Church Street Fetish Fair 2010

17 August 2010 18:19

RiggingChurch St Fetish Fair 2010 Seattle, WA – People from all over the world converged on Toronto ONT this past weekend for the Church Street Fetish Fair, and thanks to my friends at the Black Eagle I was right in the thick of all the excitement. I played with uncut cock from Mexico; fucked a boy from Taiwan; connected with an intelligent, tattooed, queer, skater-punk artist; chatted with fans and followers from Germany, France, England and Australia; and re-connected with my friends from Toronto who are responsible for my love affair with their fair city. Once again Gloria served as my ‘handler’ for the weekend, Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to me during my stay and the players in the local fetish/Sm scene made me feel so much a part of their world, I was reluctant to leave. Read the rest of this entry »

Priape’s 5th Anniversary in Vancouver

16 June 2010 22:54

FlagPriape's 5th Anniversary in VancouverSeattle, WA – This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading up to Vancouver BC to help our friends at Priape celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of their store there on Davie Street. Of course it was also a good opportunity to reconnect with my boy Chris after the debacle that was the end of IML weekend in Chicago. Trust me, don’t ask. Suffice to say, we needed a nice, quiet weekend together to center and ground. Although it was somewhat of a working weekend for me, I would have chosen to be at the events anyway and I’m always up for modeling hot new gear, saying a few words on the microphone or doing a little rigging to entertain the crowd. And the schedule permitted for plenty of down time with my boy. Truth is, Vancouver and Seattle are sister cities, at least in the eyes of my leather community. I was happy to be back up north and thrilled to be helping Priape celebrate five years of valued involvement and contributions to our northwest leather tribe. It came as no surprise to me the Priape chose to celebrate this anniversary by supporting a fundraiser hosted by the current Mr Vancouver Leather, Doug Mitchell, and by sponsoring a party for the community at the Pumpjack, our local leather bar. Read the rest of this entry »

Tonight at the Cuff

17 October 2009 14:35

RiggingTonight at the CuffSeattle, WA – The first‘s Gear party is tonight at the Cuff Complex. This will be a regular occurrence on the third Saturday of each month. To help kick it off, I’ve recruited my scene partner from Folsom Maneuvers, Adam Knox (pictured right) and some friends to perform a little rope bondage and rigging demonstrations. After all, the rope kit I’ve put together does contain my Gear of choice. The demos will start off the evening from 9 pm through 10 pm, when DJ Mattstands will begin spinning the beats you’ll be dancing to throughout the night. Now, for all the details, access to a VIP card and chance to win an autographed copy of Folsom ManeuversRead the rest of this entry »

Church St Fetish Fair 2009

17 August 2009 4:45

RiggingChurch St Fetish Fair 2009Toronto, ON – This past weekend, my boy Derek Da Silva and I have been in Toronto for the Mr Rubber Toronto Contest and the Church St Fetish Fair. Our friends at the Black Eagle sponsored our trip and one of our favorite people, Gloria served as our host for the weekend. Again we had a blast in Canada while exploring the local fetish/Sm scene. Once again Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to us during our stay and the friends we made back in February made us feel reluctant to leave. Read the rest of this entry »

Up Your Alley 2009

29 July 2009 10:52

RiggingUp Your Alley 2009Seattle, WA – Up Your Alley, a leather street fair produced by Folsom Street Events (FSE), was held in San Francisco this past weekend. Dore, as many of us in the leather/Sm community commonly refer to the weekend of events, includes play parties hosted by the Men of Discipline and the 15 Association, the San Francisco Leather Daddy contest and various bar nights in addition to the official FSE sponsored events like the Bay of Pigs dance party and the street fair itself. While not as large an event weekend as Folsom, Dore attracts a devoted following of players from around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Bound, Beaten and Tickled – Playing at the IML Leather Market

23 May 2009 17:31

RiggingReleased: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, I joined Titan exclusive and friend, Dean Flynn with my boys Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element to work the Titan/Priape booth. I also got an opportunity to play with Will Parker, my scene partner in the TitanMen release, Folsom Flesh. Impromptu rope bondage, Tomcat flogging/whipping and male bonding is a great way to start-off a day of work and play. As you can tell from the video clip below, the chemistry between Will ‘the Pig’ Parker and I is as strong now as it was when we shot our scene for our TitanMen/Folsom Street Events co-branded release for IML in association with Read the rest of this entry »