Released: Eye Contact

1 November 2009 20:56

CagedReleased: Eye ContactSeattle, WA – Last Tuesday Titan Media released Eye Contact. Although I am primarily a fetish performer, each year I try to get cast in one or two non-fetish features in an effort to broaden my experience within the industry and strengthen my cross market appeal. Last year those two features were both directed by Joe Gage. Chainsaw paired me with Braxton Bond in one of the most natural feeling sex scenes I’ve ever shot, and my performance in Home Invasion earned me Best Actor nominations with both the GayNVs and the Grabbys. Eye Contact, directed by Brian Mills, is the first of two non-fetish features I’m in that will be released this year. The second, to be released later this year, is Battle Creek Breakdown, my third feature with the legendary director, Joe Gage.

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Released: Folsom Maneuvers

29 September 2009 21:26

CagedReleased: Folsom ManeuversSeattle, WA – This past weekend, in conjunction with Folsom Street Fair events, Titan Media released Folsom Maneuvers. Folsom Maneuvers is the seventh in the studio’s co-branded Folsom line of features following Folsom Filth, Folsom Leather, Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover, and Folsom Flesh. It is also the fifth consecutive Folsom project that I’ve had the honor of being cast in as a performer. In Folsom Maneuvers‘ opening scene I’m paired with Adam Knox, who first appeared on screen in ROUGH: Shock Treatment which I co-directed with Paul Wilde. The chemistry between Knox and me had been growing since we first met here in Seattle, and my only regret regarding his performance in ROUGH: Shock Treatment was that I wasn’t fucking his sweet ass in that project, so I was eager to bring our connection to the screen. The weather couldn’t have been better at Titan ranch when we shot the scene which helped heighten the aggressive yet playful action. The scene is best described as dirty and wet.

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Released: ROUGH. Bound and Beaten

19 September 2009 11:58

DirectorReleased: ROUGH. Bound and BeatenSeattle, WA – It’s been a very busy few weeks and I’ve been heads down and centrally focused for the past several days, but last Tuesday Titan Media released the third installment in the new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features, Bound and Beaten and I would be lapse if I didn’t get it posted to the blog. Bound and Beaten continues our attempt to document contemporary BDSM through three vignettes set entirely in the woods of northern California. The players featured are real and the intensity of the play is heightened by the familiarity of the players and the varied levels of experience they have together.

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Released: ROUGH. Fist and Piss

1 July 2009 10:17

DirectorReleased: ROUGH. Fist and PissSeattle, WA – Yesterday, Titan Media made the second installment of our new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features, Fist and Piss available for sale online. Although this release follows the launch of the ROUGH line with Shock Treatment, Fist and Piss was in fact the first project Paul Wild and I co-directed for the new line. While Fist and Piss will not be regarded as ‘shocking’ as our first release, it continues the exploration into contemporary fetish and Sm by capturing the intensity and passions embodied by real players as they engage in the kind of activities that help define radical sexuality and queer identity. This time, as the title implies, we focus on two common kinks among those of us who play on an edge that others would call extreme: fisting and watersports.

In the first vignette (actually the first scene we documented with the cameras for the new line), I brought in my collared boy, Chris Yosef, to share some of our most intimate moments. In addition to him being my first collared boy, mine was the first fist he ever took, and he is the first boy I ever fisted (although I had bottomed to the scene before). That was nearly seven years ago and fisting, and to a lesser extent bondage and piss play, have become staples of the play that continues to bring us closer together. While the play captured on screen is intense and at times innovative (the fisting scene includes a full suspension in rope bondage), the intensity emanates from the deep connection and emotional bonds the boy and I share.

The second vignette features Chase Alters, Peter Axel, Clay Donovan and Colin Steele. While you will not find the same intimacy captured in the scene before, you will find an intensity none-the-less. It is an intensity that comes from a group of men that own their shared fetish for watersports, exhibitionism and sexual exploration. There is an essence of wild abandon that permeates the action much like the smell of urine filled the studio on the day we shot the scene.

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Released: ROUGH. Shock Treatment

16 June 2009 21:57

DirectorReleased: ROUGH. Shock TreatmentSeattle, WA – This has been an exciting day. Today, Titan Media lauched our new ROUGH line of fetish/Sm features with the release of Shock Treatment. Shock Treatment represents my directorial debut as a co-director with GayVN award winning videographer Paul Wilde Wilde for Titan Media.

Shock Treatment also represents the beginning of a unique series of documentary-style features that will bring extremely heavy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen and a broader audience of current and potential players. Those with an inclination to watch Shock Treatment will find some of the most electrifying examples of the kinds of scenes engaged in by the most experienced and heaviest players in the international fetish and Sm scene. They will also discover a vivid portrayal of the passions and connections shared by the players that engage in these intense extremes on the edge of pain and pleasure.

Before I continue on to all the pictures, clips and information I can share with you, I’d like to acknowledge and thank a few people. First and foremost, my personal appreciation goes out to the players that gave us a glimpse into thier moments of intimacy. My boy Derek da Silva, our pup Element from Portland together with Mitch Colby, Adam Knox and Andreas Cavalli delivered exceptional performances that truly capture the essence of this thing of ours. My thanks also go out to my friend and colleague, Paul Wilde. His technical knowledge and creative contributions have been instrumental to the production of this new line and I am grateful to be partnered with him. I am also indebted to the skill and dedication of the entire Titan team, from production crews through the editing and art departments. The talent of the individuals on these teams brought the production quality of Shock Treatment to unprecedented levels for features of this type. My deepest appreciation goes to Brian Mills for his mentorship. I can’t thank Brian enough for his encouragement, guidance and friendship. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Keith Webb and Bruce Cam for giving me this opportunity to help create this new line of fetish/Sm features. Without their support, ROUGH would not be possible.

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Released: Folsom Flesh

22 May 2009 21:06

CagedReleased: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, Titan Media released Folsom Flesh in association with Priape. Folsom Flesh is the sixth in the series of co-branded Folsom films and exclusive leather/fetish films of the Folsom Street Fair. Yes, that’s me on the cover with my scene partner, Will Parker. As I’ve written before, I’ve seen our scene, which opens the film and it is one of the most stunning depictions of hardcore fetish/Sm ever captured on screen. I was at ShibariCon with my boy Derek da Silva and our pup Element and haven’t had a chance to see the reactions from the crowd watching the extended trailer at the Titan/Priape booth yet. But judging by the reports I’ve received from director Brian Mills, the facial expressions and comments would indicate agreement.

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