Interview with Ed Wood for Xtra West

30 August 2010 18:19

PersonalInterview with Ed Wood for Xtra West Seattle, WA – Back in June while I was in Vancouver, I sat down with Ed Woody, a freelance writer and regular contributor to Xtra West. We chatted for a little over a hour for what became a fairly extensive interview. Our conversation covered a broad range of topics. We talked about all the travel I’ve been doing lately and the various events where I’ve presented. We discussed my educational and advocacy work around responsible BDSM play and safer sex. We also spoke at length about my work in the adult industry, the Rough line with Titan Media, BDSM play and this year’s Grabbys. Other topics covered included the nature and expression of the polyamorous relationships that comprise my family and the differences between private play, sex on set and live performances. While much of the article was omitted in both the print and online versions of Xtra West, I’m posting the full version of the piece here with Ed Woody’s permission… Read the rest of this entry »

The Tony Buff Realistic Cock

15 June 2010 19:49

PersonalThe Tony Buff Realistic CockSeattle, WA – Oh my… Well, it’s out and available… to everyone. Molded directly from my own erect penis by world renowned special-effects and prosthetic artist, JC at Doc Johnson in August of last year, the Tony Buff Realistic Cock is now available through the TitanMen Store. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive when I went down to Southern California to do the molding, but with Dean Flynn there to help, how shall we say, stimulate the progression, any performance anxiety quickly dissipated. Bruce Cam, the President of Titan Media, was also on-hand to document the whole process, so for a couple of clips shot during the making of the Tony Buff and Dean Flynn Realistic Cocks, photos and some additional commentary… Read the rest of this entry »


4 May 2010 8:59

PersonalSeattle, WA – When I met my boy Derek da Silva nearly four years ago at my first Inferno in 2006, our connection was immediate and our relationship grew with a passion that was rare and unexpected. I collared Derek in May of 2007 on the set of our first ‘art film’ together, Soldiers of Misfortune, and we began our long distance, D/s relationship as Sir and boy. I can’t help but smile when I look back upon that time and remember our adolescent-like enthusiasm and unbridled Sadomasochistic fervor. Derek introduced me to a new cadre of fetish/Sm players at the national and international levels, in addition to a niche market for ‘this thing of ours’ within the adult film industry. In turn, I introduced Derek to my community of family and friends, primarily stationed in my Pacific Northwest home, and partnered with him on a variety of activities that kept us traveling across the North American continent performing, teaching, playing and serving as advocates for respect and responsibility. Our relationship played out on stage, across the screen, in print, over the internet and under the scrutiny of the public eye. It seemed a natural extension of our activism and sense of adventure. Read the rest of this entry »

Still Squigged Out

22 October 2009 21:53

PersonalStill Squigged OutSeattle, WA – Back in August I took a little trip to an undisclosed location in the Los Angeles area. I was hoping the whole project would be kept under wraps until the final product was released, but apparently the powers-that-be had other plans. The news hit the internet some time before Folsom, so I figure it’s time to let you all in on the little big secret. Sometime next year there will be a Tony Buff dildo on the market. Yes, soon you will be able to get your very own replica of my cock to shove up your ass. Honestly, the whole thing still kind of squigs me out, but then again I am writing this entry on the computer my dick bought for me. Now, for the entire back story and a link to all the images from the casting at Doc JohnsonRead the rest of this entry »

Folsom & the Aftermath

15 October 2009 23:14

PersonalFolsom & the AftermathSeattle, WA – Folsom was a challenge this year. It was a full working week, plus. Between flying in on Monday and then out again the following Monday, we shot three scenes for the Rough line, attended several Folsom related parties, had brunch with Brian Mills, who heads Titan’s production department, and dinner with the studio executives, performed at Magnitude, appeared at the Titan booth at the Folsom Street Fair and conducted a series of meetings relating to the Rough line. In the middle of all of this, Folsom Maneuvers was released, and, as I mentioned in my previous entry, my local boy here in Seattle was rushed to the hospital with a serious infection. While at times it may have felt a little overwhelming, I was in good company the entire time. Our Titan crew for Folsom included (pictured from left to right): Will Parker, JR Matthews, Chris Yosef, myself, Derek da Silva and Francois Sagat. Read the rest of this entry »

Prep for Folsom Street Fair 2009

24 September 2009 21:53

PersonalPrep for Folsom Street Fair 2009San Francisco, CA – As if there isn’t enough going on in my life… I’m in San Fran shooting Rough.5 and preparing for a weekend full of events associated with Folsom Street Fair. I sometimes wonder how it all came to this craziness. This Folsom weekend represents my second anniversary in the adult industry if you count from the date of my first release. Two years in and I’m in the middle of directing my fifth project for the new Rough line of fetish/Sm features for Titan Media. I have sixteen titles released and three in the can to be released over the next few months, not to mention the three Rough projects in the works. Two years ago at this time I saw my image on a Titan banner, larger than life, and watched as the big screen monitor played out a scene in which my boy Derek, in full inverted suspension, got ravaged by Tober Brandt and myself in the official Folsom release, Fear. Last year I was NakedSword’s Dream Team Player for September with Folsom Prison highlighted in the Bar Area Reporter. This year, Folsom Maneuvers (my fifth consecutive Folsom release with Titan including Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover and Folsom Flesh) debuts on the heels of Rough.3: Bound and Beaten. This year I’m slated for thre Folsom Maneuvers release party at the Powerhouse Friday night followed by an appearance at Chi Chi LaRue’s Pop Goes the Zipper; a family brunch, rehearsals, an Exclusives’ dinner with studio executives and a performance at Magnitude on Saturday; and the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday. But in actuality the only place I want to be is by my boy Timmy’s side. Read the rest of this entry »