It’s Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2013

20 September 2014 17:00

VestIt's Been a Busy Few Years: Summer & Fall 2013Seattle, WA – With the heat of 2013 came the releases of both The Trustees and Tony Buff’s Twinks with Kinks for the FetishForce line. What possessed me to embark on that particular title, I’ll never know. It was perhaps one of the most difficult productions I’ve ever directed. While I love helping the younger pups explore their kinks, I definitely learned that a smooth fetish production run requires veteran performers. That summer we also released The Hand that Fists You under the Fisting Central brand. That fall brought the releases of both Daddyz Boyz and Show Me Your Hole.

Church Street Fetish Fair 2010

17 August 2010 18:19

RiggingChurch St Fetish Fair 2010 Seattle, WA – People from all over the world converged on Toronto ONT this past weekend for the Church Street Fetish Fair, and thanks to my friends at the Black Eagle I was right in the thick of all the excitement. I played with uncut cock from Mexico; fucked a boy from Taiwan; connected with an intelligent, tattooed, queer, skater-punk artist; chatted with fans and followers from Germany, France, England and Australia; and re-connected with my friends from Toronto who are responsible for my love affair with their fair city. Once again Gloria served as my ‘handler’ for the weekend, Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to me during my stay and the players in the local fetish/Sm scene made me feel so much a part of their world, I was reluctant to leave. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year Shared in Tie

4 June 2010 21:14

Personal2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year Shared in TieSeattle, WA – Capturing this thing of ours on screen has become a personal passion that began on the set of Daddy Zeus’ Soldiers of Misfortune three years ago; was refined through my involvement with the Folsom series of fetish films produced by TitanMen in conjunction with Folsom Street Fair and benefiting HIV/AIDS charities; and is currently being realized by performing in and co-directing the Rough line with Paul Wilde. I have been truly blessed by opportunities to work with some of the best players in the world and most talented individuals in the industry. Our collaborative efforts together have culminated in scenes with brutal realism and exceptional quality. My heart has been filled by the appreciation expressed by those who have found truth, beauty and inspiration in the films we made. I am humbled to be recognized as the 2010 Grabbys Performer of the Year and to share this distinction in a tie with Adam Killian. For the other ‘big’ wins of the evening, as well as a video of the Grabbys Best Actor and Performer of the Year presentations posted to YouTube by Jim Liu and the transcript of my acceptance speech… Read the rest of this entry »

Buff/Wilde #1

13 February 2009 16:55

DirectorBuff/Wilde #1San Francisco, CA –- This past week I found myself bringing a creative vision to fruition. Together with co-director Paul Wilde (pictured on the left) and the support of the entire Titan Media crew, we began and wrapped production on the first in a new line of documentary-style, hardcore fetish/Sm features. In keeping with our RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) inspired desire to capture real players in real scenes with real intensity, this production is no exception. If the piss and lube soaked studio floor or five inches of nasty in the bottom of that cast-iron, four-claw tub are any indication, we’ve succeeded in documenting two intense play sessions that are sure to please. And we’ve done it in a manner that facilitates the fluidity of the players’ action.

I was extremely excited about bringing in my boy Chris from Vancouver for the first vignette. As those of you that read my blog regularly know, Chris was my first collared boy. Our relationship spans more than seven years and we have only recently reconnected. It came as no surprise that the spark of sexual energy between us is as strong as ever. The scene includes water sports, fisting, full suspension bondage and great sex marked by an intensity and level of interpersonal connection rarely captured on screen.

Buff/Wilde #1 (Bonus)“This being my first film I really didn’t know what to expect,” Chris writes describing his experience. “The set was amazing and designed in a manner to allow the cameras to move around freely in a 360 degree manner. Once we were on set, Tony and I effortlessly initiated our intense connection and shot the first part of our scene. It was amazingly easy to do with the nature of the set and the way the crew worked around us. I was in such an intense and primal state of ecstasy that I forgot that there were even cameras in the room. An occasional voice from behind a camera would instruct me to elevate my leg higher or to open to camera when the intensity of the moment caused my eyes to roll back in my head.”

After breaking for lunch we shot the second part of our scene. Chris continues, “It was really a scene in and of itself. Tony used his rigging skills to basically turn me into a human sling and hoisted me up into full suspension for what turned out to be one of the most intense fisting experiences of my life. We finished up on the floor, blew our loads and as an added bonus Tony showers me down with the largest bladder full of piss I have ever seen.”

“The whole experience left me completely exhausted but feeling rather euphoric,” Chris adds. “For me the scene captured our seven year history. I would never been able to do it with that level of intensity without the history, trust and connection that Tony and I share. In all, it was an amazing experience and I have a few bruises and some very nice rope marks as a reminder over the next week.”

Buff/Wilde #1 (Bonus)For the second vignette, we brought in four experienced players from around the country including Colin Steele from Pennsylvania, Chase Alters from Florida in addition to Clay Donovan and Peter Axel from California. To describe these guys as enthusiastic would be an understatement. The vignette itself, actually comprised of several mini scenes that unfolded congruently, contains more piss play than I have ever seen on screen or off.

As Chase Alters, the boy pictured in the gas mask getting filled with piss, describes it, “In a word… HOT! This is a Nasty, Bondage, Fisting, Unrehearsed, Piss ridden film. A must see, for all of you Piggy Men out there (and you know who you are).”

This was Chase’s return to the industry after almost eleven years. Some of you might remember him as the hard hitting power bottom from the first feature in Titan Media’s ‘Fallen Angle’ series. “By no means was that film ‘kids play,’” he writes, “but this film we just shot will bring it to a new, unrehearsed, raw level that you haven’t seen before. A Claw Foot Tub, A Face Mask and Hot and Hung guys… how can you go wrong?”

Peter Axel, pictured on the far right above Paul Wilde on set, chimes in, “It was a real pleasure doing a scene with guys who were all totally enthusiastic and into what they were doing. No ‘acting’ involved! It was all real. It was great having Tony direct on set… knowing that he’s not just playing-to-a-market, but is into and enjoys what’s going-on… It was a pleasure!”

Chase concludes, “The Cast and Crew were incredible to work with. Tony took me in, put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. And the then he abused, slapped and fucked the shit out of me for what seemed a lifetime! And, damn, what a Life!”

I totally agree… What a life! My co-director Paul Wilde and I had a chance to review the rushes from each day of shooting with the editing staff and I can honestly report the footage is incredible. I knew going into this that collaborating with Paul and Titan Media provided the greatest potential to capture something special. Now, after wrapping production on the first feature, I’m convinced that potential will be fully realized with this new line.

In addition to the amazing cast and crew we had on set, we’ve got the best in the business working to push this release. Seven time GayVN Best Editing nominee, James Sheridan tells me he can’t wait to start working on the edit and I understand he’ll get that chance sooner rather than later. We’re pushing for a release date this spring with availability prior to IML.