It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2013

20 September 2014 16:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2013Seattle, WA – In January of 2013, Fisting Central released Dude Where’s My Watch. Then in February, Hoodies streeted under the FetishForce line followed by yet another Fisting Central release, Barefoot an Fisted in March. Then in April we released the FetishForce feature, Backyard Boys. Although I didn’t travel to Chicago later that spring for the Grabbys or International Mr Leather, we did learned that Safeword had won the Grabby for Best Fetish Extreme. When i heard of our nomination, I had asked Leo Forte to accept on our behalf should we win. He did and by all accounts did an excellent job.

It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2012

20 September 2014 15:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2012Seattle, WA – The summer of 2012 brought the release of Wet Punk Faggot Fisting, co-directed again with Chris Ward… my first for the Fisting Central line. It also brought the FetishForce releases of Full Spectrum and Where the Players Go, the latter being shot on location at the Cuff Complex in Seattle. That fall I turned forty-two and we released the FetishForce feature Push Pull Squat Thrust> and Save My Hole for Fisting Central. Then after another long production run that bookended the Folsom Street Fair weekend, we edited and shipped Safeword for FetishForce. This was also the fall my boy Chris Yosef and I separated after over a decade together.

It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2012

20 September 2014 14:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2012Seattle, WA – Winter 2012 brought the release of Sounding 7: RAMROD which I co-directed with Chris Ward being released later in the winter. It is also around this time that our crew began shooting content for Raging Stallion’s Fisting Central line and I began honing my camera skills. In the spring of 2012 FetishForce released what I would consider my most creative endeavor, Pony Up! which was shot here in Seattle on location at the Pony bar during the harshest snow storms of the previous winter. Even with all the challenges it still stands as one of my favorite production runs of all time, thanks to the cast of players and crew. It truly was a labor of love and the final feature reflects all that fact. Later that spring I attended the Grabby Awards in Chicago, IL and returned home with the Grabby for Best Duo for my scene with Adam Killian in the Other Side of Aspen VI.

It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2011

20 September 2014 13:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2011Seattle, WA – During the summer of 2011 Raging Stallion Studios released He’s Got a Big Package directed by Steve Cruz in which I was a member of the cast. This is also the summer we began shooting guerrilla-style here in Seattle, WA with our own developing crew which included Mike Graves handling still photography and my pup Element Eclipse and Leo Forte serving as production assistants. It’s also the period FetishForce released Dog Fight, Institutional Encounters and Indecent Encounters. In the fall of 2011 a large FetishForce contingent attended the Folsom Street Fair festivities in conjunction with a fairly substantial production run in San Francisco. In August I turned forty-one and later I got my first opportunity to direct my first Raging Stallion feature, Alley Cats which was released later in the fall. The FetishForce features Back Alley was release shortly thereafter. All the while, I was continuing to solidify my editing skills and develop my personal directing style.

It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Winter & Spring 2011

20 September 2014 12:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Spring 2011Seattle, WA – During the spring of 2011, Falcon Studios released Other Side of Aspen VI. It is the epic sixth installment of the iconic Falcon series directed by Chris Ward after Falcon and Raging Stallion merged early in the year and I was included in this truly star-studded cast. I was also in the cast of Hard Friction’s Live Sex co-directed by Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz. FetishForce released my directorial debut for the studio, Industrial Encounters and Sounding 6: Wet Punk Faggot Sounding, which I co-directed with Chris Ward. Also released was Golden Gate: Season 2 – The Perfect Ten in which I had the pleasure of being directed by Tony Dimarco. This was also the spring I co-hosted the Grabbys and Kennel Master which I co-directed with Paul Wild for Titan Media’s Rough line won the Grabby for Best Fetish Extreme.