, Heirmister D to the Washington State Leather title family. Each of the four contestants is a fine representative of the richness of Washington's leather community and an excellent example of the Washington State Mr|Ms Leather Organization (WSMLO)'s efforts to identify, recruit and mentor our next class of community leaders. ...More After the Jump »

21-Mar-10 13:00:00

Bondage, Boys, CBT, KinkFest, Portland Leather Alliance, Presenting

KinkFest 2010Portland, OR – My boy Derek da Silva and I rendezvoused in Portland, OR for KinkFest this weekend. In addition to enjoying the company of other kinksters from around the country (surprisingly KinkFest is now as large an event as Thunder in the Mountains), we've been presenting classes as part of the weekend's educational series. Yesterday's advanced Shibari Fundamentals class went exceptionally well. With approximately 90 or so people in attendance, the class definitely rivaled those we've presented at ShibariCon and Thunder in past years. This afternoon we'll be presenting our Bondage for CBT class, ties and applied techniques for cock and ball bondage. While we are not comfortable publishing handouts for the Shibari class on partial and full suspension techniques we presented yesterday, we are posting our slides and handouts for the Bondage for CBT class we will be presenting later today. You can follow these links to access the full color slides and class handouts accompanying Bondage for CBT in PDF format.

17-Mar-10 23:00:00

Art Films

2010 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA – A couple days ago, the 19th annual Grabby Award Nominations were announced. Apparently the Grabbys have honored me with three individual nominations and two scene nods. The scene nominations include Best Rimming with Adam Knox in Folsom Maneuvers and Best Duo with Will Parker in Folsom Flesh. The individual nominations include Hottest Cock (LOL), Best Supporting Actor for my role in Battle Creek Breakdown directed by Joe Gage and Performer of the Year. ...More After the Jump »

02-Mar-10 12:00:00

Dragon Clan, GLPW, ILSb, IML, IMsL, Leadership, Leather Titles, SML, WSMLO

Titles, Sashes, Bashes and CrashesPalm Springs, CA – A very interesting thread hit my inbox a couple weeks ago from the GLPW mailing list. What apparently began as a question regarding Sashes became a discussion about titleholders and I was called out by my brother Gene Romaine (pictured right on the left at the most recent Gear Night at the Cuff courtesy of Graves). Yes, it's true, I am a Leather titleholder. I served my local community as Washington State Mr Leather in 2002. And yes, I wore the Sash that came with that title on exactly three occasions; the night of the contest when I stepped up, the day I marched in the Seattle Pride parade with the Leather contingent, and, finally at the contest a year later when I stepped down. Truth is I don't really like sashes; I find them so pretentious. My title vest, however, I have worn with pride on countless occasions. Even now, eight years later, around this time in March, my title vest comes off the heavy plastic hanger in the closet and put back on my back. ...More After the Jump »

15-Feb-10 13:40:00

Art Films, Hard Choice Awards, Performer of the Year, Rough, Titan, XX-Factor

Hard Choice Performer of the YearChicago, IL - The 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards were announced on XX-Factor yesterday. At 16, the Hard Choice Awards are the second-oldest continuously running honors for all-male erotica. All gay adult films released in 2009 and reviewed in XX-Factor were eligible for consideration. Unlike the GayVNs, Grabbys and XBIZ Awards, I am told the Hard Choice Awards are determined by a single individual who has watched each film submitted for review. The winners were chosen by Onan the Vulgarian in conjunction with reviewer Harley Shadow. While these awards may not be representative of broad industry sentiment, I have always found them to be insightful and, at times, humorous. As I read the announcement yesterday, however, I was shocked to discover that I had been named this year's Hard Choice Performer of the Year, with the following commentary......More After the Jump »

12-Feb-10 16:20:00

Art Film, BDSM, Education, Performance, Safer Sex

Top 10 Reasons to Play in a Leather BarChicago, IL – Generally, it's not my practice to respond to bitchy queens and bitter fucks who make nasty, mean spirited blow hard posts or comments (and I most certainly will not be linking to them here). It seems, however, that some play that my boy Derek da Silva and I engaged in while at our home bar in Seattle has sparked a little debate about playing in public. Apparently, a little rope bondage and chest punching in this leather bar was enough to offend the delicate sensibilities of at least one sensitive former-Marine, who was inclined to post a particularly ignorant and insulting blog entry on the subject, which was in turn picked up by some in the blogosphere prompting a debate. While I refuse to invest any energy on individuals who are motivated to tear others down or to resort to name calling, I do believe that further contribution to the debate is in order. Luckily, my boy Derek has already done the groundwork. I offer for your consideration, the "Top 10 Reasons to Play in a Leather Bar"......More After the Jump »

11-Feb-10 12:20:00

Boys, Community, Mr San Diego Eagle, Service

Mr San Diego Eagle 201030,000 ft – This past weekend I was down in San Diego, California to serve as the head judge for the Mr San Diego Eagle contest. As you can gather from the title, this is neither a big regional event nor a huge audience draw. Rather, it is a local bar title that draws a dedicated mix of individuals from the local community. Nevertheless, I came away from the experience with some very strong impressions regarding what community means and just how powerful an impact effective leadership can have on a community. David, the new Mr San Diego Eagle, and his first runner-up, Stephen (pictured above on my right and left, respectively) are both excellent representatives of a vibrant community, and here's why I think so... ...More After the Jump »

05-Feb-10 12:20:00

Anatomy of a Scene, Art Films, BDSM, Boys, IML, Instigator, Titan, Zeus

Anatomy of a Scene: Impact PlaySan Diego, CA - Of all the scenes we do, it is our impact play that seems to freak people out the most. Impact play is a common yet misunderstood part of the Leather-S/M scene. Whether delivered with bare hands (our personal favorite) or through a variety of implements designed or perverted to do wicked and nasty things – impact play can create strong physical, emotional and mental connections....More After the Jump »

04-Feb-10 12:20:00

Community Building, Impact Play, Mr San Diego Eagle, Service

Mr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend Seattle, WA - With just over twenty-four hours in Seattle I'm already about to head back to the airport. This evening's destination is San Diego, California where I'll be staying the weekend while serving as head judge for the Mr San Diego Eagle contest. I'm quite excited about returning to San Diego and the opportunity to build new connections within the community of fetish/Sm players in the region. Even better, I get to share the weekend with my boy Derek Da Silva, who will be flying in from Chicago to be with me for the weekend. Tomorrow evening we're slated to present an impact play demonstration during the Mr San Diego Eagle Meet & Greet and I'm planning a very special post to the blog tomorrow that relates directly to our demo. So, if you live or are going to be in San Diego this weekend......More After the Jump »

31-Jan-10 23:40:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Gun Play, Rough, Single-Tail, Titan, Water Sports

Titan Media released the forth video in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features I'm co-directing with Paul Wilde. Abuse of Power is a solid feature with three sex-filled vignettes that explores three different examples of how some of us play with the exchange of power. Tristan Jaxx and I ambush and overpower Ridge Kane in the first. Erik Glock has his power taken from him at gun-point as he's raped by Tyler Saint in the second. And Ruff Zindao surrenders to the business end of my six-foot bullwhip in a truly incredible free-standing display of self discipline and personal power in the final, single-tail scene. From our darkest fantasies of abduction and rape, through brute force, gun play and pain, to the point of ecstasy and release, Abuse of Power delivers a unique glimpse into the way men play together on the edge.

Now, for a more personal take on, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. Abuse of Power and more... ...More After the Jump »

01-Jan-10 20:00:00

Art Films, Rough, Titan Media, XBIZ

Best of: the BlogPortland, OR – On September 29th of 2007 I posted my first entry to this blog. It was a quick and not-so-dirty little post coinciding with the release of Fear and my public foray into the adult industry. The Blog has evolved over the past couple years. It is at times promotional; documenting shoots, current projects and the latest releases. At other times my blog is more reflective and personal. My blog has also served as a forum for my essays and thoughts on community and what I like to call this thing of ours meaning queer leather/fetish and BDSM. On December 30th, Unzipped awarded an Unzippy to my blog as Most Informational (while still being hot) Blog. After learning of the award I got to thinking about the past year and decided to indentify ten entries that I believe best represent my contributions to the blogosphere. Now, for my "best of: the Blog' list for 2009......More After the Jump »

31-Dec-09 20:00:00

Art Films, Rough, Titan Media, XBIZ

Why the Fuck am I Doing This?Portland, OR – This is going to be a far more personal and reflective entry than most of those that I have written before. A couple weeks ago XBIZ, the adult industry association, announced their nominations for 2010 awards. Among nominations ranging from Toy Manufacture of the Year to GLBT Company of the year to Transsexual Performer of the Year, there are the nominations for Gay Director of the Year. Among the individuals I know and respect nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Brian Mills, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Ward, Kristofer Weston, Mr. Pam (with Michael Lucas), Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo, Steven Scarborough, and Paul Wilde (who is co-nominated with me for our work on the Rough line). Wow! I definitely didn't expect this kind of recognition when I first got into the industry....More After the Jump »

17-Dec-09 20:00:00

Art Films, gaYbor, Mr Leatherman Vancouver, Priape, Rough, Titan, Ybor Eagle

Community Building35,000 FT – By the time I get this posted, I will have already arrived back home in Seattle, but as it is, I'm writing this post on the last leg of my trip inbound at about thirty-five thousand feet above somewhere in Texas (and yes, Fuck Texas!). As you can probably guess, I'm back on the road again, traveling the United States and Canada, exploring the fetish/Sm scenes across the continent and contributing what I can to a broader sense of community. Two weeks ago I was in Vancouver, BC for the Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010 contest. This past weekend I was in Tampa, FL for Leather Ball 3. I'll be in Seattle, WA this coming weekend for's Gear Night at the Cuff Complex and a gig at the local bath house. And shortly after that, I'll be ringing in the New Year at Steam Portland, with quite a contingent of boys in tow, I might add. Yes, it looks like we're getting busy again. Here's a recap of the events in Vancouver and Tampa the past couple weeks as well as more details on what to expect as 2009 comes to a close....More After the Jump »

26-Nov-09 12:00:00

Art Films, Battle Creek Breakdown, Brian Mills, Joe Gage, Titan Media

Released: Battle Creek BreakdownSeattle, WA – On Tuesday Titan Media released Battle Creek Breakdown. Again, although I generally consider myself a fetish performer, each year I try to complete one or two non-fetish features in an effort to broaden my experience within the industry and cross market appeal. Last year those two features, Chainsaw and Home Invasion were both directed by Joe Gage. I positively love getting the chance to work with the legendary director Joe Gage. His early movies, especially the Working Man Trilogy, totally helped define my queer identity and I feel truly honored to now have been a part of three of his more recent projects. ...More After the Jump »

25-Nov-09 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Community, Dr Dick, Rough, Service, Titan

Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 2)Seattle, WA – The second part of my podcast interview with Dr Dick's Sex Advice with an Edge is live. Apparently, part one of my chat with Dr Dick has been his most popular podcast to date, breaking all download records for a single podcast in a single week. Who would a thought? In this, the second part, the Doc and I discuss: my fan base that includes loads of kinky women; my polyamorous relationships with Derek da Silva, Chris Yosef, Timmy and our pup Element; open, honest communication as key to relationship success; Power Play from my introductions to my life now as a power Switch; the exhilaration of creating scenes for my subs; the cathartic and recreational aspects of BDSM; and, the importance of working with sex positive & kink-positive healing and helping professionals. You can check out Dr Dick's Sex Advice site and download Podcast 170 to take a listen. I definitely hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

18-Nov-09 16:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Community, Dr Dick, Rigging, Rough, Service, Titan

Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)Seattle, WA – Yesterday I sat down with Dr Dick for a podcast interview as part of his Sex Advice with an Edge series. You'll recall my boy Chris Yosef did an interview with the Doc a few months ago and I was called out to add my take on this thing of ours. In this first part of our interview we discus: the need for a body double, or at least a cock double; the Pacific Northwest as a hotbed of perversion; my on screen persona being the same as my off screen persona; how I got my start in the 'art film' industry; workshops Derek da Silva and present together; my mentors; my collaboration with Titan Media and the new Rough line; the challenges, opportunities and future of porn; the bareback phenomenon; and my essay A More Nuanced Position. As the summary of the podcast from Dr Dick states......More After the Jump »

17-Nov-09 16:00:00

BDSM, Boys, Chicago Hellfire Club, Community, Rigging

Associate Applicants' Weekend 2009Seattle, WA – Landing in Seattle was like a return to reality. Often when I fly out to attend Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC) events, especially those with my boy Derek Da Silva, I feel as though I've escaped... escaped from the harsh realities of the day-to-day; escaped from the ever present judgment of those who don't understand; escaped from every type of relationship except the type of relationship in which you would expect love and respect; escaped... I put my boy Derek in his place. We had an awesome three-way with Douggerz, his partner of more than a decade. I shared time with my brother Odie and Cousin Rob. I had a photo shoot to document my current physical state. I was pampered more than one would expect. And I ran some much over-due scenes. To give you I glimpse into all of these things... ...More After the Jump »

14-Nov-09 13:00:00

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Judging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010Chicago, IL – In just a few weeks, I'll be in Vancouver BC to judge the 2010 Mr Leatherman Vancouver contest. This year's contest marks the official return of Leather to Vancouver and I feel especially honored to have been asked by Stéphane Donaldson to be a part of the event and thrilled to help select the next leather titleholder for Vancouver. The other member of the judging panel include: Head Judge, Nikitas Chondroyannos from Vancouver BC; Western Canadian Leather boy 2009, David from Calgary AB; Western Canadian Leather Sir 2009, Jonathan from Calgary AB; Rubbout Vancouver's Mitch Kenyon from Vancouver BC; Mr. Rubber Vancouver 2010, Paul Wood from Vancouver BC; and Mike Zuhl from Pittsburgh PA. My boy Chris Hanley and Priape's Michael Schelt from Vancouver BC will serve as Tally Masters for the contest. While in town, I'll also be presenting a Shibari Bondage Workshop Saturday afternoon and a Fisting Demo with my boy Chris Yosef later that night. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a fun filled weekend of events and community building. Now, for all the details......More After the Jump »

08-Nov-09 10:00:00

Art Films, Community, Family, IML, Safer Sex, Service

A More Nuanced PositionSeattle, WA - A few months ago, International Mr. Leather founder and current president, Chuck Renslow, sent a message to IML Leather Market vendors and the members of our leather community. The letter announced a policy adopted by the Executive Committee of IML regarding the promotion or advocacy of barebacking – the practice of unprotected anal sex among men who have sex with men. This new policy specifically disallows entities that distribute and sell merchandise tending to promote or advocate barebacking from participation in the IML vendor market. Personally, I have myself questioned the level of acceptance bareback studios enjoy at leather community events. I have been troubled by the growing perception that barebacking (especially the marketing of unsafe sex with multiple, anonymous partners) is somehow an acceptable practice among responsible fetish/Sm players. Given our tribe's long tradition of taking care of each other and teaching each other how to play more safely, I am amazed our response has not been stronger or come more quickly. But, I get ahead of myself......More After the Jump »

01-Nov-09 21:27:00

Art Films, Brian Mills, Joe Gage, Titan Media

Released: Eye ContactSeattle, WA – Last Tuesday Titan Media released Eye Contact. Although I am primarily a fetish performer, each year I try to get cast in one or two non-fetish features in an effort to broaden my experience within the industry and cross market appeal. Last year those two features were both directed by Joe Gage. Chainsaw paired me with Braxton Bond in one of the most natural feeling sex scenes I've ever shoot and my performance in Home Invasion earned me Best Actor nominations with both the GayNVs and the Grabbys. Eye Contact, directed by Brian Mills, is the first of two non-fetish features I'm in that will be released this year. The second, to be released later this year, is Battle Creek Breakdown, my third feature with the legendary director, Joe Gage. ...More After the Jump »

22-Oct-09 14:00:00

Art Films, Doc Johnson, Titan Media

Still Squigged OutSeattle, WA – Back in August I took a little trip to an undisclosed location in the Los Angeles area. I was hoping the whole project would be kept under wraps until the final product was released, but apparently the powers-that-be had other plans. The news hit the internet some time before Folsom, so I figure it's time to let you all in on the little big secret. Sometime next year there will be a Tony Buff dildo on the market. Yes, soon you will be able to get your very own replica of my cock to shove up your ass. Honestly, the whole thing still kind of squigs me out, but then again I am writing this entry on the computer my dick bought for me. Now, for the entire back story and a link to all the images from the casting at Doc Johnson......More After the Jump »

17-Oct-09 23:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Folsom Maneuvers,, Rough, Rigging, Titan Media

Tonight at the CuffSeattle, WA – The first's Gear party is tonight at the Cuff Complex. This will be a regular occurrence on the third Saturday of each month. To help kick it off, I've recruited my scene partner from Folsom Maneuvers, Adam Knox (pictured right) and some friends to perform a little rope bondage and rigging demonstrations. After all, the rope kit I've put together does contain my Gear of choice. The demos will start off the evening from 9 pm through 10 pm when DJ Mattstands will be spinning the beats you'll be dancing to through the night. Now, for all the details, access to a VIP card and chance to win an autographed copy of Folsom Maneuvers... ...More After the Jump »

15-Oct-09 23:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Folsom Maneuvers, Folsom Street Fair, Magnitude, Rough, Rigging, Titan Media

Folsom & the AftermathSeattle, WA – Folsom was a challenge this year. It was a full working week, plus. Between flying in on Monday and then out again the following Monday, we shot three scenes for the Rough line, attended several Folsom related parties, had brunch with Brian Mills who heads Titan's production department, dinner with the studio executives, performed at Magnitude, appeared at the Titan booth at the Folsom Street Fair and conducted a series of meetings relating to the Rough line. In the middle of all of this, Folsom Maneuvers was released and, as I mentioned in my previous entry, my local boy here in Seattle was rushed to the hospital with a serious infection. While at times it may have felt a little overwhelming, I was in good company the entire time. Our Titan crew for Folsom included (pictured from left to right): Will Parker, JR Matthews, Chris Yosef, myself, Derek da Silva and Francois Sagat. ...More After the Jump »

29-Sep-09 21:27:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Folsom Maneuvers, Titan Media, Water Sports

Released: Folsom ManeuversSeattle, WA – This past weekend, in conjunction with Folsom Street Fair events, Titan Media released Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover, and Folsom Flesh. It is also the fifth consecutive Folsom project that I've had the honor of being cast in as a performer. In Folsom Maneuvers' opening scene I'm paired with Adam Knox, who first appeared on screen in ROUGH: Shock Treatment which I co-directed with Paul Wilde. The chemistry between Knox and I had been growing since we first met here in Seattle and my only regret regarding his performance in ROUGH: Shock Treatment was that I wasn't fucking his sweet ass in that project so I was eager to bring our connection to the screen. The weather couldn't have been better at Titan ranch when we shot the scene which helped heighten the aggressive jet playful action. The scene is best described as dirty and wet,...More After the Jump »

24-Sep-09 23:00:00

Art Films, Boys,Folsom Street, Magnitude, Rough, Titan Media

Prep for Folsom Street Fair 2009San Francisco, CA – As if there isn't enough going on in my life... I'm in San Fran shooting Rough.5 and preparing for a weekend full of events associated with Folsom Street Fair. I sometimes wonder how it all came to this craziness. This Folsom weekend represents my second anniversary in the adult industry if you count from the date a performer's first release. Two years in and I'm in the middle of directing my fifth project for the new Rough line of fetish/Sm features for Titan Media. I have sixteen titles released and three in the can to be released over the next few months, not to mention the three Rough projects in the works. Two years ago this time I saw my image on a Titan banner, larger than life, and watched as the big screen monitor played out a scene which my boy Derek in full inverted suspension got ravaged by Tober Brandt and myself in the official Folsom release, Fear. Last year I was NakedSword's Dream Team Player for September with Folsom Prison highlighted in the Bar Area Reporter. This year, Folsom Maneuvers (my fifth consecutive Folsom release with Titan including Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover and Folsom Flesh) debuts on the heels of Rough.3: Bound and Beaten. This year I'm slated for Folsom Maneuvers release party at the Powerhouse Friday night followed by an appearance at Chi Chi LaRue's Pop Goes the Zipper; a family brunch, rehearsals, an Exclusives' dinner with studio executives and a performance at Magnitude on Saturday; and the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday. But in actuality the only place I want to be is by my boy Timmy's side....More After the Jump »

21-Sep-09 10:00:00

AIDS Walk Washington, BDSM, Boys, HIV/AIDS, Service

Help Ben (a.k.a. the Kid) Fight AIDSSeattle, WA – The fight against HIV and AIDS is not over. Recent events affecting my own family have brought the stark reality of that fact once again to the forefront. While many of my brothers and sisters are able to live long, productive lives surviving with the disease, many confront serious challenges in the battle to manage their condition. I am now well aware that Burkitt’s, a fast growing form of immunodificency-associated non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which requires an aggressive bout of chemotherapy lasting four to six months. Luckily, our family has pulled together and we have every intention to kick this challenge in the ass. In a broader sense, I’m also proud of the contributions the members of our community of extended family and friends are making to the fight against HIV and AIDS. One such member is Ben, ‘the Kid’ (pictured above), from Washington, DC....More After the Jump »

19-Sep-09 10:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Bound and Beaten, Boys, Buff/Wilde #3, Rigging, Rough, Titan Media, Water Sports

Released: ROUGH. Bound and BeatenSeattle, WA – It’s been a very busy few weeks and I’ve been heads down and centrally focused for the past several days, but last Tuesday Titan Media released the third installment in the new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features, Bound and Beaten and I would be lapse if I didn’t get it posted to the blog. Bound and Beaten continues our attempt to document contemporary BDSM through three vignettes set entirely in the woods of northern California. The players featured are real and the intensity of the play is heightened by the familiarity of the players and the varied levels of experience they have together....More After the Jump »

25-Aug-09 23:47:00

BDSM, Fetish, Leather, Men Magazine, Writing

Men Magazine's Special Fetish IssueSan Francisco, CA – Yesterday, Men magazine's special Fetish issue hit the newsstands. Promising to cover the forbidden fantasies from A to Z, the fall 2009 issue offers 'buff bods, dirty deeds and pervy play'. Snicker. It's actually kind of cute. And I mean no condescension here. I find it quite interesting and somewhat entertaining to examine how our fetishes are portrayed by the 'mainstream gay' press. Cough twice. One need only read the table of contents to determine this particular publication is geared toward a far more mainstream audience than the one I generally target my writing or other talents toward. So, you might ask why I'm pointing it out to you, here, now......More After the Jump »

19-Aug-09 22:00:00

AIDS Committee of Toronto, BDSM, Service

BDSM: Safer Kinky SexPescadero, CA – While in Toronto last weekend, I met many wonderful people, but there are two in particular that stand out in my mind because of their efforts to educate BDSM players. After the Mr Rubber Toronto contest at the Black Eagle on Saturday night, I was introduced to and had long conversations with Duncan MacLachlan and Trevor Jacques. While I had heard of these gentlemen before that evening, I had not had a chance to speak with them before nor was I aware how their efforts, among several others with the BDSM Education Project, had taken form under the banner of the AIDS Committee of Toronto....More After the Jump »

17-Aug-09 04:45:00

BDSM, Boys, Church St Fetish Fair, Mr Rubber Toronto, Rigging, Rubber

Church St Fetish Fair 2009Toronto, ON – This past weekend, my boy Derek Da Silva and I have been in Toronto for the Mr Rubber Toronto Contest and the Church St Fetish Fair. Our friends at the Black Eagle sponsored our trip and one of our favorite people, Gloria served as our host for the weekend. Again we had a blast in Canada while exploring the local fetish/Sm scene. Once again Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to us during our stay and the friends we made back in February made us feel reluctant to leave....More After the Jump »

02-Aug-09 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Diversity, Priape, Rigging

Diversity Weekend 2009Montreal, QC – This weekend, my boy Derek Da Silva and I have been in Montreal for the annual Diversity celebrations. Our friend and current Mr International Rubber, Stéphane set up several opportunities for us to interact with the local fetish/Sm community and was our host for the weekend. We couldn't be more grateful; we had an absolute blast. Friday night we did a meet & greet and a rope bondage demonstration at the Black Eagle. Saturday afternoon, we taught an introductory Shibari rope bondage class at the Black Eagle and then made an appearance at Priape to promote the new Rough line of fetish/Sm features I'm co-directing with Paul Wilde for Titan Media. Then we performed at K.L.U.B, the big leather, latex, uniform and bear fetish party Saturday night....More After the Jump »

29-Jul-09 20:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Dore, Rigging, Up Your Alley

Up Your Alley 2009Seattle, WA – Up Your Alley, a leather street fair produced by Folsom Street Events (FSE), was held this past weekend in San Francisco this past weekend. Dore, as many of us in the leather/Sm community commonly refer to the weekend of events, includes play parties hosted by the Men of Discipline and the 15 Association, the San Francisco Leather Daddy contest and various bar nights in addition to the official FSE sponsored events like the Bay of Pigs dance party and the street fair itself. While not as large an event weekend as Folsom, Dore attracts a devoted following of players from around the world. ...More After the Jump »

22-Jul-09 20:00:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys, Dragon Clan, Famiglia, Fire Play

La Famiglia: the Dragon Clan & Family BuffSeattle, WA – Family is important. It can provide a sense of belonging, support and love. Regardless of the relationship we may have with our biological families, for many queers like me, it is our families of choice that provide the foundations of our lives. This is, in my experience, especially true for my fellow kinksters, gender queers and those of us who express radically alternative sexual identities. While I have been witness to a few notable exceptions, for the most part, our queer identities were too much for our biological families to handle... there love was almost always conditional. They could love us so long as we didn't turn into some faggot or dyke. They could still love us, while hating the sin, so long as we didn't tell anyone, especially other members of the family who would never understand our dirty little secret. Father time and mother nature help you if you blurred your gender or got caught tying the neighbor kid to a tree and pissing on him a little, 'cause that would require professional help. By the time we became adults, we either learned censored what we shared with the bios or we were censured by them. For me, the later finally came when I was shooting my first, dirty little movie. I never really was one to accept conditions being place on who I am....More After the Jump »

02-Jul-09 20:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff/Wilde #1, Fetish, Fist and Piss, Fisting, LeatherPost, Re-bar, Rigging, Rough, Sextanza, Titan Media, Water Sports

Sextanza Twitter ContestSeattle, WA – Tonight is Sextanza, the monthly fetish/kink party, at the Re-bar sponsored by Scott Paul Designs and LeatherPost with DJ Sweet Chris Bell and DJ FauxFaux spinning funky electro house, rock, funk, and mash-up. I know that Everett from LeatherPost, Scott Paul and photographer, Redwoodsnaps, have been working hard to make this the night for all you kinky fuckers here in Seattle and tonight promises to be a blast. With nearly all the boys in town for Blood Sweat & Fear this weekend, I know I'm planning on one hell of a good time. My boys Timmy, Chris Yosef, Derek da Silva, his boy JC, our pup Element and many of our friends will be bringing our own special brand of down-and-dirty from about ten to midnight....More After the Jump »

30-Jun-09 20:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Fisting, Rigging, Rough, Titan Media, Water Sports

Released: ROUGH. Fist and PissSeattle, WA – Today, Titan Media made the second installment of our new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features, Fist and Piss ,available for sale online. Although this release follows the launch of the ROUGH line with Shock Treatment, Fist and Piss was in fact the first project Paul Wild and I co-directed for the new line. While Fist and Piss will not be regarded as 'shocking' as our first release, it continues the exploration into contemporary fetish and Sm by capturing the intensity and passions embodied by real players as they engage in the kind of activities that help define radical sexuality and queer identity. This time, as the title implies, we focus on two common kinks among those of us who play on an edge that others would call extreme: fisting and watersports....More After the Jump »

23-Jun-09 12:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff/Wilde #2, Electro Play, Rigging, Rough, Shock Treatment, Titan Media

Behind the Scenes: Shock TreatmentSan Francisco, CA – Late last week, Titan posted some Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage from the set of our first release in the Rough line, Shock Treatment, the TitanMen blog. The video clip captures Derek Da Silva and me chatting with Brian Mills and Paul Wilde immediately following the most intense scene we have to date, shared on camera. In the clip, we explain what the scene involved and provide a glimpse into why we engage in this type of play. Now, for a look behind the scenes......More After the Jump »

16-Jun-09 20:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Electro Play, Rigging, Rough, Titan Media

Released: ROUGH. Shock TreatmentSeattle, WA - This has been an exciting day. Today, Titan Media lauched our new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features with the release of Shock Treatment. Shock Treatment represents my directorial debut as a co-director with GayVN award winning videographer Paul Wilde Wilde for Titan Media....More After the Jump »

10-Jun-09 20:10:00

Art Films, BDSM, boys, CLAW, GLPW, Titan Media, Twitter, Service

A Tweet-by-Tweet ReviewSeattle, WA – Last Sunday, I volunteered to help out with the Toasted Buns event hosted by Generic Leather Productions of Washington to benefit our titleholders' travel fund and CLAW Nation charities. One of my boysOur current Northwest Leather Sir, Rich Bryan hosted the event. And, the Dragons were there in force. We offered spanking demos and swats for a dollar while staffing the barbeque on the patio at the Cuff, our home bar here in Seattle. I'm generally the guy on the mic for these types of GLPW events, although our family tends to create spectacle and work the room which helps minimize the amount of time needed on the microphone. ...More After the Jump »

07-Jun-09 14:40:00

Art Films, BDSM, boys, Grabbys, PSA, Titan Media

SafewordsSeattle, WA – A couple weeks ago, an incident happened at the Grabbys. Chi Chi LeRue called me out on stage stating she was ready for her "blood scene." Upon arriving on stage she asked me for a safeword. I replied, on the mic, in front of the press and an audience of hundreds, "Safewords are for retarded tops." This was immediately picked up by, twittered and posted to thousands. By the time I got back to our table, I could clearly hear the voice of my late Daddy, Dave Lewis in my head. As I've mentioned before, Daddy Dave was a teacher and he was instructing me to write a five-paragraph essay explaining what I meant by that. Well, this is it......More After the Jump »

25-May-09 09:40:00

Art Films, BDSM, boys, IML, Puppy Play, Rough, Titan Media

Who's a Good Puppy?Chicago, IL – The Titan crew spent its Sunday working and playing at the Titan/Priape booth in the IML Leather Market. Now don't get me wrong, working a booth in the market is work. For me, it meant answering a lot of questions about our IML release Folsom Flesh ("No, that's not makeup on his ass. Those are blood blisters from the paddle") and the new Rough line of fetish/Sm features I'm co-directing with Paul Wilde for Titan ("Copper wire wrapped around each nut and hooked to a crank generator [Giggle]"). It also meant stealing away brief moments to visit with friends from around the world and recruit players....More After the Jump »

24-May-09 10:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Best Fetish Film, Boys, Breakers, Dean Flynn, Folsom Prison, Folsom Street Events, Funhouse, Grabbys, IML, Titan Media

Folsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 GrabbysChicago, IL – Yesterday evening I attended the 18th Annual Grabby Awards with my boys, Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element (pictured right). We joined director Brian Mills and my fellow Titan exclusives Dean Flynn and Will Parker at the studio table and helped collect three Grabby honors. The first was Folsom Prison's Grabby for Best Fetish Video. This was a particular honor because I helped co-write Folsom Prison with Brian Mills and Diesel Washington and it was my first opportunity to help direct the scenes in which I performed. Titan Media also earned a Grabby for Best Art Direction with Funhouse and Dean Flynn took home Lucite as the Grabby's Best Versatile Performer of 2008....More After the Jump »

23-May-09 21:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Folsom Flesh, Folsom Street, IML, Priape, Titan Media

Released: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, I joined Titan exclusive and friend, Dean Flynn with my boys Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element to work the Titan/Priape booth. I also got an opportunity to play with Will Parker, my scene partner in the TitanMen release, Folsom Flesh. Impromptu rope bondage, Tomcat flogging/whipping and male bonding is a great way to start-off a day of work and play. As you can tell from the video clip below, the chemistry between Will 'the Pig' Parker and I is as strong now as it was when we shot our scene for our TitanMen/Folsom Street Events co-branded release for IML in association with After the Jump »

22-May-09 21:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Folsom Flesh, Folsom Street, IML, Priape, Titan Media

Released: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, Titan Media released Folsom Flesh in association with Priape. Folsom Flesh is the sixth in the series of co-branded Folsom films and exclusive leather/fetish films of the Folsom Street Fair. Yes, that's me on the cover with my scene partner, Will Parker. As I've written before, I've seen our scene, which opens the film and it is one of the most stunning depictions of hardcore fetish/Sm ever captured on screen. I was at ShibariCon with my boy Derek da Silva and our pup Element and haven't had a chance to see the reactions from the crowd watching the extended trailer at the Titan/Priape booth yet. But judging by the reports I've received from director Brian Mills, the facial expressions and comments would indicate agreement....More After the Jump »

20-May-09 18:40:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, CHC, IML, Rigging, Rough, Service, ShibariCon, Titan

Rough Schedule and Buff's BoysChicago, IL –- As I sit here contemplating the myriad of events lined up for this Memorial Day weekend, I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed and amazed. Memorial Day weekend is of course, IML Weekend in Chicago. It is also the weekend of ShibariCon, the Grabbys, play parties at the Chicago Hellfire Club and now the Pantheon of Leather Awards. With a line up like that, you'd figure Chicago would be the place you'd find me this weekend but I'm not sure I can really express just how queer this coming weekend feels to me... it's kind of surreal......More After the Jump »

29-Apr-09 13:40:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Medi/Fetish, Titan Media, Triage

Released: TriageSeattle, WA – Yesterday in San Francisco, Titan Media released Triage. It's been five months since I've appeared in a feature released by the studio that has become my home, but this one should be well worth the wait... especially for those of you waiting for a performance that includes some extreme fetish play (admittedly, Home Invasion is one of the two fairly vanilla performances I delivered last year). Triage represents my eighth feature released by Titan and my eleventh overall in the industry. It is also the feature directorial debut for award winning cinematographer, Paul Wilde. Paul is a player in the community, dear friend and my co-director for the new line of fetish/Sm features presented by Titan, so I'm excited to see the entirety of this particular release....More After the Jump »

25-Apr-09 13:00:00

BDSM, Boys, CLAW, Rigging, Service

1 Rope, 2 Knots and 3 TiesCleveland, OH -- Derek and I are about to teach our One Rope, Two Knots and Three Ties workshop at CLAW. The class will be held at Flex as part of the Skills Workshops Series. The class starts at 2:40pm. You can download a PDF of the class handout by clicking the image to the right....More After the Jump »

23-Apr-09 19:44:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff/Wild #1, CLAW, Rough, Titan Media

It's a Contact SportChicago, IL –- This past weekend I had a double pleasure; both the Pup (Element) from Portland and my boy Chris from Vancouver were in Seattle to visit. The Pup came in on Thursday and stayed through Monday and Chris came in late Sunday and stayed through Tuesday. This overlap allowed us a night with all three of us together....More After the Jump »

06-Apr-09 14:21:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Shotgun Video, Squeeze Play, Titan Media

Released: Squeeze PlaySan Francisco, CA –- Just about anyone into Cock & Ball Torture (cbt) and really heavy scenes caught on DVD is most likely familiar with Roger of San Francisco and Shotgun Video. I love his work. There isn't much out there that compares to the intensity and level of play Roger captures on screen. My boy Derek had already worked with Roger before I met him and I'd wanted to work with him since I decided to get into the industry. Last summer, the Execs at Titan granted me special permission to do just that even though I was under contract as an exclusive....More After the Jump »

04-Apr-09 10:30:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff/Wilde #2, Titan Media

Buff/Wilde #2San Francisco, CA –- Yesterday, we wrapped shooting the second feature in the new fetish/Sm line Paul Wilde and I are co-directing for Titan. The primary theme for this feature was electro play. This type of play is fairly advanced, difficult to capture on screen and particularly challenging to cast, but I'm extremely happy with our results.

The first scene we shot is actually a tribute to one of my many mentors, Parker Perry because he introduced me to the scene and allowed me to apprentice under his tutelage as I learned the techniques, mechanics and subtleties of punch fucking the prostate with electrical current. No, it's not the most visually stunning electro scene I could have chosen to capture for this feature, but it is one of the more advanced and intense electro scenes played out in play spaces across the globe. To demonstrate just how intense the scene can be, I recruited my new pup from Portland, Element, to come down and bottom for me. The scene involves a hand crafted brass butt plug (which the pup has taken to calling his 'spark plug'), a Van Buren Urethral sound, an ErosTech box and a couple of Alligator Clips. I'm sure you can close the circuit in your mind, although I would suggest you not try this at home without the guidance of an experienced practitioner. An understanding of and experience with electro play, sounding and clean & sterile technique are all minimally required for this type of play. For this type of play to be effective and rewarding however, you need to be able to read your bottom and subtly manipulate the stimulation. Here's what the pup had to say about the scene...

##### Begin Quote #####

I have to say that the scene I performed in last week was one of the most amazing times I’ve ever had in my life. To begin with, the whole interaction was my first ever screen appearance, but the guys at Titan were so welcoming and attentive I couldn't help but feel comfortable. Of course, the main perk was getting to work with you, sir.

I have never had a sound down my shaft or a spark plug up my ass, but you slid those things in like I had been lubed and preparing myself for days. The first jolt of the current was a bit nerve racking but also so intriguing and new that I found myself turning into an electro fiend within seconds. I would keep questioning in my head, More! More? I want more? YES! MORE!

And really I have to say kudos to you for doing what you do sooooo damn well sir. Heading into the scene, working out what comes next, figuring out the camera angles; it all had such a great flow to it that it seriously did feel like there weren’t any camera’s recording, to quote my brudder Chris. As we were looking for the cum shot I found myself being shy, a vulnerable shy. Felling like, Oh shit, the world is on your shoulders now element, let the force be with you. But honestly in few moments notice I couldn’t help but orgasm in a frenzy, between your skilled hands pushing the limits to the intense setting, and clinching my ass to intensify the current. I was done in, and there was no turning back.

It was an amazing scene.

##### End Quote #####

For a visually stunning scene, we turned to my boy Derek da Silva, who isn't just one of the heaviest bottoms you could ever hope to beat but a very talented top as well... a true power switch. I knew if we wanted sparks to fly, my boy could make it happen. Here's what Derek had to say about his scene with Mitch Colby...

##### Begin Quote #####

I’ve been really enjoying getting back to topping scenes – I have a creative streak that I like to express and I can think of no better way to express it than making a hot man like Mitch suffer in the most twisted and exquisite ways I can think of.

For this scene we wanted some electrical play that was more visual, so I turned to the violet wand since it is probably the one piece of electro equipment where you can really see what is happening. Part of the inspiration for what you’ll see in this scene stems from a conversation with Clive Barker I had last fall. Our mutual friend Jo Jo Baby introduced me to Clive as Clive was interested in depicting electro and I have a rep for doing some heavy electrical play on and off camera. Clive asked about ways to make it visually stunning, and I was a little stumped for how to make it look better, but his question got me thinking about it – and he signed an old book I had with a great illustration of a lightning bolt hitting a cock. When you see the vid, you’ll know what the drawing inspired!

It was great working with Mitch. We’re old friends and we did a BG East wrestling video together right before the weekend where Tony Buff collared me on the set of the first video we did together. I had wanted to bring Mitch in on that shoot but it never materialized. Now, two years later, I’m really happy that we are doing a proper BDSM scene together at last. We’ve known each other so long and have talked about this forever. And along the way we’ve built the kind of trust that it takes to really push the limits of a scene. While this was Mitch’s very first electro scene it was hardly a beginner scene. I’m honored that he trusted me enough to go there with me, and what’s more, share his first experience with this kind of play on video. To his credit he hung in there through what was a really nasty scene – and his body looked amazing thrashing in pain. I had to wait a long time to finally play with him, but it was worth the wait.

##### End Quote #####

Rounding out Derek and Mitch's scene and adding to the action were Buzz Cox and Andrea who deliver a great rough fuck on their own after watching Derek work over Mitch and getting a shock or two themselves.

We wrapped the second day of shooting with a scene straight from Amnesty International's list of torture activities. If you thought the stun gun I took to Derek's nuts in Folsom Prison was over the top, wait until you see how far we go when he's strapped to a floating bondage table and Roger from Shotgun Video has lent me a crank generator to play with. Derek is so cute when he's suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All-in-all, it was an excellent shoot. I love working with Titan. My co-director, Paul and I have already developed a cohesive directing style and we're taking each shoot as a learning experience applied to the next. On a related note, we've reviewed and approved the final edit of our first Rough feature and all I can say is our editing department fuckin' rocks. I can't wait for the release next month.

30-Mar-09 11:08:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, GayVNs, Titan Media

Folsom Prison Wins GayVNs Best Fetish FilmSan Francisco, CA –- Folsom Prison wins Best Fetish Film at the 11th Annual GayVN Awards at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. This marks the third year in a row that one of Titan Media's cobranded features with Folsom Street Events has won the Best Fetish or Fetish (Extreme) category at the GayVNs with Folsom Filth in 2007 and Fear in 2008. It is also the second year in a row that Derek and I had scenes together in the winning feature (note: Derek has been in all three). I can't help but feel a personal sense of accomplishment following this recognition since Folsom Prison was my first venture into writing and directing. Thanks to Brian Mills being willing to collaborate so fully, Diesel Washington and I have co-writing credit with him and I was given the opportunity to co-direct the scenes I have in the film....More After the Jump »

28-Mar-09 10:36:00

Art Films, Boys, GayVNs, Service, Titan Media, TitanMen/Folsom Fund

TitanMen at Harvey'sSan Francisco, CA –- Last night was the big kick off to GayVN weekend in the Castro. From early evening through the late night, studios, media organizations, performers and fans congregated at various locations around the Castro. I started my evening off at Sui Generis which was hosting Steve Cruz's event for the How I Roll campaign. I was there not just because my boy Derek was scheduled to appear (which he was) or I consider Steve a friend (he is) but because I support the cause. Efforts to advocate safer sex, educate our communities and open dialog about the prevention of HIV and STD transmission are as important now as they ever have been and I'm happy to do my part to bring attention to these efforts....More After the Jump »

24-Mar-09 19:15:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, GLPW, SML, WSMLO

2009 Washington State Leather Pride WeekSeattle, WA –- What a fucking week! I am completely spent but it was all well worth the effort and rewarding on so many levels. For me, Washington State Leather Pride week is about Clan, Family, Service and Play. Each year since 2002, this week in my local community has been marked by transforming experiences. ...More After the Jump »

17-Mar-09 10:36:00

Art Films, BDSM, Grabby Awards, Titan Media

2009 Grabby NominationsSeattle, WA –- On Sunday, the 18th Annual Grabby Nominations were announced. Apparently, I have been given three individual nominations including: Best Newcomer, Best Actor for my role in Home Invasion, and Best Solo Sex Scene again in Home Invasion. Titan Media's Home Invasion also earned a Best Movie nomination, Joe Gage nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay, and Tyler Saint a Best Supporting Actor nomination....More After the Jump »

15-Mar-09 15:52:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Priape, Rigging, Service, Titan Media

Shibari Rope Demo at the PumpjackVancouver, BC –- Now that my boy Chris is back in the fold, I figured it was time to head up to Vancouver and check out the scene. It had been several years since I was last back in this beautiful city and I've been reminded of how much I enjoy my time here. Chris is an amazing boy and finds a surprising amount of joy in making me feel comfortable and relaxed. And the leather/Sm community here, while not as large or cohesive as the one I experienced in Toronto, is just as friendly and welcoming....More After the Jump »

08-Mar-09 13:02:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Service

Portland, OR –- Sorry folks, no images with this post even though I was lit on fire during the show. This past weekend I've been down to Portland for this year's Northwest Sash Bash. I was invited down to serve as the celebrity auctioneer for the big show last night at Ember's. The show was spectacular with live singing, a fire dancer and a truly brutal performance from my sister in the Dragon Clan, Lynnda, and members of her family in Portland that included real blood. Yeah, we love blood....More After the Jump »

03-Mar-09 13:02:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan

Three BoysSeattle, WA –- Two of my boys were here in Seattle when I came home from San Francisco. Chris from Vancouver and my local boy Blueeyes have been getting along really well. The two of them seem to be bonding on a pretty deep level. Chris has always been rather quiet and reserved. I've been delighted to see how quickly he has opened up and become attached to his new little brother. Blueeyes seems to be reveling in the prospects of joining the family. I think on one level he's found something that he didn't realize he was looking for in his relationship with me. Becoming part of something even larger than that and finding relationships with Chris and Derek as well, I'm sure has come as a pleasant surprise even if it does mean coming to grips with concepts like polyamory and a new 'family dynamic.' ...More After the Jump »

01-Mar-09 14:38:00

15 Association, Art Films, BDSM, Boys, IML, Titan Media

Production Code: Priape/IMLSan Francisco, CA –- Just a couple of days after arriving home in Seattle, I was off to San Francisco to perform in the last scene shot for the Titan/Folsom co-branded release for IML in association with Priape. Since the shoot was Thursday and Friday I flew in Wednesday evening and stayed over a couple of extra days....More After the Jump »

23-Feb-09 05:15:00

BDSM, Boys, Community, ECLSb, Rigging, Service

Utter PainToronto, ON –- Our dear friend Gloria from Canada brought Derek and me out to visit and experience her local community in Toronto. Not only did she fly us in, she lined up a few gigs for us too. It was a welcome weekend filled with a lot of great play and wonderful friends, old and new....More After the Jump »

19-Feb-09 11:10:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, GayVNs, Titan Media

2009 GayVN Award NominationsSeattle, WA –- Given the amount of focus and energy I have been spending on 'what's next' I haven't had much time to reflect on the past year and the body of work created. Truth is I was on set at the Titan studios filming the first in our upcoming line of hardcore fetish/Sm line of features on Tuesday last week when the slurry of messages began coming in regarding the GayVN Award nominations. I must admit, I am honored to be among the many, many talented individuals recognized for their contributions to the industry and just as pleased to have played a role in helping to create many of the nominated features released by Titan Media....More After the Jump »

13-Feb-09 16:45:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff/Wilde #1, Titan Media

Buff/Wilde #1San Francisco, CA –- This past week I found myself bringing a creative vision to fruition. Together with co-director Paul Wilde (pictured on the left) and the support of the entire Titan Media crew, we began and wrapped production on the first in a new line of documentary-style, hardcore fetish/Sm features. In keeping with our RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) inspired desire to capture real players in real scenes with real intensity, this production is no exception. If the piss and lube soaked studio floor or five inches of nasty in the bottom of that cast-iron, four-claw tub are any indication, we've succeeded in documenting two intense play sessions that are sure to please. And we've done it in a manner that facilitates the fluidity of the players' action....More After the Jump »

03-Feb-09 19:10:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan

Sometimes You Just KnowSeattle, WA –- It was like that when I met Derek. The first time I saw him walking past registration at Inferno XXXV I knew I had to pursue him. The first time we played I knew we shared something special. And the first time he came to visit me in Seattle I knew he'd be my boy. I had no idea just how deep our relationship would become or the amount of growth it would foster in both of us, but I knew my life wouldn't be the same again. I'm pretty sure Derek would be the first to admit that when he accepted my collar back in May of 2007 he didn't really know what all it entailed but I can say it has become everything I could have hoped for in a D/s relationship....More After the Jump »

02-Feb-09 19:10:00

Art, BDSM, Boys, Joe Oppedisano

First Shoot with Joe OppedisanoSeattle, WA –- Remember how I mentioned that my boy Derek introduces me to some of the most interesting people? Well you might recall one of those people has been Joe Oppedisanno and that Derek and I did a photo shoot with the world renowned photographer in New York City a couple months ago. Early this morning I received the images from the shoot. They are all so incredible I had a hard time choosing the one to use for this post. Each one of the eight images is uniquely Joe and I can't even begin to describe my appreciation. I've posted them to a gallery, so you can check out all the photos....More After the Jump »

30-Jan-09 19:10:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, SML

BlueeyesSeattle, WA – So, I met this boy... Yeah, I know... What's fuckin' new? Well, this one for starters.

His name is Tim, but I've taken to calling him 'Blueeyes' for obvious reasons. I met him over a year ago at a party but he was with another rigger friend of mine so didn't go any further than the introduction. At least not until receiving a message from him a few days after creating a Recon account early last month....More After the Jump »

28-Jan-09 12:47:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Interviews, Titan Media

Tony Buff Isn’t Role Playing - An InterviewSeattle, WA -- Thom Seck, the editor of French gay bimonthly magazines dedicated to X rated gay world, Gay Video Star and Gay Video International interviewed me for an upcoming article in his magazine. In the interview transcript that follows I share how I define my relationship with Derek, views on the SM community and my upcoming directorial venture with Titan for a new line of fetish movies in the works. Since I get many of the same questions in messages from my readers here, I thought I post the interview......More After the Jump »

26-Jan-09 14:49:00

Art, BDSM, Blood, Clive Barker, NCFS, Rigging

Imagining Man Photo ShootLos Angeles, CA –- My boy Derek introduces me to some of the most interesting people. This past weekend brought two additions to the list: the performance artist (associated with body art and with extreme performance art), Ron Athey; and famed author, film director and visual artist, Clive Barker. ...More After the Jump »

21-Jan-09 19:23:00

Art Films, BDSM, RACK, Titan Media

It's OfficialSeattle, WA –- Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't posted any entries in the past month. Truth be told, I've been heads down working on a major transition and keeping pretty tight lipped about it until the official announcement was made. Well, its official... press release follows:...More After the Jump »

19-Dec-08 19:18:00

Aid Seattle AIDS, Art Film, HIV/AIDS, Service

Yes, Virginia...Seattle, WA –- There is Tony Buff merchandise. You can purchase greeting cards, coffee mugs, even a framed limited edition print from Café Press. And the best part... Every single cent of the proceeds goes to Aid Seattle AIDS....More After the Jump »

14-Dec-08 10:24:00

Boys, BDSM, Dragon Clan, CHC

Gladiator BreakerChicago, IL -- Sometime between Midnight and Noon on Sunday, December 14, 2003, after an evening celebrating Pictures with Santa as the President of Seattle Men in Leather, Dave Lewis passed away of an apparent heart attack... apparently while cruising the internet for sex, logged on as Gladiator Breaker....More After the Jump »

13-Dec-08 13:51:00

Boys, BDSM, CHC, Rigging, Service

2nd Annual December Shibari Demo at the HoleChicago, IL -- Last night my boy Derek and I performed a two part Shibari demonstration for the Chicago Hellfire Club's Bar Night at the Hole in the basement of the Jackhammer. This was the second time we've done a demo for the CHC as part of a Bar Night at the Hole. ...More After the Jump »

10-Dec-08 21:18:00

Art Films, Boys, BDSM

Shin Aleph Hey35,000 ft –- This morning I woke up early, got online and received a much unexpected message. I haven't been quite right since... ...More After the Jump »

02-Dec-08 14:28:00

Art Films, Boys, BDSM, Events, GLPW, Rigging, Service, Titan Media, Woof

WOOF! Philly & New YorkNew York, NY – Okay, it's been a crazy few days. I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Chelsea trying to recap the flurry of happenings before catching the train to Newark for my flight home....More After the Jump »

29-Nov-08 11:46:00

Art Films, Boys, BDSM, Events, Rigging, Service, Titan Media, Wishbone

Black Friday at the Eagle NYCNew York, NY -- Derek and I rendezvoused at Newark Airport then took the New Jersey Transit into New York City yesterday afternoon. After settling in at the hotel in Chelsea and grabbing a bite to eat, we headed over to our first event of the weekend, Wishbone at the Eagle NYC....More After the Jump »

28-Nov-08 00:57:00

Art Films, CLAW, Dragon Clan, GLPW, Service, Spanksgiving, Titan Media

Spanksgiving 35,000 ft -- It's times like this I truly thankful for keeping most of my flying with Alaska Airlines. This morning I was upgraded to First Class for my flight to New York. This was especially welcome because last night was a late one. After dinner at brother Panther's all the Dragons that were in town worked the Spanksgiving fundraiser for GLPW and CLAW Nation charities....More After the Jump »

25-Nov-08 22:30:00

Art Films, Home Invasion, Titan Media

Released: Home InvasionSeattle, WA –- Earlier today Titan Media released Home Invasion. Touted as a tale of unlawful entry and the ties that bind, Home Invasion was my second project with famed director Joe Gage. As I wrote in the original posts about the shoot, I play Rudge the leader of a pack of criminals that target a businessman and invade his secluded home and then its occupants. The entire movie was shot at night with distinctly film-noir effect adding to the sultry and suspenseful feel of this feature. ...More After the Jump »

22-Nov-08 13:43:00

BDSM, Boys, Rigging

Rigging for the KidSeattle, WA –- Back in January, while attending Mid-Atlantic Leather in Washington DC, Derek and I met this kid. He looked about fourteen running around in his little wrestling singlet and Converse high-tops. Not really our thing, but there was something about this boy. He was clearly thrilled to be surrounded by all the leather-clad men in the bar; energetic, inquisitive and a bit shy. He definitely brought out my predatory instincts. And, he was in the bar, so it stood to reason he was of age....More After the Jump »

21-Nov-08 18:12:00

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Tri-State AppearancesSeattle, WA –- Exciting news has developed over the course of the past couple weeks and now that the schedule is all but finalized, I can share it with all of you. Thanks to Max at Max Scott Events, I've been booked for several tri-state appearances at the end of this month. The appearances will include events in New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Asbury Park, NJ from Friday November 28th through Monday December 1st. As of this posting, I can pass on details for two of these events....More After the Jump »

16-Nov-08 19:02:00

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Staged Reading: A Perfect RelationshipChicago, IL –- This afternoon I performed in the PEOPLE*S Theater of Chicago's staged reading of Doric Wilson's A Perfect Relationship as part of the company's Legacy Project. This has been a true honor for me since the Legacy Project works to promote and preserve the legacies of GLBT playwrights and performers with a focus on raising awareness pertaining to GLBT issues both social and political. ...More After the Jump »

15-Nov-08 16:48:00

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Voices Across the NationChicago, IL –- Well over 3,000 people gathered in Chicago's Federal Plaza this afternoon to rally before taking to the streets of the city to protest the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California and similar anti-gay initiatives in Arizona, Arkansas and Florida. I haven't seen anything like it since the early 90's when we rallied against propositions in Oregon and Washington that would have codified the legalization of discrimination against sexual minorities in employment and housing. ...More After the Jump »

12-Nov-08 21:08:00

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An Immediate Call to ActionSeattle, WA –- As a bisexual, polyamorous, kinky queer, I probably don't fit the expected description of someone in the fight for marriage or adoption rights for gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals. Truth be told, I have no intention of getting married or adopting children. Not my scene, you might say....More After the Jump »

09-Nov-08 20:32:00

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Associate Applicant Weekend 2008Chicago, IL –- After just one day at home in Seattle I flew out to Chicago. I've been here to visit my boy, attend the Chicago Hellfire Club's (CHC) annual Associate Applicant weekend and rehearse for an upcoming staged reading. Before I left Seattle the image (right), a rendering from an artist by the name of Nerone, was pointed out to me, so I figured I'd include it in this post. You can check out his other works on his blog....More After the Jump »

05-Nov-08 16:06:00

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Medi/Fetish ShootSan Francisco, CA –- We completed our scene for the Medi/Fetish themed feature for Titan a few minutes ago. It was an excellent shoot.

My scene partner for the production was Colton Steele. Colton had sought me out as a scene partner and we had negotiated out the scene, which included some pretty extreme play, prior to meeting in person. Luckily, we had a brief opportunity to do that at Folsom and Titan had us stay together at the studio apartment for the shoot which gave us the chance to build a connection and the trust necessary for the scene to work....More After the Jump »

03-Nov-08 09:12:00

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Happy DaddySeattle, WA –- All the travel the past few months had left me feeling a little under the weather and a fuck load of shit at home to deal with over the past couple weeks. It took some time but I've finally kicked that cold I brought back from Folsom and have caught up on just about everything on the home front. Bonus, I got a chance to spend the evening with my boy Jeff Wednesday night and he decided to stay over. It was perfect....More After the Jump »

29-Oct-08 10:23:00

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Released: FunhouseSeattle, WA –- Now here's a movie I can't wait to watch. Funhouse is an excellent example of the application of artistic vision to gay male pornography. There, I said it, pornography.

As most of you who read my blog regularly know, I refer to my work in the adult film industry as making 'art films'. This is primarily because I want to help create features that have artistic merit. I count Funhouse in that classification if for no other reason than because it is visually stunning....More After the Jump »

22-Oct-08 18:42:00

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The Most Important Ballot CastSeattle, WA –- Since I'll be in San Francisco on November 4th, I cast my absentee ballot in the mail today. We all know this is a historic election, but I truly believe this was the most important ballot I've cast thus far in my voting history. ...More After the Jump »

19-Oct-08 13:10:00

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Armada Rugby FundraiserSan Diego, CA –- This weekend I've been in sunny San Diego to host the Bachelor Auction for the Armada Rugby team. The event was last night at the Hole and was a huge success. I had the distinct pleasure of auctioning off ten of the hottest rugby players I've ever met. Needless to say the sexual energy was running high which helped the cash flow with ease. Thanks to those sexy studs that volunteered to be auctioned off and the, how shall I say, receptive crowd, we raised over two thousand dollars for the team last night....More After the Jump »

13-Oct-08 10:41:00

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It's About the PlaySan Francisco, CA –- Enough with all the serious stuff. The weekend hasn't been all work and no play. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Derek was in from Chicago and we had a lot of fun together. We didn't have any major scenes but the kind of sustained play throughout the weekend that events like this and the city of San Francisco allows for....More After the Jump »

12-Oct-08 11:26:00

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What Point, TitlesSan Francisco, CA –- Sometimes I question why we do the things we do. In relation to the leather/Sm community I most often question why we do title contests. You'd think I'd question why we engage in the type of play we do, but no. I'm intellectually satisfied by my understanding of those motivations. What I question is the return on the investment we make in titles and title contests....More After the Jump »

11-Oct-08 17:10:00

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There's Something Special about the Relationship between a boy and his SirSan Francisco, CA –- There is something special about the Sir/boy relationship. I am specifically reminded of this fact this weekend because I am in San Francisco to judge the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Bootblack contest. And, of course it doesn't hurt that my boy Derek (photo right courtesy of Rich Trove) has joined me from Chicago for the weekend....More After the Jump »

01-Oct-08 18:23:00

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Folsom Undercover by Titan MediaSeattle, WA –- Last Sunday Titan Media released Folsom Undercover, the latest installment of the award winning line of co-branded Folsom films. This is the fourth year Titan and Folsom Street Fair organizers have co-presented a leather/Sm themed feature with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the TitanMen/Folsom Fund, which supports nonprofit organizations that specialize in gay men’s health. This is yet another example of why I feel so comfortable aligning myself with the studio. There is something to be said about doing work that you not only enjoy but also benefits the community you're a part of....More After the Jump »

29-Sep-08 15:43:00

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Folsom Street Fair 2008San Francisco, CA –- Yesterday marked the first anniversary of my art film debut with the release of Fear, the release of my seventh feature Folsom Undercover and the second Folsom Street Fair with my boy Derek. This entry also marks the one year anniversary of this blog which has chronicled what has proven to be a wild and unexpected adventure....More After the Jump »

28-Sep-08 11:08:00

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Folsom Folsom Weekend: MOD and MagnitudeSan Francisco, CA –- The last couple days have been absolutely, incredibly unbelievable. The over whelming publicity, recognition on the street, reconnecting with the Titan crew and other performers, and a harried schedule have all contributed to this whirl-wind trip to San Fran....More After the Jump »

27-Sep-08 13:48:00

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Legitimate TheaterChicago, IL -- Peoples Theater of Chicago will present a Legacy Project staged reading of Doric Wilson's A Perfect Relationship at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL on Sunday November 16th 2008 at 2pm....More After the Jump »

23-Sep-08 02:44:00

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Hangin' in My Home TownSeattle, WA – With all the travel and events I've engaged in lately, I'm enjoying a little down time here at home in Seattle. I've been catching up on work, taking care of some much needed house-keeping, spending some time with my family and missing the two boys I'm most connected to....More After the Jump »

22-Sep-08 14:27:00

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MMM Korean BBQSeattle, WA –- While I was back in Chicago a couple weekends ago, we had a special house guest, Midori. This was a real treat because it gave us an opportunity to finally get to know each other a little better. I met Midori a couple years ago on a photo shoot for Artana of Shot In The Dark. We've seen each other on several occasions since but this has generally been at events where neither of us had much of a chance to just kick back and chat. Although Midori had a busy schedule presenting classes at various venues in Chicago that weekend, we did get several chances to hang out. Highlights included shopping for pervertables after a superb Korean BBQ at a local market in the Logan Square neighborhood (photos) and stunt bottoming for one of her classes with my boy Derek, Ruff and a beautiful punk girl who's name I forgot to get permission to use....More After the Jump »

19-Sep-08 18:51:00

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Now that you mention it...Seattle, WA –- Just before leaving for Inferno, I was booked by mega-booth during the Street Fair on Sunday. Today, Titan issued a Press Release detailing the official line-up of performers and events. It reads as follows:...More After the Jump »

18-Sep-08 10:36:00

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Tried, True and Two-HandedSeattle, WA – Late last night I received word that I had been chosen as NakedSword's Dream Team Player for September. The news came as a bit of a surprise. I definitely didn't expect it....More After the Jump »

10-Sep-08 12:00:00

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Inferno XXXVIIDouglas, MI –- There is nothing quite like Inferno. In short, Inferno is the weeklong men's Sm run sponsored by the Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC), but it is much more than that... it is an exploration of the fraternal bonds created by sadomasochism. It is also the time and space that defines the nature of my relationship with Derek and marks the anniversary of our first meeting. It is the environment in which we thrive, surrounded by those more like us than anywhere else. The past week has been an escape from the norm into another world....More After the Jump »

31-Aug-08 17:28:00

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Northwest Leather Weekend 2008Seattle, WA -- Yesterday was my thirty-eighth birthday. This weekend has also included the events associated with Northwest Leather. And while those of you who read my blog regularly may grow tired of reading it over and over, I must state again how truly blessed I am by the people with whom I share my life....More After the Jump »

24-Aug-08 10:18:00

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Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend 2008Indianapolis, ID – After flying into Chicago on Thursday, Derek and I drove into Indianapolis for Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA) weekend on Friday. We were invited to present a Shibari class as part of the extensive series of educational workshops associated with the event. This was a welcome trip since I had not been able to see the boy for several weeks. It was also a wonderful opportunity to visit with friends from around the country and make new friends in the Great Lakes region....More After the Jump »

18-Aug-08 22:12:00

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We're all in this together...40,000 ft -- This morning I woke up in an unfamiliar bed with Steve Cruz in my arms. It had been a long weekend so it felt good to crawl into bed and share the warmth of someone I care about. Steve and I have known each other for years. We met in Seattle long before either of us ventured into 'art films'. While I will admit working in the adult film industry has added common ground to our relationship, it has also created challenges to staying in touch, so working yesterday's event together was a welcome opportunity to reconnect. We spent most of the morning together talking like old friends that haven't seen each other in a while; laughing and commiserating over our varied adventures and shared passions. It was truly wonderful....More After the Jump »

17-Aug-08 23:36:00

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Tying the Knot in CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA -- In May of this year, the California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban of same sex marriages as a violation of the state Constitution's guarantee of equal protection guaranty. Duh. The backlash, of course, from those who would deny individuals their rights base on sexual orientation have taken to the political field with an initiative that that will appear on the November ballot. The initiative, Proposition 8, would amend the state's Constitution to eliminate the rights of same sex couples to marry. ...More After the Jump »

16-Aug-08 23:45:00

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Exploring San DiegoSan Diego, CA -- A couple years ago, one of the boys I had been mentoring in Seattle moved south to San Diego. I've kept in touch with this boy, Vladimir (pictured right). He has continued his activism in the leather/Sm scene (as much as he can in a location like San Diego) and has become quite involved with the rugby team in his new hometown. So, when Vlad asked if I would come down to San Diego to 'check it out' and assist with a fundraising event ha was organizing for the rugby team, I had to answer in the affirmative. ...More After the Jump »

11-Aug-08 14:39:00

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Faultline's 2008 PORNATHON Lot PartySeattle, WA -- Southern California is now on the agenda for this weekend. I'll be taking a reconnaissance trip to San Diego to check out the leather/Sm scene and I've just been booked for a major event at the Faultline in Los Angeles this Sunday....More After the Jump »

31-Jul-08 19:23:00

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Upcoming Events in AugustSeattle, WA -- It appears August is going to be a busy month filled with events at home here in Seattle and out of town....More After the Jump »

30-Jul-08 11:00:00

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Number One on the ChartsSeattle, WA -- When director Brian Mills told me Titan had plans to produce a prison themed movie for the Folsom series of leather/fetish films on the set of Home Invasion back in December, my mind immediately began racing with ideas. We discussed the project on the trip back to San Francisco from the ranch. I don't think I'll ever forget that trip because it was my first opportunity to really connect with Brian on a deeper level. It was also the beginning of what was to become the strongest and most rewarding collaboration of my 'art film' career to date. ...More After the Jump »

28-Jul-08 08:50:00

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Thunder in the MountainsDenver, CO -- When I was asked to present at Thunder in the Mountains earlier this year I jumped on the opportunity. I knew by reputation that this event was among the most respected BDSM events organized and that it was known for attracting some of the best presenters in the world. This year's presenters included some good friends, personally respected players and new acquaintances on the national scene.

Susan B, another Seattleite whom I've seen engage in some beautiful, intense and spiritually connected scenes, was there, teaching advanced cutting and suturing. Midori was there and while I wasn't able to attend any of her classes (they were scheduled at the same time as mine), we were able to spend some quality time together and I was able to introduce her to my boy Derek.

Side Bar: We discussed performance art in relation to Sm, among other things. I'm sure I've already reported upon my respect for the intelligence of both Midori and my boy. Let me now state, unequivocally, that talking about any subject in the company of such intellectuals is a challenge to keep up. I am truly blessed by the company I keep.

Speaking of performance art, I got to judge the annual talent contest at Thunder and Felice Shays, another presenter, delivered a spectacular piece that included the fisting of a watermelon that is among the best performances I've seen.

I also got a chance to hang out with Mark Frazier, the new owner of the ILSb title which I'll be judging in October, and Scott Smith, one of the most incredible tops I've ever meet. I can't express how happy I am with the changes Frazier has made to the ILSb title, his efforts to reclaim it as a player's title or my admiration for him as a person. Then there's Scott, it's always a pleasure to see him... he's got some wicked skills and I love learning new, twisted shit from him. I lent Derek out to him for his class on using needles as anchors and even got to assist a bit. It was great fun.

As for my classes, they went very well. There were more people in attendance than I expected and both presentations were well received. It is so much fun to present before such an advanced audience. As promised, I'm posting the slide decks from both classes here for reference. Both the Shibari with Man subs and Full Suspension for Display and Play handouts are in pdf format.

I want to express my compliments to Rich Dockter, the Director of Thunder, and his entire crew of staff and volunteers, for putting on an outstanding event. I'm happy to report Derek and I have been invited back next year and we are already looking forward to doing it again.

24-Jul-08 18:15:00

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In Memoriam: David CaldwellSeattle, WA -- Shortly after my last post while in Chicago, I learned that David Caldwell had passed away. David was a beloved member of our leather/Sm community and had been serving as Northwest Leather Boy this year. He was also a regular client and dear friend. Without going into the details of his death, I will simply state his passing was a senseless tragedy that left many of us emotionally wrecked... myself among them....More After the Jump »

01-Jul-08 22:13:00

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Re: ConnectingSeattle, WA -- It's been a while since my last post, I know. The past month has been occupied by my work with clients, another 'art film' with Titan, community events and reconnecting with my boys Derek and Jeff....More After the Jump »

26-May-08 12:00:00

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Performing at the House of BluesChicago, IL -- Okay, I'm officially exhausted but it's been totally worth it. We've had three very full days of work concluding with a performance at the House of Blues. It's been a long but enjoyable weekend....More After the Jump »

25-May-08 11:00:00

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2008 GrabbysChicago, IL -- Derek and I arrived and made our entrance at the Grabbys with the crew from Titan. Sister Roma was there with NakedSword on the red carpet and we stopped for a quick interview with the paparazzo's cameras flashing away. Once inside we had an opportunity to reconnect with some of our friends in the industry before settling into our seats with the guys from Titan and LeatherPost....More After the Jump »

24-May-08 17:00:00

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IML XXX at the Leather MarketChicago, IL -- This is definitely a working weekend. Luckily, I really do enjoy the work. In addition to the release party last night, Derek and I have been manning the Titan/LeatherPost booth at the IML Leather Market yesterday and earlier today. There have been some true highlights....More After the Jump »

23-May-08 10:00:00

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Released: Folsom PrisonChicago, IL -- Today Titan Media released Folsom Prison. Last night Derek and I got a sneak peak with director Brian Mills and cinematographer Paul Wilde. It's a good piece of work. I'll admit, I'm biased but that is tempered by an artist's criticism of his own work. You can learn more about Folsom Prison here or purchase a copy and judge for yourself....More After the Jump »

19-May-08 14:20:00

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IML XXX Events Line-UpSeattle, WA -- The release of Titan Media's Folsom Prison, the publication of Anatomy of a Scene in Instigator Magazine, CHC's Annual Cocktail Party, the Grabby Awards and a live demo at the House of Blues will be the order of business along with socializing throughout IML weekend in Chicago in just three days. I'll let Titan's press release take the lead: ...More After the Jump »

14-May-08 12:01:00

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Trailer and Stills from ChainsawSeattle, WA -- Earlier this week I received the trailer for Chainsaw from Titan and yesterday I downloaded the stills to share with you. ...More After the Jump »

09-May-08 12:01:00

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Sneak Preview: Folsom PrisonSeattle, WA -- In two weeks Titan Media will release the latest in the Folsom series of Leather/Fetish films. Folsom Prison represents the collaborative efforts of some of the best talent in the gay adult video industry to bring you the highest quality BDSM ever captured on screen....More After the Jump »

06-May-08 12:01:00

Art Films, Joe Gage, Titan Media

Chainsaw ReleasedSeattle, WA -- Last Tuesday Titan Media released Chainsaw, my first feature directed by legendary director Joe Gage. While third released, Chainsaw is chronologically my second project with Titan. It was on set, after we finished shooting that Brian Mills asked if I would be interested in joining Titan as an exclusive. Without doubt, this particular movie holds a special place in my memory. ...More After the Jump »

04-May-08 15:05:00

Art Films, Boys, Events, MELT

MELT 2008: Pool PartiesPalm Springs, CA -- Sunshine, blue skies and hot times have been the ruling forces for the past four days. The best part - I get to share it all with my three favorite boys. Jeff flew down with me on Thursday and Derek and Doug joined us shortly thereafter. We're here for the weekend events associated with MELT....More After the Jump »

28-Apr-08 15:26:00

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A Broader Sense of CommunitySeattle, WA -- The past few weeks have been filled with travel, opportunity and realization. First was the Leather Leadership Conference in San Francisco three weeks ago, then a trip to Chicago to shoot a PSA and finally Cleveland for CLAW....More After the Jump »

08-Apr-08 11:44:00

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Enjoying Some Down TimeSeattle, WA -- That's my boy Jeff in Seattle at the Cuff Complex getting a buzz cut during the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Ram It fundraiser last Friday night. Matt Hefel (pictured) and Rusty were there, providing the buzz cuts. Boris was bootblacking and Gene Romaine was flogging for cash. Jeff and I were just there to enjoy the evening and show off his new tattoo. Sometimes it's nice to not be involved with an event and just have some fun. ...More After the Jump »

21-Mar-08 11:03:00

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Coming Out in KinkSeattle, WA -- Thanks to a tremendous amount of help from a lot of people, I was able to organize and host Coming Out in Kink last night at the Cuff Complex. The event, a joint fundraiser with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Abbey of St Joan (right, in part), raised nearly six hundred dollars for the Sisters' Charity Grant Fund and the Scott Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund. On the Abbey of St. Joan's anniversary, the Sisters issue grants to non-profit organizations throughout Washington State from contributions made to their charity fund. The Scott A. Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered through the Pride Foundation of Seattle, awards six scholarships yearly. Three are awarded in the category of Leadership and three in the category of Athletics....More After the Jump »

20-Mar-08 18:26:00

BDSM, Boys, Rigging

NatureSeattle, WA -- Every once in a while something extraordinary happens. A series of special events culminate in a single place and time to remind us of the important things in life. Yesterday I had one of those experiences thanks to a visit from The Pup, who's home from college on spring break....More After the Jump »

18-Mar-08 18:26:00


WA St Leather Pride WeekSeattle, WA -- Washington State Leather Pride Week continues with several events scheduled through the week. Here's a breakdown of the remaining events:...More After the Jump »

14-Mar-08 10:46:00

Art Films, Breakers, Fear, Grabby,, Reviews, Titan Media

Making History & Award NominationsSeattle, WA -- After returning home from San Francisco, I learned Titan Media and the cast & crew of Breakers had made history. On Wednesday, Titan released Breakers on Blu-ray making it the first gay adult feature released in the new high-definition format. You can read the official Press Release from Titan here....More After the Jump »

10-Mar-08 08:38:00

BDSM, Boys, Rigging

As RequestedSan Francisco, CA -- Several readers have requested more pictures of my rope work. Some have asked that I elaborate on using rope to seduce. Lo' and behold, the universe has granted an opportunity to comply. After helping friends move a refrigerator, brunch and meeting up with more friends in the Castro, my boy and I went to the Eagle for Beer Bust. The place was crowded. Cheer San Francisco was having a fundraiser. Mama Reinhardt and members of the family were there....More After the Jump »

09-Mar-08 10:12:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Events

San Francisco Fetish BallSan Francisco, CA -- After Derek and I got into town earlier this week we scored tickets to the San Francisco Fetish Ball from Fivestar, courtesy of We spent the evening hanging out with her, Mr. Pam and Julian from What a night; spectacular outfits, an amazing stage show, Sister Roma hosting and a whole lot of fun....More After the Jump »

07-Mar-08 08:36:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Buff Enough, Recommendations, Titan Media

San Francisco, CA -- Part of Titan Media's Folsom series of features, the prison themed production is scheduled for release over IML weekend in Chicago, IL. While I'll reserve my expectations of how it will be received by my peers until I view the finished product, I am confident it represents the best effort and contribution I have added to a production thus far....More After the Jump »

03-Mar-08 19:51:00

BDSM, Boys, Midori, Rigging

Predicament Bondage with MidoriSeattle, WA -- Jeff and I drove Derek to the airport after brunch yesterday then went to Midori's Predicament Bondage workshop at Seattle's Center for Sex Positive Culture. This was one of the many Bondage Lessons organized by my friend Max. I am grateful to him for providing these educational opportunities. Whether he is teaching or the class is taught by one of the many accomplished individuals he brings in, you are guaranteed some of the best presentations available....More After the Jump »

02-Mar-08 10:20:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, GLPW, NW Sash Bash, Rigging

A Family AffairSeattle, WA -- Last night was the show for NW Sash Bash followed by the Extreme Play Party, both hosted by GLPW. My brothers, Gene and Odie pulled together the show and I MC'd. The show itself was cabaret-style with performance pieces, live auctions, introductions of current title-holders and raffles. ...More After the Jump »

01-Mar-08 17:56:00

BDSM, Boys, Brotherhood, Demos, Dragon Clan, GLPW, NW Sash Bash

NatureSeattle, WA -- We got off to a late start on the NW Sash Bash Education Series this afternoon but even help from my adopted boy Rich and his boy Steven couldn't stave off mother nature. As soon as we got set-up it started to rain and as Derek ran the first needle in his demo the hale started falling. I don't mean little pellets either; this was a fingernail-sized hale. We were fine continuing until the thunder and lightning. Given the fact we were working under double stack metal scaffolding, I had to call the scene....More After the Jump »

01-Mar-08 11:23:00

BDSM, Boys, Brotherhood, Dragon Clan, GLPW, NW Sash Bash

Meet & Greet All I Could Hope For and MoreSeattle, WA -- Derek arrived yesterday morning and Jeff joined us shortly thereafter. I couldn't have asked for a better initial exchange. The physical attraction between the two boys was immediately palpable... a good sign. We broke bread. We had sex. We talked. It was easy and enjoyable....More After the Jump »

29-Feb-08 18:41:00

BDSM, Boys, Midori

An Intimate Evening with MidoriSeattle, WA -- Last night brought two very distinct pleasures: visiting with Midori and Jeff in my collar (both pictured right). All this at an evening organized and hosted by friend and inspiration, Max of After the Jump »

28-Feb-08 18:41:00

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I Love RopeSeattle, WA -- As you may have guessed, rigging gives me a hard-on. Whether used to reel them in, tie them down or string them up, I love rope. And my favorite type of rope is hemp. I've used many different types in the past but a few years ago I started using hemp and never went back....More After the Jump »

27-Feb-08 18:41:00

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NW Sash Bash this WeekendSeattle, WA -- This weekend, Northwest Sash Bash comes to Seattle. The weekend will be filled with events, beginning with a Meet & Greet Friday evening; includes a tour of the city underground, education series, show and extreme play party on Saturday and concludes with a brunch Sunday morning....More After the Jump »

21-Feb-08 18:41:00

Acme Barber Shop, Art Films, Grooming, Recommendations

Straight Razor FadeSeattle, WA -- Back in boot it was a High & Tight. After, it became a High & Tight Flattop. Then when I became an NCO, I started wearing the Straight Razor Fade. It's one of my favorite haircuts of all time (right after the Mohawk and before Shaved). It's a military regulation haircut with a masculine, commanding look and feel... a good, clean cut with a little bit of an edge that can fit in just about any situation or environment, from dungeon to theater (oh, that's a jump?!). ...More After the Jump »

18-Feb-08 13:41:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys

Capping Off the WeekendSan Francisco, CA -- What's the best way to cap off a weekend at the GayVNs? Why, with a beating, of course....More After the Jump »

17-Feb-08 11:04:00

Art Films, Boys, GayVNs, Titan Media

And the Winner is...San Francisco, CA -- The entire Titan crew rallied en masse in front of the Giftcenter then made our way down the red carpet together, stopping only to give our regards to Tim & Roma. Once inside Derek and I got cocktails and mingled a bit visiting with friends before congregating at the front table reserved for Titan. Excellent seats. I had the honor of sitting between studio owner Bruce Cam and director Brian Mills. Because of the number of presenters and nominees from Titan there wasn't room at the front table and Derek had a ticket for the back table, so I rigged one of those quick binders I've been so fond of lately and he spent the show bound on his knees behind my chair. It was too cute and very much in keeping with our reputation....More After the Jump »

16-Feb-08 16:26:00

Art Films, Boys, NakedSword, Titan Media

Rock Hard with the TitanMenSan Francisco, CA -- The first official event of the weekend was a public appearance at the Rock Hard in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. It was a promotional event coinciding with the VOD premiere of Breakers exclusively on ...More After the Jump »

15-Feb-08 21:20:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, GayVNs, Grabbys, Press

Not the Best Start to the WeekendSan Francisco, CA - Derek was waiting for me when I arrived at the Oakland International airport. It was so good to see him standing there in baggage claim. The time apart is rough on both of us and it had been three weeks since we last saw each other. After the short shuttle into San Francisco we checked in at the W and found our room....More After the Jump »

15-Feb-08 11:56:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Press, Rigging, Safer Sex, Titan Media, Unzipped

Up & Coming UnzippedSeattle, WA -- The March issue of Unzipped Magazine is on newsstands now and contains two features of interest: an Up & Coming interview with yours truly; and, a Dirty Movies review of Titan Media's Fear....More After the Jump »

28-Jan-08 07:26:00

BDSM, Boys, Events, Rigging

Back to the Good StuffChicago, Il -- Getting over recent losses has been slightly more difficult than I anticipated, but I'm working through it by getting back to the things I enjoy... my boys in Chicago, rigging and beating on Derek in a manner that most people wouldn't understand. ...More After the Jump »

23-Jan-08 17:06:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Events, GayVN, MAL, Rigging, Titan Media

HappeningsSeattle, WA -- Much has happened since my last entry. Rather than post-dating several detailed entries, I'll just summarize the highlights in the interests of saving some time....More After the Jump »

08-Jan-08 01:06:00

BDSM, Dragon Clan, Rigging

Continuing EducationSeattle, WA -- This past weekend was devoted primarily to a series of workshops, social events and play sessions focused on one of my favorite BDSM activities, rope bondage. While rope is not always present, it is a component of most of the scenes I create. Rope is one of my passions and I am always eager to learn more whether it is from structured training or the exchange of ideas with other riggers. The last few days provided many of these opportunities. ...More After the Jump »

02-Jan-08 12:50:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys, Dragon Clan, Holidays

Bringing in the New YearSeattle, WA -- My boy Derek was in town from late Friday night through the New Year. I was so happy to see him again and couldn't imagine a better way to bring in 2008 save for one exception... I would have preferred Christopher had been able to join us New Year's Eve. I've missed him this weekend and was looking forward to seeing him when he got off work last night....More After the Jump »

28-Dec-07 18:34:00


Seattle, WA -- You may have noticed that my last couple of entries were post-dated. I don't generally like to do this, but I've been completing content for the launch of my new personal website at After the Jump »

26-Dec-07 11:48:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Holidays

Seattle, WA -- About five years ago, I stopped celebrating the Christmas holiday. No big family gatherings. No indulging in the commercialism of the season. While the madness of the holidays cannot be completely avoided, I am happy to report the last few days have been very enjoyable....More After the Jump »

22-Dec-07 13:13:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys, Cell 305

Seattle, WA -- Testing the new floating bondage table went exceedingly well. I had promised first blood to Christopher (pictured right and below) and we finally had an opportunity to run a needle scene Thursday morning. The boy was excited and definitely in the right headspace....More After the Jump »

20-Dec-07 14:28:00

Art Films, BDSM, Titan Media

Seattle, WA -- On Tuesday, Titan Media released Breakers, the last triple-x feature directed by GayVN Hall of Fame Director, Bruce Cam. Shot in high-definition on and around the Titan ranch and released in 16x9 anamorfic widescreen format, Breakers promises to be visually stunning and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product....More After the Jump »

17-Dec-07 13:02:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Rigging

Seattle, WA -- Saturday night was the Dragon Clan's play party celebrating Gene Romaine's 50th Birthday hosted by brother Odie and GLPW. It was an intimate gathering, thank god and the goddess for reasons I won't go into here in my public journal, but enjoyable none-the-less......More After the Jump »

15-Dec-07 12:00:00

BDSM, Boys, Cell 305, Dragon Clan

Seattle, WA -- A little while back I commissioned a custom piece for the apartment, a floating bondage table, and last night it was delivered....More After the Jump »

13-Dec-07 13:15:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, CHC, Press, Rigging, Titan Media

Seattle, WA -- While shooting with Titan, I simply tie them down and put a gag in their mouth. If you don't have a ball gag handy, a twelve-foot length of rope with a double frapping knot does the trick nicely. The rope may not butch them up, but at least it immobilizes them and the gage keeps them from talking about themselves or Cher long enough to build some sexual energy on set....More After the Jump »

12-Dec-07 14:57:00

Art Films, Titan Media

[Undisclosed Location], CA -- Monday morning, I flew into SFO and immediately headed down to the Titan ranch to begin shooting Home Invasion, a new feature directed by Joe Gage. This is my forth movie with Titan and second with GayVN Hall of Fame Director, Joe Gage. The Titan ranch is starting to feel like a vacation home. Now don't get the wrong idea; shooting 'art films' is definitely work, but the weather has been beautiful (especially after rainy Seattle and a very cold Chicago) and the crew takes very good care of me....More After the Jump »

08-Dec-07 14:36:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Demo, Rigging

Chicago, IL -- It was a successful night all the way around. The Chicago Hellfire Club presented Colors to the Hole/Jackhammer bar with many club brothers and guests in attendance. Derek and I performed a Shibari demo after the presentation. We chose a dynamic suspension scene for the audience and it went off without a hitch. This was the first time we were able to perform at a venue that allowed us to take photos. You caqn check them out here I hope you enjoy...

04-Dec-07 13:17:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Clients, Demos, SML

Seattle, WA -- So it's been over a week since my last entry. While I've done my best to post twice weekly, sometimes the schedule just doesn't permit. This has been another one of those weeks; filled with client sessions; business meetings & correspondence; social events; and some great times with the boys....More After the Jump »

26-Nov-07 12:27:00

Boys, the Cuff, Mama's Family, SML

Seattle, WA -- Friday night at the Cuff during the Seattle Daddy/Daddy's Boy contest Meet & Greet, I was surprised by a very special honor. Apparently, I had been nominated by members of Mama's family here in Seattle and adopted into Sandy Reinhardt's fold. Many of the members of Mama's Family who call Seattle home were on hand to present me the unique brass name tag that christened me as one of Mama's own. The significance of this may be lost to many of you reading my journal, but I can assure you that I am more than honored by this recognition... I am humbled....More After the Jump »

20-Nov-07 08:30:00

Art Films, Boys, Press

Los Angeles, CA --That's what we used to call Marines who went though boot at MCRD San Diego, CA. The term works well to describe me. I've been at home here in my old stomping grounds, these last few days. Although I grew up in southern Cali, I never lived in West Hollywood but it was a frequently visited backyard. There is a certain friendly, theater quality to Los Angeles witch is brought to a high focus among the gay populous of WeHo. I've been a theater Buff as long as I can remember and friendly, bordering on flirtatious. I fit right in in just about any scene....More After the Jump »

16-Nov-07 13:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, CHC, Titan Media

Seattle, WA -- Alaska Airlines flight 29 was about to re-board at Chicago's O'Hare after a four-and-a-half hour delay late Monday evening when I got the tesxt message from my boy Derek that read, "Well congrats. You are in," in reference to my application for Associate Membership with the Chicago Hellfire Club. It was undoubtedly the best news I had received in the last several hours. I feel truly honored to call the men of the CHC brother and privileged to call many of them friend. To those who sponsored me, I owe a debt of gratitude and to those who supported my application, my thanks....More After the Jump »

12-Nov-07 11:42:00

BDSM, Boys, CBT, CHC, Rigging

Chicago, IL -- Another wonderful weekend in the windy city comes to a close. Chicago now feels like a second home thanks to my boys and the men of the Chicago Hellfire Club (CHC). I hate to leave, but it has been a full and exciting several days....More After the Jump »

07-Nov-07 16:16:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Rigging

32-Thousand Feet -- Yesterday's primary focus was a continuance on the theme of my last journal entry. My rubber boy Eric drove me down to TwistedMonk's workshop here in Seattle to pick up two more pieces of thirty-six foot length, 8 mm crimson hemp. Witnessing and experiencing the dynamic suspension scenes at the house party on Saturday, I realized I needed more rope to facilitate the rigging. Value add: now I can tie four boys to a post at the [Undisclosed Location] in Chicago....More After the Jump »

05-Nov-07 23:19:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Dragon Clan, Rigging

Seattle, WA -- This past weekend had a distinct theme... Rope. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself immensely....More After the Jump »

03-Nov-07 10:58:00

Art films, BDSM, Boys, Zeus Studios

Seattle, WA -- Now available through Zeus Studios is the feature that marks my entrance into the world of adult films, Soldiers of Misfortune....More After the Jump »

02-Nov-07 21:48:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys, Dragon Clan

Seattle, WA - Forgiveness comes easy when we love someone... maybe too easy. But when we care for someone, we want to believe they can do better. And when they make full allocution and ask for absolution, we are compelled by our heart to pardon and extend them a second chance....More After the Jump »

29-Oct-07 17:00:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Dragon Clan

Chicago, IL -- Saturday night at the [Undisclosed Location] was the best night out I've had in a long time. The three of us (Doug, Derek and myself) created quite a spectacle and were quickly joined by several others. While I refrain from detailing our activities, to protect the less than innocent, I will summarize with the phrase, "boys gone wild," and let that suffice....More After the Jump »

27-Oct-07 18:30:00

BDSM, Boys, CHC, Dragon Clan, History

Chicago, IL -- Today, I had my first opportunity to visit the Leather Archives & Museum. This was a special treat for so many reasons, I'm glad I made the expense to fly in for the weekend....More After the Jump »

20-Oct-07 11:00:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys, Dragon Clan

Seattle, WA -- Recent events have me thinking about blood. As I am sure you understand, blood is an essential compound of life as well as a powerful symbol of sexual and physical magic. In my opinion, scenes involving blood exemplify the highest level of intimacy and trust shared between those involved. Cutting, signal tailing, running needles on or fisting a boy are among the most intimate activities I do and each requires unprecedented trust....More After the Jump »

18-Oct-07 21:00:00

BDSM, Blood, Boys

Seattle, WA -- Yesterday, I took off for me. It was a good, productive day....More After the Jump »

16-Oct-07 11:00:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan

Seattle, WA -- People often ask me what the collar around my boy's neck means. Collars mean different things to different people and are worn for a variety of reasons, but I can share with you what it means to me, what it represents to my family, and what we hope to convey to our broader communities....More After the Jump »

14-Oct-07 10:00:00

HIV/AIDS, Events, Service

Seattle, WA -- Last night, I went to the Rainier Club for DIFFA Seattle's 3rd Annual Party at the Mansion with my favorite socialite, Anamaria....More After the Jump »

10-Oct-07 11:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Boys, Press, Titan Media, Zeus Studios

Seattle, WA -- Got home from Dallas to find an advance copy of the film Derek and I did for Daddy Zeus in the mail and stills from Fear posted online....More After the Jump »

07-Oct-07 17:30:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, GLPW, ILSb, Mama's Family

Dallas, TX -- The candid photo taken at the Eagle last Fri proves my boy Derek and I do share the occasional tender moment. We've also had the time to visit with old friends (like Joey & Rob from Chi town; "Mama" Reinhardt of San Francisco; and, Mister Marcus) and make new friends (like Mark Frazier the owner of the Dallas Eagle; and, Gloria from Canada)....More After the Jump »

06-Oct-07 16:30:00

BDSM, Boys, Dragon Clan, Events, GLPW, ILSb

Dallas, TX - Arrived yesterday and was joined by my boy Derek for the 2008 International Leather Sir/boy and Community Bootblack Contests weekend, primarily to support one of my Brothers, Odie, as he competes for the Leather Sir title....More After the Jump »

04-Oct-07 17:00:00

Art Films, BDSM, Events, Titan Media

Seattle, WA -- Here's a shout out to one of the people that make life in the Pacific Northwest so unique. Mistress Matisse is a writer, Pro Dom and one of my favorite women in the world. She's also one of the few ladies that make me think like a straight man, which of course means that when I see her, I stop thinking all together....More After the Jump »

02-Oct-07 12:00:00

BDSM, Boys, HIV/AIDS, Service

Seattle, WA -- A couple months ago, a local artist, photographer and friend, Artana of famed Shot in the Dark Photography asked if I would be interested in doing a charity shoot and I jumped on the idea. Artana and Carol McNeilly worked with me, my boy Christopher and ten other stunning men from the Seattle area. The results, a 2008 calendar and other merchandize, can be found at through Café Press....More After the Jump »

30-Sep-07 18:30:00

Art Films, Boys, Titan Media

San Francisco, CA -- Back in July, when I was shooting FEAR, my first film for Titan, I had no idea it would lead to signing on as an exclusive or that my "art film" career would be launched so dramatically....More After the Jump »

29-Sep-07 17:00:00

Art Films, Boys, Titan Media.

San Francisco, CA -- Arrived yesterday afternoon with my boys Christopher and Derek for Folsom Street Fair and the premiere of Fear, my first film with Titan Media. It's been a whirlwind of activity since. Before dinner, we had rehearsals for our performance at Magnitude later tonight. After dinner, we went to a pre-func at Bruce Cam's town-home then to the debut of Fear at 440 Castro (Daddy's Bar)....More After the Jump »