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Description: Lock your doors. Close the curtains. Call the police. The sexy strangers are out there, and your ass isnít safe. Legendary director Joe Gage injects sultry suspense into Home Invasion, a tale of unlawful entry and the ties that bind. A businessman is held captive by three intruders, but the criminals soon get more than they bargained for. Find out whoís the most twisted as 12 studs led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff and Chad Manning lead you through an erotic open house.

Unaware of his fatherís predicament, Jackson Wild heads to the guest house--where voyeur Tommy Ruckus arrives for a steamy stroke session.

Tristan Raine stumbles upon a stranger -- the horny Scott Tanner, who soon has the uniformed seaman on his knees (and all fours) to please his criminal cock.

Officer Enrique Currero is met by the huge cock of muscle stud Tyler Saint, who fills the copís holes as thug Tony Buff strokes his massive meat from afar.

Braxton Bond arrives for an orgy, but finds intruder Chad Manning instead. After exchanging sucks, Bond gets pounded on the counter by the hunk.

Wild welcomes Ty Roberts and Geoffrey Paine with open lips while Ruckus watches. When third brother Sean Preston comes home, Buff canít keep his cock out any longer and a flurry of suck-and-fuck activity ensues.

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